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  • 1.  
  • 2. A little bit about myself… Asrulizam Mahbob a.k.a. ASRUL Head of Mortgage Sales – Retail Finance
  • 3. Introducing….. Al- Rajhi Home Financing-i
  • 4. What are the current package offered under Al Rajhi Home Financing? Margin Of Financing Up to 90% of OMV or SPA price, whichever is lower Financing Amount Minimum : RM25,000 and Maximum : RM2 Million (Min Property Value – RM70K) Tenure Up to a max of 35 years Type of Properties Link Houses/Semi-Detached/ Condominium/Apartment / Service Apartment Property Valuation Report Compulsory
  • 5. What are the current package offered under Al Rajhi Home Financing? Property Tenor Freehold/Leasehold/MRL. For leasehold properties, the property tenor should not be less than 40 years at the end of the financing tenor Minimum Age 21 years and max of 65 years Takaful MRTT coverage Optional. However, financing on the Protection premium are available
  • 6. What are the current profit rate offered under Al Rajhi Home Financing? Currently BFR at 6.75%   TENURE   UP TO 35 YEARS     FLOAT RATE     NON-FREE MOVING COST    5.05% @BFR -1.7%   FREE MOVING COST   5.25% @ BFR -1.5%
  • 7. What are allowable income (DSR) to apply for Al Rajhi Home Financing? Example: Income per month - RM10,000 Other installment - RM 5,000 This Home Application Installment - RM1,000 Total Commitment - RM6,000 As such- DSR is = RM10K / RM6K = 60% from total income Allowable DSR limit up to 80% of the income
  • 8. Who are the target customers under Al Rajhi Home Financing? Segment Description Prod Code
    • Non-blue collar/non clerical employees of PLC, GLC, MNC, Government and Semi-Gov earning gross income > RM3.5K
    • Customers with direct salary transfer to Al Rajhi Bank
    • Joint application with spouse with salary > RM3.5K. Apps must be supported by marriage certificate
    • Professionals, i.e. lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects and company secretaries with income > RM5.5K
    • Customers with salary deduction at source and companies willing to provide guarantee.
    • If financing tenor is < 10 years
    • For first time house buyer
    • Preferred self-employed businessman
  • 9. Who are the non-target customers under Al Rajhi Home Financing?
    • Casino and Gaming Outlet
    • Auto workshop, auto accessories or second hand car dealer
    • Amusement Centres or Event Management
    • Spa, Night Club or Karaoke outlets
    • Non-Financial Institutions that lends money to individuals
    • Tour guides/ Machine operators/Line staff/ Beauticians
    • Flight steward/stewardess and employees on cruise ships
    • Drivers / Security Guard
    • Owners of small business where average monthly turnover <RM10K, no fixed premises, no business registration, and operating < 2 years
    • Customers from states where Al Rajhi is not represented
  • 10. Where are the non-target locations under Al Rajhi Home Financing? Area City Project Bkt Beruntung & Bkt Sentosa Rawang ALL Bandar Tasik Puteri/ Bdr Country Homes / Taman Rawang Perdana Rawang ALL Taman Bukit Rawang Putra Rawang ALL Taman Sentosa Klang ALL Taman Kajang Utama Kajang ALL Bdr Universiti Teknologi Lagenda Mantin, NS ALL
  • 11. What are the benefit of applying under Alrajhi Home Financing?
    • Financing up to 90% with longer tenure
    • up to 35 years
    •   Rebate (Ibra’) for early settlement
    •   No lock in period
    •   No late payment charges
    •   No processing fees
    •   Fixed ceiling rate 10%
    • Optional Takaful coverage
    •   Open to individual aged 21 to 65 years
  • 12. What are documents required to apply for Home Financing?
    • Copy of I/C/Passport/Police or Military ID on A4 size
    • If Employed
    • Evidence of Income such latest 3 months Pay Slip and Bank Statements where salary credited
    • EPF or Employment reference letter
    • If Self-Employed
    • Business Registration/Form 9,24&49/ MAA
    • Latest 6 months Bank Statement
    • Audited Account past 2 years
    • Copy Of SPA /Title /Booking Receipt
    • of property purchased
  • 13. How to submit applications?
    • All finance applications together with AFF registration form need to be submitted to any of our Direct Sales Executive together with AFF registration form
    • Or
    • our mailing address:-
    • Ground & 1 st Floor, Pantai Junction, Plaza Pantai
    • No 5, Jalan 4183A
    • Off Jalan Pantai baru,59200, Kuala Lumpur
    • Tel: 03-2283 5590/5609/7396/7991
  • 14. Questions & Answers…..
  • 15. Thank You….
  • 16. How much you can get in total from financing referred? 20 years financing 5 years financing 7 years financing PF 500k 1mil 2mil 3mil 4mil 5mil 8mil 10mil 15mil 20mil $4,651 $9,301 $18,603 $27,904 $37,206 $46,507 $74,412 $93,015 $139,521 $186,029 HF 100k 300k 500k 1mil 2mil 4mil 8mil 10mil 15mil 20mil $242 $727 $1,211 $2,423 $4,846 $9,691 $19,382 $24,227 $36,341 $48,455 AF 50k 100k 200k 400k 800k 1mil 2mil 3mil 5mil 8mil $71 $143 $285 $570 $1,140 $1,425 $2,851 $4,276 $7,127 $11,404