Get Rich! Gaining Greater Customer Insight with Event Data


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Did you know you are already rich? You are if you hold events and capture information on your attendants! Everyone has information, but few people are thinking about what kind of information they're capturing (or could capture). Worse, few people are thinking about what the information could tell you if you look at it from a behavioral analytical viewpoint!

Join this webinar to find out how rich you really are by looking at the kind, amount and format of your data. Get great tips on what kind of information you want to collect in today's world of social, mobile and local. Learn how to take your event data and use it to target new prospective attendees and create future events that are truly designed to capture attendee's attention and get them returning!

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Get Rich! Gaining Greater Customer Insight with Event Data

  1. 1. Get Rich!Gaining Greater Customer Insight with Event Data
  2. 2. Traditional Marketing ViewpointMarket Segmentation Demand Creation Activation/Acquisition Retention/Loyalty
  3. 3. Event Marketing Viewpoint Market Demand Creation Activation/Acquisition Retention/LoyaltyAttendee Segmentation Event Promotion Registration Engagement
  4. 4. Data Premise the more you know, the more you go -or-the more you know, the more you grow
  5. 5. Experience Premise• A positive experience creates an “afterglow” effect increasing the probability of remembering the event• Positive experience increases likelihood of attendee taking further (positive) action – Recommending, Repeat Registration, Taking on a Sponsorship, Visiting a Community, etc
  6. 6. Easy Process! Attendees will take desired Create an action, give all environment that their money, total they will love attention & loyaltyStudy your targetattendees based on what you learn
  7. 7. Challenges1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101011010101010100011111000110101010101010101010 • Collect1010100001101110101001001010101011101000101010101011101010101010101010101010101000100001 • Analyze1110101010101010101010101010101010101001001000101000101000010000101010101111010101010101 • Capitalize01010101010101010111010010101001010101010101010101011101010100101101010101000101010101010010101010101010101010101010010101010101010101010101010100111001010101010101001010101010
  8. 8. The etouches Lifecyclewithin theevent Externalexperience world Internal MORE organization
  9. 9. eReg: the Data• Taste & preference info (food!)• Topic areas of interest• Burning questions• Collecting photos• Collecting social names• Collecting mobile #s• Industry affiliations• Name a friend promotions?• Contest/prize/award info• Participation questions• Where do you get your infoquestions BACK
  10. 10. eHome: Event Websites• Tied to analytics? – Google Analytics – Adobe SiteCatalyst• Embedding widgets for: – Social media – YouTube BACK
  11. 11. Site Analytics
  12. 12. Analytics
  13. 13. Analytics
  14. 14. Analytics
  15. 15. eMarketing• Adding in sponsor banner ads and linking to capture CTR (& make more money?)• Adding in the right links that I want info on?• Driving attendees to the right spots to collect more info, e.g. eSocial, SlideShare, videos, etc.• Detailed click-through reports• Manage unsubscribers BACK
  16. 16. Email
  17. 17. Email
  18. 18. Share to Social
  19. 19. Landing Pages
  20. 20. Landing Pages
  21. 21. eSurvey• Using prior to the event toassess pace of conference,format, topics, etc• Asking value-based questions• Inciting interest by asking “did you know” questions or “why are you missing out” questions BACK
  22. 22. eSocial• Attendee appointment setting• 1-to-1 or 1-to-many• Extends the experience, ROI• Pre-event, post-event, onsite• Enhances attendee productivity• Retains confidentiality• Matchmaking functionality• Summary reporting BACK
  23. 23. Within the Event
  24. 24. Meeting Reports & Topics
  25. 25. Interests
  26. 26. Matchmaking
  27. 27. eScan: Spatial Networking• Efficient lead retrieval• Capture booth traffic• Prioritize prospects• Track session attendance• Door scans• Survey evaluations BACK
  28. 28. Within the Event
  29. 29. Widgets
  30. 30. SlideShare
  31. 31. Videos
  32. 32. Community
  33. 33. Analyze• Trends• Outliers• Zero uptake• Spikes in uptake• Geographic hotspots• Repeat people• Missing people
  34. 34. Capitalize• Reassess everything! – Programs – Food – Activities – Content – Speakers – Locations
  35. 35. Learn More• Corporate website:• Blog:• Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter: etouches• YouTube and SlideShare: etouchesevents