“From Simmer to Sensational:Creating Exhibitor & Sponsor Programs that Delight”


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“From Simmer to Sensational:
Creating Exhibitor & Sponsor
Programs that Delight”

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“From Simmer to Sensational:Creating Exhibitor & Sponsor Programs that Delight”

  1. 1. “From Simmer to Sensational: Creating Exhibitor & Sponsor Programs that Delight” Speakers: Michael Hatch, Fantail Consulting & Technologies Eric Hatch, P.O.P. Event Marketing Program Brought to You By:
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  3. 3. Exceptional Event Software:Designed by Event Planners for Event Planners COMPANY & PRODUCT OVERVIEW
  4. 4. Who We Are•Only online event registration and management systemcreated by meeting/event professionals• 12 years providing global event management software;worldwide presence and 24/7 support• Internally developed suite of specialized web‐basedproducts ensure your organization can quickly, effectivelyand consistently plan and produce all your events• Dedicated to ease of use, productivity and ROI for eventstaff and maximizing experience and relevance forregistrants
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  6. 6. What We Offer•13 event‐specific web‐based software modules to serve avariety of event planning, marketing, evaluation func1ons• Flexible subscription model and fixed cost pricing plan; volumediscounts allow for a lowered total cost in your event portfolio• Global software and support: 27 languages, worldwide 24/7 phone, livechat and web ticketing support available• Implementation, advisory, and on‐site support• Integrations with nuTravel (online travel bookings), Onstream (webinars),MeetingSelect, and CRM systems (Salesforce, Sugar, AMS/CMS)• Exceptional touch!
  7. 7. The etouches Product Line
  8. 8. Experience etouchesetouches Software Connect & Follow More Ways to Experience:-Live Demos each week: Facebook Page: etouches Blog: -Tuesdays @ 9 am ET etouches Integrated Event Posts by: -Thurdays @ 3 pm ET Technologies -Leonora Valvo, Suzanne Carawan & Jim AlkonFree 2-Week Trial LinkedIn Group: Etouches Presentations: etouches Event Management Slideshare FilesMake an appointment for a Twitter: Etouches Videos:personal demo -company: @etouches etouches Events -Leonora Valvo, CEO: Etouches Corporate @etouchesceo -Suzanne Carawan, Association/Nonprofit Practice: @suzannecarawan -Travel/Agency Practice: @jalkon
  9. 9. From Simmer to Sensational ! How to Create Sponsor & Exhibitor Programs that Delight Presented by: Michael J. Hatch Fantail Consulting & Technologies and Eric Hatch P.O.P. Event Marketing, Inc. #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  10. 10. Win-Win #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  11. 11. Help You  Increase renewals  New booth sales  Sponsorships Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  12. 12. ROI not ROO #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  13. 13. Exhibitor Complaints/Objections  Not enough floor traffic  Not the right audience/enough buyers  Not enough ROI – I can do better elsewhere  Too expensive Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  14. 14. Why ExhibitorsKeep Having the Same Complaints + % Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  15. 15. ASAE % #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  16. 16. only % TSEA & CEIR #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  17. 17. 50-200% Increase booth traffic Qualified leads Sales Revenue Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  18. 18. NAFCUNational Association of Federal Credit Unions a case study Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  19. 19. NAFCU  13.6% increase in exhibitors  16.6% increase in attendance  Started with an integrated exhibitor training program  Exhibitors  Attendees Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  20. 20. How It Worked 1. Integrated Exhibitor Training • 3 to 6 months in advance • Current, Past & Prospective • Used social media (pre-show, on-site, post-show) #Sim2Sen • Comprehensive Attendee List • Loyalty Awards • A New Twist (onsite) Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  21. 21. Integrated Exhibitor Training Examples  Five (5) Components 1. Strategic Planning 2. Pre-show Marketing & Promotion 3. Exhibit Design 4. Staff Training 5. Post-show Marketing & Follow-up Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  22. 22. Strategic Planning Examples  Three (3) Secrets in Setting Show Goals…. and achieving them! 1. Set them! 2. Assign individual staff goals 3. Other exhibitors Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  23. 23. Pre-show Marketing & Promotion Examples “15%” and “50-200%” The 2 most powerful words in marketing Social and New Media #Sim2Sen Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  24. 