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First day

  1. 1. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Welcome to Mr. Tjerslands Math 7 Class 1
  2. 2. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 The way it was ..... Not a problem this year since we will be using the SMARTBOARD There are a few ground rules 2
  3. 3. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Class Responsibilities Materials To be prepared for class everyday you will need your Team 7A Supplies. See the Team 7A Supply List that you received during your “0” period class. Heading On all papers in your notebook, this heading should be used: Name Date Math 7 Period ____ Type of sheet (ex. Homework) The two types of sheets are: Notes and Homework. Binder Organization: 1.) Arrange sheets by date 2.) Complete the Do Now, Turn the page, Complete the Class Notes, Turn the Page, Complete the homework, Turn the page 3.) Repeat Everyday 3
  4. 4. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Assessments Cumulative Exams: Two to three cumulative exams will be given each quarter. Projects: One take home project will be completed each quarter. These projects will be graded on a rubric that you will receive at the beginning of the assignment. 4
  5. 5. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Assessments Weekly Quizzes: On Fridays we will take a weekly quiz to assess the level of understanding on the material from the previous Thursday to the Wednesday before the quiz. 5
  6. 6. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Assessments Basic Skills Quizzes: One major problem in mathematics education is forgetting information necessary to learn new topics. To help prevent this problem, every Wednesday we will take a Basic Skills Quiz to review and test knowledge of material from 5th and 6th grade. Basic Skills Quizzes can be made up at 11:35 on Friday (the very beginning of the lunch period). Basic Skills Quizzes can be made up as many times as needed to learn the material and earn a satisfactory grade. 6
  7. 7. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Homework We will be using two types of homework this year: TYPE 1: On Core Workbook or Worksheets When these are assigned they will be due the next day and will not be accepted late. TYPE 2: Castle Learning The link and description of Castle Learning is on the back of this sheet. When assignments are posted, they will be due two days later (ie. Assigned Wednesday and due Friday). You will receive two extension coupon. 7
  8. 8. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Cumulative Review Sheets and Journal Entries Cumulative Review Sheets: Mathematics is a subject where new concepts are built on a strong foundation of previously covered material. Every week this year, we will be completing a Cumulative Review Sheet to strengthen our knowledge of previously covered material. The first sheet will be distributed on Wednesday, September 8 and due Tuesday, September 14. Journal: Your journal will help you develop your skills in communicating math through writing. The journal assignments will appear on the same sheet as the weekly Cumulative Review. Cumulative Review Sheets and Journals will be accepted one day late for half credit 8
  9. 9. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Grading Your quarter grade will be calculated using the following categories. Cumulative Exams and Projects 50% Quizzes 20% Cumulative Review Sheets 15% Daily Homework 10% Journal 5% 9
  10. 10. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Team Blog Team 7A has a blog that provides nightly homework assignments, project information, and information about special events. The address is: 10
  11. 11. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Mr. Tjersland‛s Blog I have created a blog that contains full class notes, video explanations of topics, and online quizzes for you to use as practice. This is an excellent resource both as homework help and reviewing for quizzes and exams. You can also ask questions using the comments feature of the blog. The address is: 11
  12. 12. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 is an online gradebook that is available for parents/guardians to view their student‛s grades on all classroom assignments. This will enable parents/guardians to monitor the progress of their student. This website is updated nightly and provides me with the opportunity to e-mail home when an assignment is missed. Please provide an e-mail address on the All About Me Handout which will enable me to send you a welcome e-mail that comprehensively explains how to access the website. The address is: 12
  13. 13. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Castle Learning Castle Learning is an online homework website that allows me to create assignments for you that are completed online. We will be going to the computer lab in the first few weeks of school to log in and obtain passwords. The address is: 13
  14. 14. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 Before You Leave 1.) Write your age as an expression using addition of integers. 2.) Write your birth year as an expression using multiplication. 3.) Write your birth month as an expression using subtraction of integers. 14
  15. 15. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 All About Me • Due on Thursday, September 6 with Parent/Guardian Signature • MUST include a Parent/Gaurdian E-mail for Teacherease • If you do not have any computer issues, please see me after class 15
  16. 16. First Day.notebook September 04, 2012 16
  17. 17. Attachments Cumulative Exam #1.doc Project Requirements 3­15­07.doc Day 6 Distributive Property.notebook Day 3 Angles in Polygons.notebook Day 7 Compare Sci Not.notebook Day 9 Correcting.notebook Day 2 Adding Integers.notebook Day 2 Multiplying and Dividing.notebook Cumulative Review Sheet 1.doc