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Leading event in emarketing for tourism to be celebrated in Limassol (Lemesos), Cyprus, bringing together 18 presentations for building know-how and awareness on how to beat recession in tourism for 2009-2010. www.emergence2009.com

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E Tourism Forum Emergence2009

  1. 1. Competitivity in Tourism: Managing Online for success
  2. 2. Our aim is about bridging the digital gap in the business of travel. This is an industry-wide effort to meet the challenges for growth and to establish the basis for customer centred relationships online. Our most valued customer today begins his journey with one click; be empowered to meet him there.
  3. 3. GRAND RESORT HOTEL LIMASSOL-CYPRUS How to get there: Event Planning: FromLimassol City Centre: 11km Take B1 or A1 in direction of Larnaca, exit Amathus area. GRAND HALL From Larnaca Airport : 56km Take B5 or A5 in direction of Limassol, exit Amathus area From Paphos Airport: 70km Take A6 direction Limassol, merge with A1 direction Larnaca, exit Amathus area Contact details: Hotel Venue eTourism Forum: Online Registration: GrandResort www.emergence2009.com Amathus Area, P.O.Box 54500 gallery Media & Sponsorships: 3724 Lemesos - Cyprus media@etourism-forum.com Tel.:+357-25634333 Speakers and organisation: Fax.: +357-25634588 event@etourism-forum.com Email: grand@grandresort.com.cy Tel: +357 26948003
  4. 4. Gerd Leonhard Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou, Greg Carroll, Theodore Koumelis, John Horsley, Richard Sedley, MediaFuturist California State Univ. Waggener Edstrom Travel Daily News eConsultancy Cscape Petros Mavros, Andrew Gordon, Avantless jobs.co.uk
  5. 5. DAY 1 Panel Presentations I Cyprus Tourism in Figures: Welcome and Opening Remarks 10.40 9.00-9.30 A review of trends and key indicators CTO Welcome Message 9.00 By Constantinos Chappas coffe e, tea break and networking Forum President Message Overview of latest stastistical data from the 9.10 Cyprus Tourism Authority with relevance to Agenda Emergence 2009 9.20 emerging tendencies. Chairman, Petros Mavros Beyond E-Business Readiness 11.10 Key Note 1 By Petros Mavros 9.30-10.20 From Information to network collaboration Winning in a troubled economy and business development in Travel. by Richard Sedley Overcoming economic uncertainties, Marketing Convergence 11.40 adequately using the benefits of digital media By Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou and decision making to increase probabilities When traditional marketing becomes digital, for winning strategies. digital natives and immigrants, signs of new generational transition in leading business travel. 12.30/13.20 Lunch Recess Key Note 2 Key Note 3 13.30-14.10 16.00-16.40 The participative Economy Online reputation Management by Gerd Leonard by Ged Carroll Adopting customer-centricity and connecting Review of online reputation and brand through experience - access, usage, sharing - management implications for organisations coffe e, tea break and networking an inevitable future scenario for differentiation and national tourism. and competitiveness. Panel discussion: 17.00- Panel Presentation The end of control Collaborative Platforms Moderated by Theodore Koumelis 14.20 New realities shaking up foundational By Steve Poncini structures of business, media, life and travel. From community to informal networks, A challenge to a hotelier's view. harnessing empowerment for engagement Steve Poncini Ged Carroll The digital toolkit 14.40 Petros Mavros Richard Sedley By Andrew Gordon Gerd Leonard How to effectively manage digital: the process and integrated perspective, from attraction Remarks and Refreshments 17.30- to retention.
  6. 6. DAY 2 Panel Presentations III Welcome and Opening Remarks Customer insights in Digital 9.00-9.10 11:00 By Ged Carroll Welcome Message 9.00 When business is 24/7, how to maintain flow coffe e, tea break and networking Agenda Emergence 2009 of constant communication, authenticiy and 9.05 relevancy to different audiences in realtime Chairman, Petros Mavros Sustainable ROI in digital maketing Panel Presentations II 11.30 By Andrew Gordon Design by persuasion 09.10 A balancing act between SEM, advertising, By Richard Sedley affiliation and social media while achieving Website design and usability for effective maximum presence and internal coherency. performance with user intent Panel Discussion: Connectivity Impacts of Mobility 12.10 09.40 By Gerd Leonard Moderated: Theodore Koumelis Ged Carroll When the handheld web overtakes us. Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou Customer preparedness and the business divide Andrew Gordon for developing mobile connectivity. Richard Sedley 13.00/13.30 Lunch Recess Panel Presentations IV The opportunity for 2009 is digital 16.00 Cloenda of the eTourism Forum by Special Media and networks 13.40 invited guest By Theodore Koumelis 1st e-travel award Ceremony 2008/09 16.30-17.30 Challenges for media and new means of Special recognition for online presence interaction in travel networks coffe e, tea break and networking a. best e-commerce site Affiliate and Social Media networks 14.10 b. best online brand site By John Horsley c. best destination product/theme Impact of social media for business and peer- d. best e-marketing campaign to-peer influence, implications for travel and e. best site promoting Cyprus Tourism. E-commerce and revenue online Closing Remarks Cocktail 14.40 17.30 By Dr. Natasa Christodoulidou Multi-channel management approach for revenue optimisation on e-commerce site. Opportunities for travel intermediaries, travel meta sites and suppliers
  7. 7. Promotes Organises Media