Master Series: The Power of Personalization to Increase Attendee Registrations


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You have done the hard work to get your attendees registered, congratulations! Now is the time to kick it up a notch and get your registrants excited about the event and what they will experience when they attend. In this 45 minute webinar, you will learn new techniques to deliver a highly personalized, automated communication series for each individual registrant. We’ll share techniques like personalization, dynamic content and campaign automation. Once designed and set up, all the communications can happen automatically! The bonus is that many of these techniques can be used for all post show communications as well. Attend this webinar on April 30th at 1PM ET, and you’ll learn the tricks and techniques to provide your registrants with an outstanding pre-show experience

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  • DefinitionNot just lead generation – can be used for so much moreWorks best when you use rules and dynamic data to create a personalized experience for your end users
  • Rather than saying “let’s send this email out to everyone on Thursday” we build lots of content based on used business rules and individuals actions or lack of to determine when and who gets each message – and it happens automatically. Even the content in a given message can dynamically change maybe based on industry or some other demographic characteristic of the people you sell to.
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  • Master Series: The Power of Personalization to Increase Attendee Registrations

    1. 1. Pre-Event Communications Fire up your Registrants!(PS: It works for Post-Event Communications as well!) Ellen Valentine @EllenValentine Product Evangelist
    2. 2. Registration Event Personalized Relevant Automated Communications
    3. 3. Marketing Automation• Defined: a software platform designed to automate repetitive tasks• Automated, targeted emails work best when you create a personalized experience for the end user
    4. 4. What is Marketing Automation? Segmentation Email PersonalizationAutomation Landing Pages Scoring WebformsAlerts &Routing Integrations Centralized Database Reporting
    5. 5. Broadcast to Behavior Marketing Sophistication Bto1 Individual Messages Behavior-based Messages (Multi-Track) Time-based MessagesAutomated (Drip, Simple Nurture) Manual Targeted Mailings based on Segmentation Mass Mailing to a broad database (E-blasts) Response Rates/ Engagement
    6. 6. Automation  NurturingMeaningful Interactions Business Rules Dynamically Generate Content Registration Automated Emails Email Follow up
    7. 7. Social SharingDemo
    8. 8. Air New Zealand
    9. 9. Air New Zealand“Personality Allowed” campaign yields impressive results forAir New Zealand Overview of Solution/Benefits • “Personality Allowed” campaign yields impressive results •Pre-flight emails – 69% open rate/38% click rate •Post-arrival emails – 62% open rate/40% click rate • Thousands of social media posts • Incredibly positive feedback from customers & crew
    10. 10. Behavior Criteria: The BasicsOpened Days/Months/Year Email BehaviorWithin OpensDid not Open Within Clicks SentClicked on Within Days/Months/YearDid not click onWithin Days/Months/Year
    11. 11. Behavior Criteria: Beyond the BasicsVisited Website Website Behaviors Within Days/Months/Year Visited a WebpageDownloaded a PDF Within Download PDF Days/Months/Year Watched a Video Social ClicksWatched Video Within Days/Months/YearClicked on Twitter Link Within Days/Months/YearVisited the Blog Within Days/Months/Year
    12. 12. Behavior Criteria: Beyond the BasicsOrdered a Product External Databases Within Days/Months/Year CRM Behaviors or Field Used Product Within Order Management System And did not purchase Product Usage (or Not) Past Attendance Activated a Product Within Days/Months/Year Attended Within Days/Months/Year Registered Within Days/Months/Year Is a Boston Red Sox Fan
    13. 13. Behavioral Marketing Limitations Database &
    14. 14. Facebook Opt-in Pages
    15. 15. 66% Prefer Social Sign in
    16. 16. Thank You!Let us know how we can help Ellen Valentine @EllenValentine
    17. 17. Sales: Steve Mackenzie 1-877-386-8248Marketing and PR: Suzanne Carawan