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ETIS annual report 2011/2012

  1. 1. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Sharing Knowledge is our Strength!ETIS Central OfficeAvenue Louise 331BE-1050 Brussels, BelgiumTel. +32 2 223 07 71 - Fax. +32 2 219 26
  2. 2. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Sharing Knowledge is our Strength!
  3. 3. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012The main event of the year was, of course, thecelebration of our 20 year anniversary at the ETISCommunity Gathering hosted in Cyprus on 13-14 October2011. The theme of the Gathering was ‘ETIS 20thAnniversary – Innovative use of IT in Telcos’ and lookedat the main events that have led to the marriage ofTelecommunications and Information Technology duringthe past 20 years whilst looking ahead at the next 20years. The gathering also used the opportunity to bringtogether the ETIS Veterans which welcomed some pastETIS Chairmen and working group participants who weremost pleased to find each other again after many years.This highly successful event brought together over 150participants from 47 companies to share knowledge onkey ICT issues facing the Telecom industry.This past year continued to show high levels of activityas our members showed their ongoing commitment andinterest in sharing experiences and best practices withtheir peers and working together on common challenges.I would also like to welcome our newest Member, BT,who decided to re-join ETIS after a short break and theyare now very active in the Security and Anti-Spam areas.We are looking forward to sharing knowledge withthem and continuing this strong partnership. ETIS alsowelcomed two new daughter companies with Fastwebwho is a daughter company of Swisscom operating inItaly and Elion who is a daughter company of TeliaSoneraoperating in Estonia. They are both very active in ourworking groups and their participation has addedknowledge and value to the ETIS community.This year also saw the creation of an ETIS Telco CERTNetwork as a sub-group of the Information Securityarea. We have also increased our ability to conductbenchmarking studies, surveys and best practices whichhas proven to be one of the best ways of capturing theknowledge exchanged in the working groups.At the beginning of 2011 we launched a new ETISMembers’ Corner with the aim of encouraging moreopenness and sharing of information. Since its launchwe have already seen the number of Members’ Cornervisits triple compared to previous years which is a goodindication that the members are using the site to shareeven more knowledge and network in between physicalmeetings. We also re-launched a new e-telit News Portalthat takes advantage of the latest social media andcontent aggregation technology to provide updated andrelevant industry news to our members whilst creatinga promotional space to promote our members, mediapartners & sponsors.Last but not least, I would also like to take thisopportunity to thank all of the Working Group Chairmenwho volunteered their time and leadership to move ourgroups forward. It is important to remember that ETISis a member driven organisation and it is the memberswho decide upon the key issues we cover. Our sloganhas always been ‘Sharing knowledge is our strength’ butusing the knowledge is clearly yours!Foreword1ForewordETIS CouncilManagement BoardCentral OfficeNew MembersETIS EventsCIO Executive ForumInformation Security & Anti-SpamBilling & Revenue ManagementCustomer Self-ServiceEnterprise ArchitectureTeBIT Benchmarking StudyProcurement & Vendor ManagementBusiness Intelligence & Data WarehouseInformation ServicesETIS Members, Associates & PartnersAbout ETISTable of contents2468101214161718192021222426Table of contentsFor the past 20 years, ETIS has been at the forefront of the telecoms industrysharing knowledge and best practices on the innovative use of IT in Telecomsin Europe. What makes ETIS truly unique is that its’ members share real-world experiences delivering knowledge and value that goes well beyondthe theoretical models covered in other industry bodies. This has been avery special year for ETIS as it celebrated its landmark 20th anniversary as anorganisation and there are many examples of this ‘real-world’ exchange ofknowledge described in this year’s annual report which I believe is one of thereasons ETIS continues to grow and thrive as a living organisation.Yours sincerely,Tora TendenETIS Chairman
  4. 4. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Tora TendenETIS Chairmansince May 2002Luca Franco VarvelloTelecom ItaliaCouncil Membersince May 2011Dr. Michael DamarowskyDeutsche TelekomCouncil Membersince February 2010Jens-Erik EbbesenTeliaSoneraCouncil Membersince October 2011ETIS CouncilETIS Strategy & ValuesThe Council used the physical meeting in Brussels toupdate the ETIS Strategy 2012 - 2014. As a result theCouncil identified the following core values that are theguiding principals behind all ETIS activities:• ‘Sharing Knowledge is our strength’ is our slogan andguiding principle.• The type of knowledge shared in ETIS is non-competitive information on the effective use of IT inTelcos and best practices that are of benefit to the wholeindustry and in line with the Anti-Trust regulations.• The type of knowledge and information shared in ETISis based on real-life experiences that go well beyond thetheoretical models covered in other industry bodies.• ETIS activities are created by telcos, for telcos resultingin very actual and targeted knowledge.• Sharing knowledge implies that one has to both giveand receive. All members are expected to contribute tothe process of knowledge sharing, either as a source oras a reviewer.• The possibility to actually know the other participantsin the working groups and build a relationship andmutual trust, is an important facilitator for knowledgesharing in ETIS. That implies that working groups arelimited in size.• The ETIS membership is governed by a confidentialityagreement and members understand that theinformation shared is confidential.• ETIS is member driven organisation and it is themembers who decide on the topics and activities to becovered.