24. Know Your Customer Profile… Before Setting your Facebook Profile. Define online attributes of your prospects. - How do they act online? - Why would an exhibitor choose your show? - What does an attendee buy from your exhibitors? - Do they use Facebook? Twitter? For Business?#Sim2Sen Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  25. 25. Join the discussion about your event.  Don’t reinvent the wheel. • Use Google Alerts! Listen and find news, blogs, • Recognize thought leaders in your event’s market segment. • Meaningful Responses to their posts. • Your use will encourage them! • Also, suggest SM to exhibitors and attendees. • Use existing Hashtags: #engage365  Serve customers AND communities.  Your Event Industry Leaders • Engage365.org • Velvet Chainsaw: @VelChain (Dave Lutz), @JeffHurt • Me! @POPevent (NOT @erichatch)#Sim2Sen Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  26. 26. Consolidate and Communicate One stream coming in (Lots of vehicles) One voice speaking out, or… Many harmonic voices of you and your colleagues Don’t forget Exposocial , ChirpE, and other Social media consolidators available for Show Organizers Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  27. 27. Sales-effective Exhibit Design  10 Cardinal Rules of Sales-effective Exhibit and Graphics Design 1. The 3-5 second rule 2. What’s the most powerful word? 3. “Housewives Wanted”  A New Twist! Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  28. 28. The 3-5 second rule  One primary image  One primary message Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  29. 29. What’s the most powerful word? NEW Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  30. 30. Address your audience  “Skilled Nursing” Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  31. 31. 10 Cardinal Rules for Exhibit Design eric@popeventmarketing.com Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  32. 32. A NEW Twist in Exhibit Design Awards  “Integrated” Win-Win Design Award(s)  Engages Attendees  Increases Floor Traffic  Increases Quality Booth Traffic  Increases Exhibitor Memorability  Increases Qualified Leads  Increases ROI Sales Revenue Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  33. 33. Exhibit Design Awards  “Integrated” Win-Win Design Award(s)  Engages Attendees Makes Exhibitors  Increases Floor Traffic  Increases Quality Booth Traffic Very Happy!  Increases Exhibitor Memorability  Increases Qualified Leads  Increases ROI Sales Revenue Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  34. 34. Sample
  35. 35. a case study The Challenge of the Last Booth at the Back of the Halleric@popeventmarketing.com A Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  36. 36. New – TSEA (Trade Show Exhibitors Association) Bulk Membership  Affordable strategic value-add for your exhibitors  Primes them to use best practices  Reinforces you are interested in their success  Access to professional suppliers and vendors  Discounts for all TSEA programs including TS2  Offers peer networking opportunities  Win-Win www.tsea.org David Brull dbrull@tsea.org (312) 842-8732 Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  37. 37. Booth Staff Training  Nearly every aspects of a field sales call is…. 1. Compact Selling Time 2. Qualified Prospects 3. Long Hours  The most important skill of all Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  38. 38. The most important skill of all…. How To Engage Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  39. 39. Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  40. 40. Post-show Marketing & Follow-up  The 80% Rule • TSEA • Sales & Marketing Magazine  Prepare BEFORE the show  And Exhibitor ROI is now…. Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  41. 41. …easily trackable • Salesforce.com CRM • Sugar CRM • Goldmine CRM Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  42. 42. So Much More…. #Sim2SenCopyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  43. 43. Resources: #Sim2Sen NAFCU Jerome Bruce - jbruce@nafcu.org - (703) 522-4770 TSEA David Brull – dbrull@tsea.org - (312) 842-8732 Suzanne Carawan eTouches – scarawan@etouches.com – 703-431-2208 Michael Hatch Fantail Technologies – mike@fantailtech.com – 240-603-6044 Eric Hatch P.O.P. Event Marketing – eric@pop-inc.net – 240-565-1557 Intelligent Office Matt Whitaker – mwhitaker@intelligentoffice.com - 703-224-8800 Copyright © Michael J. Hatch, 2010
