The Original Social: Facilitating the Right Connections


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Speaker: Leonora Valvo virtually for EventCamp DownUnder 2012

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The Original Social: Facilitating the Right Connections

  1. 1. The Original Social:Facilitating the Right Connections Leonora Valvo, CEO
  2. 2. Event Camp Down Under 2012What Makes an Event “Worth It”?
  3. 3. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Making It Worth It• Walking into the event already knowing people• Finding the right people• Having a meaningful conversation• Solving a problem/gaining insight on an issue
  4. 4. Event Camp Down Under 2012Why Isn’t Everyone Designing for “Worth”?• Logistics are time consuming!• Fear of giving suppliers/vendors contact information• Organisational fear of becoming irrelevant if provide the contact information• Command and control mindset• Change is hard!
  5. 5. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Why Are People Designing for “Worth”?• A positive experience creates an “afterglow” effect increasing the probability of remembering the event• Positive experience increases likelihood of attendee taking further (positive) action • Recommending, Repeat Registration, Taking on a Sponsorship, Visiting a Community, etc
  6. 6. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Event Experience Mindset• Allow attendee to create their own event experience• Facilitate, not dictate• Provide contact information & tools to allow attendees to easily interact before, during and after the F2F event• Get the small talk/introductions done BEFORE the F2F event
  7. 7. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Logistics v. Experience Mindset Logistics-Centric Mindset Experience Mindset • What are the hot topics that everyone is worried/excited about?• What’s your budget? • How can we group people together (by topic/interest area, by industry, by age, by• Do you have a venue? favorite team, etc)?• What’s the date? • What physical environment is most conducive to• How many people? having a meaningful converation (Couches? Desk? Table and chairs? At the bar? Break-out• Are there dietary restrictions? rooms? Special pod areas designated on the event floor?) • What information do attendees want to have about each other to make decisions about who to meet?
  8. 8. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Facilitate the Right Experience• Think through what data to collect• Collect data at various touchpoints throughout the pre-event period, during the event and post-event• Go beyond collecting “typical” data (name, address) and collect data on taste & preference
  9. 9. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Make Use of TechnologyUse tools to deliver: • real-time attendee registration lists • list of appointments of people that show similar interests • ability for attendees to set appointments & message one another • reports that provide hard data on who is actively networking
  10. 10. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Use Event Marketing to:• Identify trends in topics under discussion• Identify natural social networks (who is meeting together, who’s connected)• Better segment and target attendees• Create the right networking packages (i.e. programs) with the right price that targets the right people to create demand for your overall event
  11. 11. Event Camp Down Under 2012Goal: Create a Positive Feedback Loop• More info/insight on attendees• Attendees have better experience• Increased satisfaction by attendees• Attendees more open to give feedback• Greater demand for higher prices• More targeted programs
  12. 12. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Summary• Become a facilitator• Use information elicited from attendees to better network and match into like-minded groups• Provide time & physical space within event program for participants to network• Work towards developing positive feedback loop of increasingly personalized programs
  13. 13. Event Camp Down Under 2012 Learn More• Corporate website:• Blog:• Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter: etouches• YouTube and SlideShare: etouchesevents