• ETIS is recognized as an organisation that delivers highquality services and reacts fast to members request.Council ReportThe main responsibility of the Council is to ensure theeffective management of ETIS allowing the organisationto provide benefits to its member companies byenabling the exchange of experience and informationon the use of IT within the telecom business. The Councilhas, by the authority of the Management Board, thenecessary executive powers for the actual managementof the ETIS foundation.In the past year, the Council held six meetings either viaconference call or physically in Brussels. The overview ofthe key issues which have been dealt with during thisperiod is here below:Council membersDuring this reporting period, Bjorn Reimers, TeliaSonera,ETIS Secretary Treasurer tragically died after fighting hisbattle against cancer. Following this, the ETIS Councilmade a contribution to the Swedish Cancer Foundation tohonour his memory.During this year, Kees Stok, KPN, Andreas Asimomitis,OTE were re-elected as Council Members for a two-year period. Other changes to Council Members werethe election of Luca Franco Varvello, Telecom Italia as areplacement for Marco Bavazano. Armin Sumesgutner, A1Telekom Austria was elected as a Council Member duringthe May Management Board meeting, held in Vienna,Austria.Andreas Asimomitis, OTE was appointed to replace Bjornin the position of Secretary Treasurer and Tora Tendenwas appointed as ETIS Chairman for another two-yearperiod. Andreas has also been an active Council Membersince April 2007.During the Management Board held in October in Cyprus,Wim De Meyer, Belgacom was re-elected as CouncilMember for two years and Jens Erik Ebbesen, TeliaSonerawas also elected as a new Council Member.ETIS Activities & eventsAs 2011 was the 20thAnniversary of ETIS, the Council wasactively involved in the organisation of the ETIS CommunityGathering at which this anniversary was celebrated. TheCouncil was also actively involved in the ongoing activitiesof the organisation ranging from initiating the NextGeneration Network questionnaire and other benchmarksurveys; the re-launch of the Members’ Corner on the ETISWebsite and the e-telit news portal. Their involvement wasalso essential for the organising of the two ManagementBoard meetings, hosted by A1 Telekom Austria and CYTA,together with the CIO Executive Workshops. The Council re-endorsed the strategic KPIs in place and carefully analysedthe KPI results for this reporting period and developingregular updates of all working group activities.The Council endorsed the project of creating the ETISAnniversary booklet putting together the history of ETIS.This booklet was distributed to all participants at the ETISCommunity Gathering in Paphos, Cyprus in October 2011and it has been very well received throughout the ETIScommunity.The Council Members were also actively involved withestablishing new criteria and questions for the 2011 ETISTeBIT Benchmark Survey and its subsequent ExecutiveReport.The Council Members were actively involved with thedevelopment and “going live” of the IT ApplicationsTransformation Plans questionnaire. This document wasused as a basis for discussion in the CIO Executive Forum.ETIS Council2 3Andreas AsimomitisOTESecretary Treasurer & CouncilMember since April 2007Wim De MeyerBelgacomCouncil Membersince October 2007Armin SumesgutnerA1 Telekom AustriaCouncil Membersince May 2011Kees StokKPNCouncil membersince May 2009
  5. 5. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012ETIS held its 42ndManagement Boardmeeting in Paphos, Cyprus on 12October 2011, kindly hosted by CYTA.This was organised in conjunction withthe ETIS Community Gathering event which doubled asthe ETIS 20thAnniversary celebration.The Board Meeting consisted of administrative andfinancial matters and a report on ETIS activities. Duringthe meeting the Management Board unanimously votedto re-elect Wim de Meyer from Belgacom as a Councilmember for a period of two years. Jens Erik Ebbesen,TeliaSonera was also elected as a Council Memberduring this meeting. The Chairman also announced thatETIS had, since the previous meeting, two new members,Elion, daughter company of TeliaSonera operating inEstonia and Fastweb, a daughter company of Swisscomoperating in Italy.All of the Working Group Chairmen presented anoverview of their respective working group’s activitiesduring the past year and future plans. It is importantto note that the demand for doing benchmarks andsurveys is growing in almost all of the working groups.The Central Office also presented the Annual Report2010-2011 together with the meeting’s calendarfor 2012. An additional publication was alsopresented during this meeting the “ETIS Anniversarybooklet”specifically edited to celebrate the association’s20thAnniversary and recount all the breakthroughs inthe past two decades.The Management Board determines the policy of ETISand approves the annual budget. The Board consists ofrepresentatives from all companies who are membersof ETIS. The Management Board meets twice a year toexchange ideas, identify topics of interest and commonconcerns. The Management Board also elects a Chairmanand Secretary-Treasurer for a two year period. TheBoard authorises the formation of Working Groups, withspecific responsibilities to pursue these topics.ETIS held its 41stManagement Boardmeeting which was hosted by A1Telekom Austria in Vienna on 26 May2011.The Management Board meeting focused on the ETISstrategy, administrative matters and the election ofCouncil Members.The Management Board unanimously voted to re-electTora Tenden as Chairman for another two-year period.Both Kees Stok from KPN and Andreas Asimomitis fromOTE were re-elected as ETIS Council Members duringthe meeting. Andreas Asimomitis was also appointedSecretary Treasurer for a period of two years and ArminSumesgutner, A1 Telekom Austria and Michael Hughes,Oger Telekom were elected as Council Members.The Board took the time to discuss the ETIS Strategy for2011-2012 and reviewed the ETIS KPIs for 2010.The Central Office presented the ETIS Deliverablessuch as the various benchmarking studies, surveys, bestpractices and reports as well as all the presentationsand minutes of our various meetings which arehosted on the Members Corner. The Board Memberstook the opportunity to network and update eachon their company’s overall organisational structure,transformation plans and future perspectives.The ETIS Management Board gathers twice a yearand handles the various administrative matters suchas defining the budget. The Board also oversees theworking groups progress together with approving newactivities,events and membership applications.42nd Management Board meeting hosted by CYTA in Cyprus41stManagementBoard Meeting42ndManagementBoard Meeting4 541stManagement Board meetinghosted by A1 Telekom Austria in Vienna41st Management Board Meeting 42ndManagement Board Meeting