  44. 44. Cardinal Rulesfor Exhibit Design1. Use one primary image supported by a single message/headline; what we call the billboard ap-proach. Why? Because people are visual first and your exhibit has only 3 to 5 seconds to attract theattention of your target audience at a show. Project something that’s important to them, makes themwant to come into your booth and ask for help and information.2. In most instances your headline is more important than your name and/or logo. A good headlineshould express your exclusive product benefit. The best and most effective headline you can produce isone that makes a promise to the reader A promise usually relates to quality, service or price. For reader.example: “Nobody Cuts Computer Costs and Downtime, Like ABC Computers”.3. Because people are visual first your primary image should visually express what your headline is first,saying. Your primary image and headline should always support and reinforce each other.4. To stand out in the crowd of exhibitors and attract attention, your exhibit design needs to incorporatesomething that makes you visually unique Silhouettes, 3-D, animation, revolving or backlit graphics, unique.unusual or larger-than-life display props, special lighting effects or classy finishes like faux marble,brass or wood are excellent options.5. Visibility is crucial at a trade show. Be sure to light your exhibit well. As the proverbial moth is drawnto the flame, people are naturally drawn to light (ambient hall lighting alone equalizes everyone). One ofthe best options involves backlit graphics which combine two proven marketing techniques: full-colorgraphics/photographs and the added dimension of (back) lighting.6. Whenever possible always use the words “New and “Free Why? Because people attend tradeshows New” New Free.” Freeand exhibits to see and learn what’s new within the industry. Also, “New” and “Free” are the two mostpowerful words in advertising.7. Use bright colors The trade show floor is no place to be conservative. You are there to attract colors.attention and, based on industry research, visitors tend to stop or slow down at only one out of everyfour exhibits. Bright colors are one of the techniques you should use to get their attention.8. Address your prospects The word “engineers” boldly displayed in your headline or on the exhibit will prospects.attract more engineers to your booth. Use the phrase “Dealers Wanted” and you will attract moredealers.9. Diagonal lines attract attention and curves create a feeling of stability and comfort. Use the subtletiesof structure and graphic design principles to attract and influence your visitors.10. Always design within a budget. Expensive and affordable exhibits alike should use several, andsometimes all, of these cardinal rules. Establish a budget, share it with us and insist that the first four budgetrules above are always incorporated into your exhibits...they work!!! theyFor Additional 240.565.1557Information, popeventmarketing.complease contact: POPeventmarketing@gmail.com P.O.P. Event Marketing, Inc. 1708 Usher Place Crofton, MD 21114-2316
  45. 45. The Challenge of the Last Booth in the Back A Case StudyThe SituationFantail is a start-up technology and consulting firm, At P.O.P. Event Marketing, Inc. we know tradeseeking high quality leads and the opportunity to show success requires pre-show planning andbuild brand awareness and educate prospective promotion, highly active and focused boothclients on the power, flexibility, and cost-savings personnel on-site, and post-show fulfillment ofbenefits of its new cloud computing solutions. leads. However, recent surveys by the Trade ShowFantail turned to P.O.P.* Event Marketing, Inc. for Exhibitors Association (TSEA) show thesehelp in preparing for their first trade show exhibit methods are underused. TSEA says that 80% ofas a means to jump-start their business exhibitors do not set show goals, and 85% do nodevelopment efforts. pre-show or post-show promotion, because their staff does not have the expertise, time, orThe Challenge motivation to do it effectively . Yet, thoseFantail sought to introduce cloud computing – a exhibitors who execute effective pre-show and posttechnology without limitations – to the association -show marketing campaigns generate 50-200%industry. While Fantail possesses extraordinary more booth traffic, leads and sales.credentials in the realm of integratingtechnology for associations, most of Because of a less Pre-Show Marketingtheir target market had little knowledge than desirable booth P.O.P. helped Fantail’s management toof cloud computing. As a start-up, space, we realized create an integrated plan andFantail had established no market share, that our client would implemented these time-testedand the industry’s awareness of our strategies. We obtained the pre-show need extra help inclient was limited to the contacts of the attendee listing and trimmed it down toprincipals. Making all this even more order to attract only the best qualified prospects forchallenging, Fantail purchased the very attendees before Fantail’s services. P.O.P. alsolast available booth in the far back the event. counseled our client on their exhibitcorner of the expo hall. display and created talking points, complete with purpose-driven questions, for useThe Process during a pre-show telephone outreach.Fantail chose to introduce their technology at Additionally, P.O.P. embarked on a program of preIAEE’s Expo Expo, one of the premier events -show promotions using Twitter and other socialattracting exposition managers in the Association marketing