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Regular Pages Article 2011

  1. 1. LAW/COURTS 46 CARIBBEAN BUSINESS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 Ferraiuoli LLC opens the way for the law practice of the futureBY MARIO BELAVAL DÍAZmariob@caribbeanbusinesspr.comT he nomination of local full-service law firm Ferraiuoli LLC as one of the four candi-dates for Puerto Rico’s Law Firm of the Year2011 award by Chambers & Partners is alreadyrecognition of the quality, professionalism andexpertise that has driven the firm to the top injust a mere eight years. Chambers & Partners isthe publisher of the world-leading directories ofthe legal profession. From left, the four “Ever since we began, we strove to enlist the capital membersbrightest, most dynamic talent, who think outside of Ferraiuolithe box, and this has placed us among the top LLC: Jorge L.firms in Puerto Rico, firms that have 20 to 60 San Miguel,years’ experience on the island,” said Eugenio Eugenio J. TorresTorres Oyola, one of the firm’s four capital Oyola, Fernandomembers. “That ability to think in new ways has J. Rovira Rullán,allowed us to integrate new systems and ideas, and Víctor R.ranging from administrative processes to prod- Rodríguezucts, which give an edge to our clients.” Martínez. The company has also fulfilled its plan ofbecoming a top-notch services-oriented firm,by branching out from its original focus on intel-lectual property, said Fernando Rovira Rullán, Attorney Lillian Mateo Santos joined Ferraiuoliattorney & capital member, who chairs the firm’s as a member, specializing in environmental law,corporate & real-estate department. While the energy and land use; René Avilés García also “We have assembled a teamcompany has established its reputation as the joined as a member, concentrating in employee that comprises young attorneysleading intellectual-property firm in Puerto benefits; and Katherine González Valentín, whoRico, it is also recognized as a top firm in the joined as a senior member, and is the chair of the who are experienced in areaspractice areas it specializes: corporate, tax & firm’s labor & employment department. that are relevant for businessesemployee benefits, intellectual property, labor “We have assembled a team that comprises& employment, environmental, energy & land young attorneys who are experienced in areas today and the future, attorneysuse, and litigation. that are relevant for businesses today and the “We decided to become the best firm in the area future, attorneys who have worked in other top who have worked in otherof intellectual property. From there, we expanded local firms, and decided to join us,” said Víctor top local firms, and decided toour areas of service, which began to grow as cli- Rodríguez Martínez, a capital member of the firm,ents requested we offer them counsel and legal who’s experience includes more than a decade of join us. These two facts let usservices in other areas of their business,” Rovira in-house counsel to ExxonMobil Corp. in Puerto know we are on the rightRullán said. “Not only are we proud to be recog- Rico, the state of Florida and Rome, Italy. “Thesenized, on an international level, as Puerto Rico’s two facts let us know we are on the right track track regarding our visiontop intellectual-property firm, but our achieve- regarding our vision and mission as a firm.” and mission as a firm.”ments in that area have fueled the growth of our Part of Ferraiuoli’s mission is to offer localother practices, strengthened by the best local clients the latest legal resources and solutions to —Víctor Rodríguez Martínez,talent in those areas.” deal with relevant areas that are sure to become Ferraiuoli LLC capital member Just this year, Ferraiuoli added 13 attorneys even more significant to doing business in Puertoin practice areas that place them in the fore- Rico in the future, according to capital memberfront of the most current and promising fields of Jorge L. San Miguel. During 2009, San Miguel, we help them reach goals, but also take part inlaw. Among the leading legal talent that joined along with Mateo Santos, led a team that drafted ensuring people choose to do business in PuertoFerraiuoli in the past months are attorney Jorge Puerto Rico’s new Permits Process Reform Act, Rico, despite what they may perceive as chal-L. San Miguel, who joined the firm as a capital which became law on Dec. 1, 2009. lenges or obstacles.”member and heads the environmental law, energy “For example, take the issue of land use. As Torres Oyola added: “Our corporate and tax& land use department; attorney Víctor Rodríguez an island, and given our geographic dimensions, attorneys, along with our intellectual-propertyMartínez, the firm’s fourth capital member, who land is an ever-present concern for clients want- attorneys, are better equipped to handle intellec-concentrates his practice in environmental law ing to do business in Puerto Rico. That concern tual-property-based transactions than any otherand energy & land use; and attorney Eduardo includes dealing with processes and regulations at law firm in Puerto Rico.” Intellectual propertyTamargo Motroni, who joined as a senior member municipal, state and federal levels,” San Miguel and energy law seem to be two practice areasin the corporate department, specializing in gen- said. “Our mission, and what sets us apart, is that that will drive Ferraiuoli into the future, but thiseral corporate law, the petroleum industry, real we have the expertise and knowledge to guide our innovative firm seems ready to tackle any newestate, commercial lending and entertainment. clients in these types of processes. Not only do challenge that comes its way.