  6. 6. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012e-telit News Portal: www.etisportal.orgOne of the main tasks of the Central Office during2011 was to develop a dynamic e-telit News Portal thattakes advantage of the latest social media and contentaggregation technology to provide updated andrelevant industry news to our members whilst creatinga promotional space to promote our members, mediapartners & sponsors at the same time. The page containsa mix of self-updating news RSS feeds, tweets, blogs,white papers and videos from the telecom industry, ourmembership base and ETIS as an organisation.Number of participantsOne of the tasks of the ETIS Central Office is to maintainlinks with members and encourage member participationin ETIS activities. The following graph shows that therehas been a healthy increase in activity with our membersparticipating in more working group meetings, workshopsand gatherings which is a positive sign that ETIS is growingin the right direction. Despite the economic crisis andwide spread travel restrictions, 2011 continued to showimpressive attendance levels.Team Building Exercise in TrondheimAt the end of 2011 the ETIS Central Office paid a visit toTrondheim, Norway where the ETIS Director, Terje is based.The Central Office engaged the help of a professional teambuilder who is also responsible for training the NorwegianOlympic athletes and football team. Much was learned onhow to build an even stronger team and we also used thechance to experience Norway in its full winter glory.The Central Office, is a permanent group of personnelemployed by ETIS to provide stable administrativesupport, management, project co-ordination, internaland external communications and information tofacilitate the activities of the Management Board, theCouncil and Working Groups.One of the main activities for the Central Office was thepreparation of the ETIS Community Gathering hosted inCyprus on 13/14 October 2011. This was a special Gatheringas it marked the 20 year anniversary of ETIS asan organisation.A lot of effort was also put towards the organisation ofthe various working group meetings, Management Boardmeetings, Council Meetings and CIO workshops all overEurope.The Central Office is also key in helping to produce ETISdeliverables such as Benchmarks, Surveys and Reports. Thisyear the Central Office helped to produce the followingdeliverables: the TeBIT Benchmarking Study, the CustomerSelf-Service Quarterly Survey, the Procurement andVendor Management Benchmarking Study, Mobile DeviceManagement Platforms Survey, Business Intelligence ToolsSurvey, Billing Tools Survey, IT Applications TransformationsPlans Survey, Information Security KPIs Library, Outsourcingand IT Service Survey, and the Information SecurityBenchmark. These surveys are an excellent way for ourmembers to share knowledge..Fred WernerCommunications &Programme DirectorJoanna FitzgeraldOffice ManagerEirini MarkoulaBenchmarking ProjectCo-ordinatorTerje TøndelManaging DirectorETIS Central OfficeMember Participation Levelsin ETIS Working Group Meetings & Gatherings 2003-2011200313520043282005465200652320076622008563200957720116412010608Number of Participantswww.etisportal.org6 7Central OfficeETIS Central OfficeOne of the main challenges of the Central Office is organising over 20 meetings a year all over Europe. We areable to do this thanks to our members who are always willing to take turns hosting the Working Group and Boardmeetings. Not only do they provide nice facilities but they also take the extra effort to show the local culture andway of working which adds value to our members’ Working Group experience. Despite the travel restrictions thathave hit many companies over the years we have had healthy attendance rates which is thanks to a combination ofinteresting topics and speakers and the excellent job our members have done as willing hosts!Terje Tondel - Managing Director, ETISCentral Office Team Building in Trondheim, Norway
  7. 7. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012New Associate MemberVade RetroETIS is pleased to announce that Vade Retro joined as anAssociate Member to help support the ETIS Anti-SpamCo-operation Group and the member representative is,Gregoire Lepoutre, VP Sales & Partnership, Vade Retro.About Vade RetroVade Retro Technology is a French company specializedin the development and distribution of solutionsdesigned to protect messaging systems againstunwanted messages. Vade Retro Technology protectsmore than 150 million e-mail addresses worldwide andcounts most of the biggest French and Internationalinternet providers (Free, Neuf, Numericable…) amongstits clients along with many SMEs and companies andhundreds of thousands of self-employed and privateusers.SPONSORSEach year the ETIS Associate members have thepossibility to be more visible towards our members byhelping to support the ETIS Community Gathering. Thisyear’s gathering was kindly sponsored by Sybase as aGold sponsor, Netclean as a Silver Sponsor and IBM asa Silver sponsor. The event was also supported by TheCyprus Tourist Organisation.New Member - BTBT, one of the founding members ofETIS, has rejoined ETIS after a brief2 year hiatus and is set to shareknowledge with our members inour upcoming working groups andevents. The member representative from BT is AernoutReymer, Chief Security Officer EMEA, BT and is alreadyan active participant in the ETIS Security, Anti-Spam andCERT activitiesAbout BTBT is one of the world’s leading communicationsservices companies, serving the needs of customers inthe UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Ourmain activities are the provision of fixed-line services,broadband, mobile and TV products and services as wellas networked IT services.In the UK we are a leading communications servicesprovider, selling products and services to consumers,small and medium sized enterprises and the publicsector.We also sell wholesale products and services tocommunications providers in the UK and aroundthe world. Globally, we supply managed networkedIT services to multinational corporations, domesticbusinesses and national and local governmentorganisations.New Daughter CompaniesOne of the benefits of ETIS membership is that themembers can involve their daughter companies in ETISactivities. The following companies have joined ETISduring the reporting period.Fastweb is a daughter company of Swisscom operatingin Italy and Elion is a daughter company of TeliaSoneraoperating in Estonia.9New Members8New MembersNew Members
