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Bssb Boonah Workshop 2
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Bssb Boonah Workshop 2


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Boonah Sustainability Workshop 2 Bringing Local Business and Economy Home
    • 2. … . Thank you BSSB partners, supporters, funders, mentors, workshop participants
    • 3. Bringing Local Business and Economy Home What we’ll explore tonight:
      • The local business and economic landscape in the community and region
      • Globalisation and localisation
      • Relationships and collaboration – beyond marketing to meaningful relationships
      • Sufficiency – living within our means
    • 4. The local business and economic landscape in the community and the shire Let’s write our own story…
      • What’s coming down the line at you and your business – a mini map
      • What are our local/regional conditions and context – A SWOT discussion
      • Working with key guides and strategies:
      • - Boonah Rural Futures Plan
      • - