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Animals groups Animals groups Presentation Transcript

  • 4th Primary 2011-2012
  • It’s a domestic animal. It lives in the house.The dog eats bones. It’s brown. It has gotfour legs, small ears and small tail. Leonia Balde Bari
  • It lives in the forest. The bear is carnivore. Beareats plants, fish and meat. Bears’ colour is brown.The bear has got a big body and small nose. Bianca Adamache View slide
  • Lion is a wild animal. It lives in the grasslands.It’s a carnivore. Lion eats animals.It’s got four legs and two eyes.Lion is yellow and brown.The lion has got a long tail. Leonia Balde Bari View slide
  • The rabbit lives in the farm.It is a herbivore animal. Rabbit eats carrots andcabbage. Rabbit’s colour is black, white and grey.Rabbit is small and has got long ears and a shorttail. Bianca Adamache
  • Penguin lives in the Pole. The penguin is a wild animal.It eats fish. It is a carnivore.The penguin is small. The penguin is black and white.  Alejandro Pereira
  • EagleThe eagle is a bird. The eagle has got two legs andtwo wings and a big beak.The eagle can fly. Birdsare vertebrate. Eagles lay eggs and have gotfeathers. Alejandro Pereira
  • GoldfishThe goldfish is a fish. The goldfish lays eggs. It hasgot bones, scales, fins and gills. And the fish arevertebrates. Leonia and Bianca
  • It’s a tortoise. The tortoise lays eggs and tortoisehas four legs.The tortoise is a vertebrate and the tortoise iscold-blooded. The tortoise has a shell. Alejandro Pereira
  • Snake is a reptile animal. Snakes lay eggs. Snake isvertebrate.Snakes breath with their lungs. Snakes are cold-blooded. Snakes have scales. Snakes don’t have legsthey have tail. Bianca Adamache
  • The turtle is a vertebrate animal.The turtle has a shell. The turtle lays eggs.Turtles breath with their lungs.Turtles are cold-blooded. Leonia Balde Bari
  • Lizard is a reptile and lizards are vertebrateanimals. The lizard has scales and lizards lay eggs.Lizards have got lungs. Lizards are cold-blooded. Alejandro Pereira
  • The ladybird is a herbivore animal. She is an insect.Ladybirds lay eggs. The ladybird has six legs, twoantennae and wings. She has three parts: thorax,abdomen and head. Ladybirds are invertebrateanimals. Ladybird colour is red, black and orange. Bianca Adamache
  • Butterfly is an insect. Insects lay eggs.It has got two antennae, four wings and six legs.Insects are small.Insects have got thorax and abdomen. Leonia Balde Bari
  • SalamanderThe salamander is an amphibian. Salamander hasgot four legs. They lay eggs in the water. Thesalamender tadpoles come out of the eggs.Salamanders have got a long tail. Thesalamanders are vertebrates. Alejandro y Leonia
  • ToadToad is a vertebrate animal. Toads lay eggs. Toads eat insects.They are cold blooded. Toads have got four legs. The colour isgreen or brown. Bianca