  8. 8. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012The ETIS Community Gathering 2011 was held inPaphos, Cyprus on 13-14 October 2011. This Gatheringhad significant importance for ETIS as it coincidedwith its 20thAnniversary, an event somewhat rare forassociations such as ours. The Gathering was held inconjunction with the 42ndManagement Board hostedby CYTA. This highly successful event brought over 150participants from 47 companies to share knowledge andcelebrate our 20thAnniversary.The main theme for this Gathering was ‘ETIS 20thAnniversary – Innovative use of IT in Telcos’.Thecommon session focused on the main events thathave led to the marriage of Telecommunicationsand Information Technology during the past 20years. This served as a stepping stone for the next 20years where telecommunications will be embeddedin the environment and IT will be part of manyobjects, creating an intelligent, aware and responsiveenvironment. Keynote presentations were made byvarious speakers outlining their vision for the next 5years in different market places. These presentationsreally conveyed the message pertinent to our maintheme.For the rest of our two days in Paphos, dedicatedparallel sessions were held for our Information Security,Enterprise Architecture, Billing, Procurement & VendorManagement, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse,and Customer Self-Service Working Groups. A specialETIS Veterans Group meeting was also organised forthe anniversary. The Gathering also encompassed aCIO Stream which focused on sharing knowledge onour members’ mid to long-term IT strategies whilstlooking deeper into the IT road-maps, managing IT &network resources, the business value of IT and IT costcutting strategies and scenarios. The workshop allowedparticipants to discuss ongoing strategic IT challenges ina trusted environment.The ETIS Gathering dinner was held at the AphroditeHill Courtyard garden where we were able to experiencefirst hand the Cypriot hospitality with the traditionaldances, performed by the CYTA folkloric dance groupand above all share the wonderful ambiance which waspresent during this dinner.The Gathering was, once more, an ideal opportunity forall Members, Associates, Partners and Working Groupsto meet each other and gain first hand experience fromall involved and share knowledge.Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you for yourhospitality last week at the ETIS event. It was one of thebest events I’ve ever attended, in terms of content andorganisation, so please pass on my thanks to the widerETIS team.Benoit Godenir, IT Transformation Strategy, BelgacomI should like to express my appreciationfor the warm hospitality that You and the ETISOrganisation extended to me, my wife and to the otherETIS Veterans. I was very pleased to attend the ETIS20thAnniversary since this event provided me with thewelcome opportunity to meet many ETIS friends withwhom I worked initially to set up the ETIS Foundation,in 1991 in Budapest, and afterward to contributetowards the development of the Organisation whichnow, thank to the effective work of the present ETISManagement, is considerably expanded and perceivedas one of the key Organisation in the telecommunicationcommunity.Vincenzo Randazzo, Former ETIS Chairman &Telecom ItaliaThe conference was indeed an outstanding success: interms of organisation, hospitality and the technicalcontent of the presentations and working groups. I am sopleased to see that the organisation I started has grownso much and is so successful.Dr John Spackman, ETIS Founder & Former Directorof Computing & Information Services for BTIt was a great event. I enjoyed the format, the discussionopenness and the networking with many participants.”Olivier Colinet, Enterprise Engineering Director, GoogleETIS Community Gathering 201110 11Tora Tenden, ETIS Chairman, introducing the 20 yearanniversay bookletETIS Events ETIS EventsETIS Veterans reunite at the 20 year anniversayETIS Gathering speakers from Telecom Italia,CYTA, ETIS and GoogleAndreas Asimomitis, OTE & ETIS Council Memberengaging the common session panelThe Gala drinks reception in the Olive Courtyard
  9. 9. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012For me it is always an invaluable source of knowledgeand pleasure to attend the ETIS CIO ExecutiveWorkshops, because through exchanging of informationbetween top IT professionals provides fertile ground forlearning about multitude of approaches to InformationSystems management in the telecom area.Andreas AsimomitisOTE - ETIS Council MemberCIO Executive Forum13from 15 companies such as A1 Telekom Austria,Belgacom, Boston Consulting Group, Innatura, CYTA,Deutsche Telekom, Google, IBM, IPsoft, KPN, OTE, SlovakTelekom, Telecom Italia, TeliaSonera and TNO.The Workshop focused on sharing knowledge on ourmembers’ mid to long-term IT strategies whilst lookingdeeper into the following topics: Target roadmap 5 year vision for IT Managing IT Network Resources How to measure business value from IT How to reduce IT spending if revenue drops sharplyThe various roundtable sessions generated a lot ofinteresting discussions and a lot was learned from themembers’ practical experiences on these topics.IT Applications TransformationPlans SurveyDuring the first part of 2012 the CIO Executive Forumconducted an ‘IT Applications Transformation Plans2012’ Survey that was designed to provide an overviewof what our members have done or are doing totransform their IT applications and systems. This willbe a starting point for tracking the IT applicationstransformation progress over time as has been donewith the NGN Survey conducted in 2011. This will alsohelp our members to identify common interests in areasof development, cut-backs, investments and retirementplans that may be visible through the survey’s results.The results of the survey included topics such as main ITgoals, transformation of IT Application road-maps, mainsoftware and service suppliers and some informationabout IT CAPEX/OPEX related to IT applicationtransformation.CIO Executive ForumCIO Executive Forum12In response to the critical issues facing the CIOs in theTelecom industry ETIS launched the CIO Executive Forum.The CIO Executive Workshop series has been runningsince 2003 and is one of the cornerstones of ETIS. Theforum provides a unique opportunity for CIOs from thetelecommunication providers, to share knowledge andexperiences, and to discuss the current challenges, such asthe use of IT to enable real transformation of companies.CIO Workshop – A1 Telekom Austria, ViennaThe 13th ETIS CIO Executive Workshop covered the topicof ’IT Implications of Product Portfolio Management’. TheWorkshop was hosted by A1 Telekom Austria in Viennaon 27 May and was attended by 21 participants from10 companies such as A1 Telekom Austria, Belgacom,Deutsche Telekom, KPN, Oger Telecom, OTE, SlovakTelekom, TDC, Telecom Italia and TeliaSonera.The goal of the workshop was to look at how tooptimise the Product Portfolio Management inTelcos and how a better co-operation betweenbusiness and IT can contribute to the success. Someof the topics covered were: Product Portfolio Management Active Product Portfolio Rationalisation Building and Managing an NGN Product Portfolio Improving co-operation between business and ITThere was a very productive session which showedthat the members have many common challengesbut also many different approaches towards productportfolio management. We have seen the budgets anddecision making process coming from different partsof the organisation in different companies. Many ofthe members have opted for a more cross-functionalapproach where the network, IT and marketing peoplework together on the product portfolio managementprocess together.CIO Stream – ETIS Gathering, CyprusThe ETIS Community Gathering 2011 hosted by ETIS inCyprus, featured a one and a half day CIO ExecutiveForum. The Workshop was attended by 22 participantsCIO Executive Workshop hosted by A1 Telekom Austria in ViennaTora Tenden, ETIS Chairman, with the CYTA participants to the CIOExecutive Workshop hosted in Cyprus during the GatheringSome Members of the CIO Executive Forum networkingafter the Workshop in Vienna
  10. 10. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Information Security WGAnti-Spam Co-operation Groupone to track the evolution of the security landscapeand adoption of best practices. This is now a ‘living’Benchmark that is continually evolving and adapting itsthemes and KPIs according to our members’ needs andwe hope it will continue to serve our members for manyyears to come.This report will provide you with an in-depth look atthe security of your enterprise environment. It showswhere our members perform well and can be used toidentify where improvements could result in substantialvalue in terms of savings in resources expended,increased performance and the benefits gained from theintroduction of the Information Security best practices.ETIS Anti-Spam Co-operation GroupThe objective of this working group is to reduce theamount of spam and spam related threats on ourmembers’ networks. This is done by sharing bestpractices and experiences as well as via feedback loopsand trusted abuse desk partnerships.The current members of this group are Belgacom, KPN,Telenor, TDC, Telecom Italia, A1 Telekom Austria, BT,Telefonica, Slovak Telekom, Fastweb, Deutsche Telekomand Turk Telekom. The Chairman of the group is SergioFormicola from Telecom Italia and the Vice Chair of thegroup is Helge Aksdal from Telenor.The Anti-Spam Co-operation Group had two meetingsduring the reporting period:1. 15-16 September 2011 hosted by Swisscom in Zurich,Switzerland2. 8-9 March 2012 hosted by ENISA in Crete, GreeceDuring the past year the members of the ETIS Anti-SpamCo-operation Group, started to formulate ideas on aproject which would help reduce the spam volume ofincoming mail streams by optimising existing data andresources. Led by KPN and TDC the basic idea was toutilise the data each ISP has on the spam being sent toeach other to create statistics and identify the sendingculprits on each other’s networks resulting in a feedbackloop. Our members are actively exchanging informationvia this feedback loop. This project is being run with thesupport of Return Path.ETIS EU CERT Telco NetworkIn January 2012, our members met to discuss thecreation of an ‘EU CERT Telco Network’. The meetingwas hosted by Belgacom in Brussels and was attendedby 14 participants from companies such as A1 TelekomAustria, Belgacom, Deutsche Telekom, KPN, SlovakTelekom, TDC, Swisscom and Elion.CERT stands for ‘Computer Emergency Response Team’and the purpose of this meeting was to see how the EUTelcos are running their CERTs. The group also exploredhow the CERTs can co-operate across borders and theydecided to establish an EU wide Telco CERT Network.The main focus of the group will be to share theirhoney-pots and feedback loops as well as set up realtime communications between the CERTs.Information Security WG in front of the new A1Telekom Austria logo in ViennaInformation SecurityInformation Security WG14 15The role of the Information Security Working Group(ISWG) is to share knowledge and experiences amongmembers concerning Information Security and relatedmatters and, when relevant, provide requirements tothe industry. The group is the only Information Securitygroup in Europe to concentrate on the telecom market.The Chairman of the working group is Andy DePetter from Belgacom and the Vice Chairs are GoranLaxen from TeliaSonera, Johan Bakker from KPN andKrzysztof Mueller from Telekom Austria. The groupheld three physical meetings during the reportingperiod.The first Information Security meeting was hosted bySlovak Telekom in Bratislava on 5-6 May 2011. Some ofthe topics covered were: ETIS Common Security KPIs Telco Security Co-operation Cloud services and Security issues Telco Security Architecture + Infrastructure Telco Security RequirementsThe 2ndmeeting was hosted on 13-14 October 2011 inCyprus during the ETIS Community Gathering. Some ofthe topics covered were: Information Security Governance – Methods procedures EU Directive 2002 58 EG Incident Response Resilience Digital Natives and new Gadgets! ETIS Common Security KPIsThe 3rdmeeting was hosted by A1 Telekom Austria inVienna on 2-3 February 2012. Some of the topics coveredwere: Incident Response Resilience NGN – Managing Security Risk Vulnerability Security Strategy Data Privacy Data Retention ETIS Security KPIsInformation Security Benchmark 2012Now in its fourth year, this ETIS Information SecurityBenchmark is motivated by the fact that there are few,if any, Telco specific security benchmarks representingthe European Telco landscape. Between 2009 and 2012the Benchmark has incorporated a total of 16 EuropeanTelecom providers, many of which are now repeatparticipants. This continuity lends even more valueto the Benchmark results as it allows a good degreeof comparability with the previous years and enablesIn times where cyber crime is a burgeoning industry and can no longer be considered as just irritating, theISWG offers a unique platform to openly discuss concrete telco security issues and proven best practices. I haven’tseen any other group which is so open to share, and discuss on a wide variety of topics related to InformationSecurity. Moreover, participation in the Information Security benchmark has proven to considerably attractmanagement attention for Information Security!Andy De Petter,Belgacom - Information Security WG ChairmanAnti-Spam Co-operation Group meeting hosted by ENISA in CreteInformation Security Benchmark Workshop participantsat TNO in Delft
  11. 11. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Customer Self-ServiceCustomer Self-Service WGThe objective of the working group is to exchangeknowledge about Customer Self-Service strategies andsolutions in order to enable ETIS members to succeedwith their Customer Self-Service business objectives.The Chairman of the Group is Gunter Fritsche, DT, andthe Vice Chairs positions are held by Frank Timmermans,KPN and Markus Eberhard, Swisscom.The group aims to provide the following: Overview of e-Strategy The ETIS CSS quarterly survey Self-Service Solutions Using New and Social Media to drive growth Design for CSS solutions from a user perspectiveOne of the most valuable outputs of the CustomerSelf-Service working group has been its quarterlybenchmarking survey. This survey provides its usersimportant feedback on how they are performingcompared with their peers in the Telco industry andinsights based on different performances.CSS Working Group MeetingsDuring the reporting period the CSS WG had threemeetings:The first meeting was hosted by Deutsche Telekomon 16-17 June 2011, in Berlin. The main topics in theagenda were: Social Media Activities Marketing Campaigns Co-creation Crowd-sourcing Net Promoter ScoreThe second meeting took place during the ETISCommunity Gathering 13-14 October 2011 in Paphos.Topics covered in the agenda were: Order Process Conversion Rates Self-Service Transactions Voice of Customer Online Answers Increased FindabilityThe third meeting was held in Brussels, hosted byBelgacom on 15-16 March 2012, where the main focuswas on: Portal Convergence Social Sales Chat Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search EngineOptimisation (SEO) Self - Repair Customer Recognition Customer Behaviour Customer Journey.Billing Revenue ManagementBilling Revenue Management WG16 17The objective of the ETIS Billing Revenue ManagementWorking Group (WG) is to share knowledge and bestpractices on the latest Billing challenges, opportunitiesand strategies as well as the main business driversinfluencing the Telcos billing environment. Morerecently the group is covering revenue management andbilling fraud issues as well. The group is also responsiblefor maintaining the ETIS Electronic Billing Standards.The Billing Revenue Management WG had twomeetings during this reporting period. The first meetingtook place during the ETIS Community Gathering held inCyprus on 13-14 October 2011. Some of the main topicscovered were: Telco Billing Strategies Billing Beyond Telecoms M2M billing challenges Billing of Cloud Services Billing AnalyticsThe second Billing Group took place in Bern, Switzerlandwhich was kindly hosted by Swisscom on 19-20 April.The meeting was attended by 21 people from companieslike Swisscom, OTE, Deutsche Telekom, Turk Telekom,Turkcell, Vimpelcom, Matrix Software, Comarch, OrgaSystems, NSN, Ericsson and Billing Views.The goal of the meeting was to discuss how currentbilling challenges, opportunities, strategies andbusiness drivers influencing the billing environment.Some of the topics covered during the meeting were:Billing Transformation Strategies, Smart Charging, BillPresentment Strategies, Policy Management, Real-timebilling analytics, BSS Consolidation and Cloud BillingServices.The group conducted a billing tools and applicationssurvey among its members which will run until the nextmeeting in October. The group also decided to renamethe group to ‘Billing Revenue Management WorkingGroup’ as the scope of interest and discussions goes wellbeyond pure billing.Apostolos Tsakas from OTE is the Chairman of the groupand Christian Miciecki from Swisscom has been electedas a new Vice Chair of the Group. Gottfried Marschitzfrom A1 Telekom Austria continues to act as one of theVice Chairs as well.CSS Working Group hosted by Belgacom in BrusselsBilling Revenue Management Working Group hosted by Swisscom in BernThe time when billing solely aimed at the generation of accurate, transparent, readable and thus easilyunderstandable bills for the customers, has long passed. Nowadays, billing encompasses a broad range of conceptsand functionalities varying from the application of simultaneous complex discounting schemes and allowanceseither on a prepaid or a postpaid basis, to the implementation of rigorous reconciliation controls that assurerevenues. On top of that, in these times of economic crisis, billing becomes a pillar of paramount importance,as an activity that not only manages but also generates revenue by being the face of the company towards thecustomer, either through the dispatch of a postpaid bill or through the provision of real-time services directly tocustomer such as cost policy control, balance inquiry, balance transfer etc. To us, therefore, the billing andrevenue management professionals, participating in ETIS is all about sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas andcomparing experiences, in order to identify the best practices as well as to explore new concepts regarding billingand revenue management processes.Apostolos A. Tsakas,OTE - Billing WG ChairmanWith the support of the excellent knowledge within ourETIS CSS working group, Swisscom was able to significantlyincrease our self-service channel share.We were able tochallenge our ideas with senior experts in our industry,also we adapted successful approaches of our peers to ourbusiness and last but not least we learned from unsuccessfulapproaches of others and so did not copy mistakes and savedotherwise lost investments.Markus Eberhard,Vice-chair, Swisscom
  12. 12. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012TeBIT Benchmarking Study WGEnterprise ArchitectureEnterprise Architecture WG18 19The objective of the Enterprise Architecture WorkingGroup is to seek to identify and share best practices in thedevelopment and use of Enterprise Architectures in thebusiness context of its members.Working Group MeetingsThe EA working group is chaired by Benoit Godenir,Belgacom with Lage Eriksson, TeliaSonera and OliverHöft DT / Detecon as Vice-Chairs. The EA working grouphad three meetings during the reporting period and twosub-group meetings related to the project ‘Agile ProductLife-cycle Management’, hosted by ETIS and Belgacom.The ETIS EA working group is one of the largest ETISworking groups with more than 80 people on theparticipants list from more than 30 companies. Theaverage numbers of participants at the meetings areapproximately 25 members from 12-15 companies.The main topic this period has been to follow up theAgile-PLM project run by Belgacom, TeliaSonera, KPN andOTE as a core-team with support of 10 other membersduring the physical meetings. Two vendors have beeninvited to each meeting as input for the RFI which wasdistributed to 8 pre-selected vendors from which 5responded within the deadline.The first EA Working Group meeting within the reportingperiod was hosted by TeliaSonera in Stockholm 10-11 June2011. Business Architecture was presented by The OpenGroup, what it is, what belongs to it and how can weget closer to it. Service Oriented Architecture referencearchitecture based on Gartner research and how toevolve to a service portfolio plan, adding TeliaSonera’sexperiences was also presented followed by projectsuccess stories within the Assurance domain and BusinessTransformation.The main topics for the second EA Working Groupmeeting in Cyprus 13-14 October were: Report from the ‘Service Assurance’ survey carried outearly October 2011 New business models related to the Utility Industry andto Cloud Services Inventory Identity ManagementThe third EA Working Group meeting was hosted byTurkcell in Istanbul on 1-2 March 2012. The group decidedat the last meeting to follow-up and dig deeper into somemain areas like Service Oriented Architecture, Identity Access Management and Cloud Services, which were doneon top of finalising the ETIS Agile-PLM RFI document.At each meeting the group always invite the host topresent their company and main challenges related toEnterprise Architecture like Governance, finance, co-operation with the business etc. This session is very muchappreciated by the working group members as well asthe open session where members can share and discuss allkind of challenges related to Enterprise Architecture.The need for TOGAF training seems to be fulfilled so noTOGAF training was offered in this period.Each year ETIS carries out a Telecommunications ITBenchmarking Survey called TeBIT for it’s members whichaims at analysing the cost of leading European telcos as wellas potential relations between business, IT figures and theirdrivers.The survey allows our members to compare their owneffectiveness and efficiency with others and also providesan opportunity for the exchange of information on thebusiness drivers and IT strategies with peers in othermember companies.Since 2010 ETIS is co-operating with The Boston ConsultingGroup, in order to provide a deep dive analysis on IT Coststructure and the provisioning and activation process as aspecial topic.In 2011 the participants were the following membercompanies: Belgacom, Croatian Telecom, CYTA, eircom,Elion, Fastweb, KPN, OTE, Slovak Telekom, Telecom Italia,TeliaSonera and Vivacom.Overview of TeBIT 2011:The companies were identified on a basis of servicesprovision or maturity of the markets they are operating in.The main findings revealed that IT units are well prepared tosupport the business in current challenging times. The stepsthey are taking appear to be well prepared and well timed,putting telcos on the path to greater savings and moreefficient processes.Some general observations included: Aggressive IT Cost Reduction in mature markets Large Operators hardly benefit from their scale Majority of Telcos was able to manage IT Opex in linewith revenue development or even better Higher IT Opex does not necessarily translate into betteroperational efficiency Operators spend largest share of IT Opex on Sales OrderTeBIT does not just track IT expenses but looks at how theybreak down over various categories, how they compare torevenues and other expenses and how spending patternsand strategies have evolved.The full results of the report were distributed only amongthe participating telcos. An executive report includingmajor findings and members interviews was published anddistributed to all ETIS members under the title: “TeBIT 2011:Telco IT Units Did Their Homework”TeBITBenchmarking StudyEA Working Group hosted by Turkcell in IstanbulWe see now our ETIS members accelerating the transformation of their business towards a convergence ofservices offered to the customer. Their strategy is to combine the traditional Telco fixed and mobile componentswith multimedia content and cloud-based ICT. Partnership will be a key element to speed-up such businessevolution. The EAWG keeps looking at the impact to the Enterprise Architecture from various aspects.Benoit Godenir,Belgacom - Enterprise Architecture WG Chairman
  13. 13. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Business Intelligence Data WarehouseBusiness Intelligence Data Warehouse WGThe BIDW Working Group is a network of experts fromthe Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse areaamong the ETIS members. The objective of the groupis to drive business value and exchange knowledge inthe Business Intelligence Data Warehouse area whilstinnovating the Business Intelligence field.The Working Group is used as a forum for sharingcompetence and expertise. By sharing experience inactual case studies and best practices the workinggroup members will be able to progress and learnfrom each other. The working group is also used as aforum for presenting, discussing and evaluating newtrends, technology and applications within the area.Jan Frändegård from TeliaSonera is the Chairman ofthe Group and Nikos Karagiannidis from OTE is the ViceChair.The BIDW WG meeting had 2 meetings during thereporting period.The first meeting was hosted during the ETIS CommunityGathering in Cyprus on 13-14 October 2011.Some of the topics covered were: Data Management Data Warehouse Solutions Agile BI Development BI Organisation Strategies and PerformanceMeasurement Real Time BI AnalyticsThe second Business Intelligence Data WarehouseWorking Group meeting was hosted in Vilnius by theBaltic Data Center on 29-30 March 2012. The meetingwas attended by 21 people from companies likeTeliaSonera, OTE, Deutsche Telekom, Baltic Data Center,EMT, TEO, Omnitel, Lattelecom, Fastweb, QlikView andSybase.The goal of the meeting was to discuss how to drivebusiness value and exchange knowledge in the businessintelligence data warehouse area whilst innovatingthe BI field. The group also discussed: BI Architecture Blueprints In memory and real time analytics BI best practices KPIs BI applications survey results.Procurement VendorManagementProcurement Vendor Management WG20 21The objective of the working group is to shareexperience within the procurement and vendormanagement area and to further explore commoninterest areas to determine the best practice withinGovernance of Vendors and, based on commonexperience and findings, deliver common work tools toenhance the work in each company.The PVM Working Group is chaired by Mats Lundin,TeliaSonera with Piet van Heiningen, KPN as Vice-Chair.The group would like to thank Candan Asil, Turkcell forhis engagement in this group as a vice-chair for manyyears. The PVM group is a small but very active workinggroup with the following telcos as the main drivers thisperiod: TeliaSonera, Belgacom, Swisscom, A1 TelekomAustria, Lattelecom and CYTA.One of the main tasks this fiscal year for the PVM grouphas been to develop an ‘ETIS Contract Item Tool box’by gathering the best contract clauses and make themavailable for the group. The work has been led by SigitaJanvare, Lattelecom.The group held three meetings during the reportingperiod and one sub-group meeting on ‘SustainableSupply Chain’ led by Swisscom. The first meeting washosted by Belgacom in Brussels on 19-20 May 2011.Some of the key topics addressed were: Supplier overview – IT