outposts to build the pre-show and at-and Events Industries. Because of the less than show buzz about Fantail’s new cloud computingdesirable booth location, Fantail realized that it solutions.would need a strong and effective marketing andpromotion plan, plus excellent execution to attract Then, we “hit the phones”. Using P.O.P.’s talkingattendees to their distant booth. Otherwise, the points, Fantail and our staff members directlynumber of visitors to their booth would be very engaged qualified prospects. On the calls, welow, or worse. quickly described the new products and services and the helpful solutions to be found at the FantailLike many of our clients, financial resources were exhibit booth. When we could not reach thelimited. As a start-up, they needed to use the most prospect, a brief voice mail message was left.effective and inexpensive promotional techniques. When we made contact, we assessed a prospect’sOur counsel – create an integrated event marketing needs and generated solid interest by matchingplan, using all available low-cost and no-cost their needs or interest with one or more of Fantail’smarketing techniques including news releases and solutions.social media. Next, utilize the strengths of P.O.P.’sexperienced staff to launch, execute and follow- Our pre-show promotion also included a series ofthrough with the plan in the most efficient and cost- pre-show news releases featuring Fantail’s foureffective way possible. new solutions and partnerships. We also created a
  46. 46. The Challenge of the Last Booth in the Back A Case Studycomprehensive Media List, guided Fantail at each The Resultsstep through the distribution of the news releases, Fantail truly benefited from their trade showand prepared on-site Media Kits, for use during the experience and the results P.O.P. generated. Thetrade show event. effectiveness of P.O.P.’s pre-show promotions delighted Fantail – both in quality and the quantityOn-site Lead Generation of the people they engaged. P.O.P. helped FantailThe support offered by P.O.P. Event Marketing, exceed management’s lead generation goals byInc. extended right onto the show floor. Side-by- 88%, and overall event contact goals by 159%.side with Fantail, P.O.P.’s staff initiated More importantly, Fantail established theirmeaningful conversations with attendees passing presence and professionalism with this importantthe booth, then quickly qualified each visitor with user audience and began building awareness ofsubstantive Q & A, explained our clients products their brand, their products, and services with manyand services, and introduced interested and qualified prospects who will likely become clients.qualified attendees to Fantail’s executive team for P.O.P’s on-site booth support also prompted manyin-depth conversations and key decision makers to have longer anddemonstrations. more meaningful conversations and It sounds ludicrous demos with Fantail’s management andPost-show Marketing & Follow-up but according to staff.It sounds ludicrous but according to TSEA, 80% of allTSEA, 80% of all exhibitors never Pat Pathade, CEO of Fantail said,follow-up on the leads they get from exhibitors never “Between the challenge of location ontrade shows…. but this is where the follow-up on the the show floor and being a start-up withrubber meets the road. Even though leads they get from no name recognition, we were askingFantail is a technology provider and the trade shows. P.O.P. to pull off a major marketinginclination was to start follow-up with a achievement to get qualified prospectsThank You email - P.O.P. suggested a to our booth. Their pre-showmore traditional, warm-and-fuzzy campaign that marketing, booth staffing and visitor qualifying,would distinguish it from all the other exhibitors and post-show follow-up generated exceptional(and competitors) that simply follow-up with booth traffic and after-show appointments for ouremails. P.O.P. suggested a handwritten TY note sales team. We were hoping for gold nuggets, andwith specific references to each visitor’s specific P.O.P. delivered a mother lode for us.”needs be mailed promptly to each and every boothvisitor. This was carried out within days after the If you’d like to achieve similar success at your nextshow, and followed a week or so later with exhibition or marketing event and realize a betterpersonal phone calls to each one re-qualifying their return on your marketing investment, pleaseneeds and interests, and scheduling demos or future contact P.O.P. Event Marketing for a freefollow-up for the Fantail’s executives and sales consultation at (240) 565-1557.team.For Additional 240.565.1557Information, popeventmarketing.complease contact: POPeventmarketing@gmail.com P.O.P. Event Marketing, Inc. 1708 Usher Place Crofton, MD 21114-2316
  47. 47. Additional Helpful Information -Cardinal Rules -Last Booth Case Study Social Media Survey Template for Use Prior to Event:For Attendees: https://www.etouches.com/esurvey/10711