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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice



From Ordinary to Extraordinary:

From Ordinary to Extraordinary:
Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice
2010 MGMA Annual Meeting



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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice Presentation Transcript

  • 2010 MGMA Annual Meeting From Ordinary to Extraordinary:Using Social Media to Do More with Your Practice
  • Agenda-Changes in Today’s Market-Making Sense of Social Media: Networking,Sharing & Listening-Deconstructing a Real Practice Using SocialMedia-Self-Assessment of Your Practice-Where to Start, What to Ask, and How to Do
  • Changes in Population-Busier, Lots of Logistics-Fragmented Lifestyles-Lots of fear-Overwhelmed with information-Becoming more geared towards prevention & care-Much longer lifespan and medical treatment options-Much denser living conditions and urbanization-Internet and mobile phone usage is a way of life
  • Changes in Marketing Approaches Old School New School Yellow pages ads  Google listings Local newspaper and  Targeted Facebook & circular ads LinkedIn supplementals List your phone number  List your Twitter and and website address Facebook addresses Newsletter columns from  Blogs experts or owners  “Bring a friend” discount Discount-driven offers  In-person seminars, open Exclusive advertising houses & webinars through impersonal  Webinars means  Twitter Chats PowerPoint  Prezi
  • Changes in Marketing-Organizations touted as doing it right aren’t doing direct marketing-Move towards influence marketing -Reputation -Word-of-Mouth -Brand -Thought Leadership- Approach is very different because requires different skillsets andapproaches: -Bad News: it’s new and you have to learn/change what you’re doing, it requires time and discipline -Good News: good news is that it is often CHEAPER in terms of cash outlays and is MUCH LONGER LASTING
  • Skills & Capabilities-Fundamental understanding of the Web and how it works -Websites/Internet (on computer and phones) -Google -Facebook -LinkedIn -Twitter -Blogs -Email marketing-Ability to write something interesting, insightful and intellectual-Ability to read large amounts of material-Positive attitude-Energy!-Hyper multi-tasker
  • World of Social Media Social Networking Social Sharing Social ListeningFacebook Twitter TechnoratiLinkedIn YouTube Google Alerts/BlogsPlaxo SlideShare TechrigyPrivate Networks Delicious, Digg General Sentiment Foursquare Radian6
  • Social Networking Pros Cons-People voluntarily opting into your -Requires staff involvement, managementprogram or organization-Highly targeted population of consumers -Takes time to really see resultsof your program or organization-Data! Identify trends, patterns, unmet -Requires organization to change andneeds/issues adapt!-Create a much more intimate relationship -Investmentwith customers
  • Social Sharing Pros Cons-Establish organization as a market -Pressure to stay a thoughtleader through thought leadership leader/innovator(creates demand)-Increases visibility and awareness -Pressure to build a continuous(higher rankings on Google!) program and not a blip of activity; blip of activity hurts-Positions organization as an -Investment in getting the rightinnovator; allows you to tools and resources to createdifferentiate from competition materials to share-Create a more memorable -Timeexperience and increase patientcare
  • Social Listening Pros Cons-Know what popular opinion really -Facing what people are reallyis saying and deciding what to do about it-Can detect patterns, trends, -Time and real money outlay forunmet needs tools-Can identify a new product or -Pressure to do something with theservice to offer that differentiates information gatheredyour practice or practitioners-Possibly leads to a more creative, -Have to change mindsetsmarket-driven culture
  • How Organizations are Using SM-Announcing special offers, promotions, accomplishments-Offering information or expert advice-Showing community participation-Using for support groups-Using for private learning communities-Using for internal staff communication and sharing-Using for educational seminars-Using for lead generation
  • Case Study in Action-Lumberton Radiological Associates North Carolina
  • What Is the Practice Missing?-Accomplishments and awards-Easily identifiable area of expertise-Expert healthcare tips and info on specific areas ofexpertise-Pictures/dates/encouragement to sponsoring footballteams, community healthfairs-Partner network—no links to affiliates, partners orsupporting/referring organizations (e.g. orthopedic practice)-Event registrations?-Blog on community care and participation?-Fun stuff : contests, humor, etc
  • Idea: Private Support Groups: Monetized or Not
  • Idea: Use “Sparks” to Promote Your Events
  • Idea: Use “Walls” for Supporters, Patients, etc
  • Idea: Support National Campaigns and Link toThem; Tell Others How You Support the MedicalCommunity and In What You Believe
  • Idea: Dr. Maino has a blog AND is talking about thePsoriasis Walk in Which She’s Involved!
  • Idea: Support Local Programs and Participate.Reward Athletes, etc through Public Recognition onFacebook, Twitter, etc!
  • Practice Self-Assessment for Social Media -What Do We Have That Is Unique? -What Is the Image That We Want Others to Have Of Us? -How Private is the Topic? -How Active are We Locally? Nationally? Globally? -What Do We Believe In? -What is the Experience that We Want Patients to Have? -How Big of a Role Do We/Could We Play in a Patient’s Life? -Where Are We With Our Business?
  • Where Do We Start?-Do we have events?-Do we have content?-Do we have someone who has the time and skill to write?-Do we have defined goals?-Are we in it for the long haul?-Are we ready to change? What will stop us? How do weovercome obstacles?
  • Ready for Tools-Select appropriate tools based on assessment-Ensure basic website is ready-Watch webinars, read, and attend events-Invest in training: www.lynda.com , local events, or othereducational courses-Create a calendar around events-Pick a theme per month-Set realistic goals: 1-2 activities per week-Assess often, tweak more and always stay disciplined!
  • Contact Information-Suzanne Carawan scarawan@etouches.com 703.431.2208 Twitter: @suzannecarawan Facebook: /suzannecarawan LinkedIn: /suzannecarawan