and Network Vendor Performance Management Tool Sustainable Supply Chain Asset ManagementThe second meeting was hosted during the ETISCommunity Gathering in Cyprus 13-14 October 2011and the group used the opportunity to meet withother groups like Enterprise Architecture. The ETISProcurement Benchmark 2011 was also presented anddiscussed among other issues like ‘Beyond Kraljik andMaverick’ buying, both presented by Belgacom.The third meeting was hosted by TeliaSonera inStockholm 16-17 February 2012. Some of the key topicsaddressed were: Vendor Management with focus on License Supplieroverview KPIs – The group decided to go further with the KPIactivity to verify if they have some common KPIs toreport on Category Management – how to get approval andhow to implement Category CouncilThe ‘ETIS Contract Item Tool box’ has greatly progressedduring this period but still some work remains. Thegroup sees this as an important task which will befinalised during 2012.The BIDW working group brings together a network of real specialists within the area. How systems are built,software and licenses are used, strategies and the value it brings are extremely valuable to all the participants.Jan Frändegård,BIDW WG ChairmanThis year has been challenging in the respect of with many organisational changes in the members’ Procurementorganizations and less participation overall compared to previous years. However, we have had an excellent co-operationbetween the members and we have taken some steps forward in deliverables. During the Board meeting at the lastGathering we also created an initiative open up cross functional possibilities with what the other groups are working on.There is still room for more ETIS members to join the PVM working group to extend the knowledge and creation of newdeliverables of value for all.Mats Lundin,TeliaSonera - PVMWG ChairmanPVM Working Group hosted by Lattelecom in RigaBIDW WG meeting hosted by Baltic Data Center and TEO in Vilnius
  14. 14. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012Information ServicesInformation ServicesInformation Services22 23One of the main responsibilities of the Central Office isthe development and continual improvement of ETISInformation Services. Our information services can bedivided into 4 main sections: ETIS Website ETIS Members’ Corner e-telit Newsletter e-telit news portalThe ETIS Website is our corporate website whichcontains public information on all of our workinggroups, activities, events, members and news.The new ETIS Members Corner was launched inFebruary 2011 and the goal of the new site was to takeadvantage of web 2.0 technology, social networking andcollaboration tools in order to build a new and improvedETIS website and Members’ Corner. Some of the newfeatures are a fresh design, discussion forums and wikiswith automatic email alerts, in-depth search engine(in files), membership overview function, more visibleprofiles, possibility to favourite documents and links toother social media outlets like LinkedIn and twitter.By introducing these new technologies to our Members’Corner we have created a new and improved websitethat aims to encourage more openness and sharingof information online and in between the physicalmeetings.The Central Office also developed a dynamic e-telitNews Portal that takes advantage of the latest socialmedia and content aggregation technology to provideupdated and relevant industry news to our memberswhilst creating a promotional space to promote ourmembers, media partners sponsors at the same time.The page contains a mix of self-updating news RSSfeeds, tweets, blogs, white papers and videos from thetelecom industry, our membership base and ETIS as anorganisation.ETIS WEBSITE STATISTICSWe have been able to measure website traffic since2003. It is clear to see from the following graph that ETISwebsite traffic has increased steadily over the past nineyears. This increase in use is linked to the overall increasein activity that ETIS has seen over the past nine years aswell as augmented marketing and promotional efforts.Links to the ETIS Website and Members’ Corner can alsobe found on many of our members’ corporate intranetsthus helping to spread the ETIS footprint in membercompanies.ETIS also engages in numerous media partnerships withother Telco informations sources and conferences sites.One year later, it could be said that the newMembers’ Corner was a success as the use of ourMembers’ Corner more than tripled during 2011compared to previous years. Our Associate Memberswere also pleased to have access to the e-telit newsportal as a promotional tool.Fred WernerCommunications Programme DirectorETIS Website Statistics - Hits to the ETIS Website 2003 - 2011200310 800200426 900200543 049200662 935200772 7342008103 897200980 446201189.300201087 506ETIS Website Members’ Corner - www.etis.orge-telit news portal -
  15. 15. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012 ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012ETIS Associate MembersETIS Partners24 25ETIS Members
  16. 16. ETIS Annual Report 2011 I 2012About ETISAbout ETISETIS is a membership based organisation which bringstogether the major telecommunications providersin Europe on key information and communicationtechnology issues. What makes ETIS truly unique is thatits’ members share real-world experiences deliveringknowledge and value that goes well beyond thetheoretical models covered in other industry bodies.The mission of ETIS is to enable its members to improvetheir business performance by personal exchange ofinformation on using ICT effectively. ETIS achieves thisby engaging its members in various working groups,sharing best-practices, benchmarking, web-basedinformation services, discussion forums and workshops.ETIS Membership brings a wide range of business benefitssuch as: Expanded business relationships networking Improved strategic decision making cost reduction Sharing knowledge via working groups events Access to best practices benchmarking Access to ETIS Information Services Personal professional developmentETIS currently maintains 9 working groups that are madeup of experts from the member companies who wish toparticipate in them and the associate companies that areinvited to participate. Below is a list of our active workinggroups: Information Security Billing Revenue Management Enterprise Architecture Procurement Vendor Management Business Intelligence Data-warehouse Customer Self-Service TeBIT Benchmarking Study CIO Executive Forum Anti-Spam Co-operation GroupETIS also regularly organises Conferences and Workshops onkey topics of IT practice in telcos and invites acknowledgedexperts and managers from the industry to present theirviews.26Sharing knowledge is our strength...Using it is yours...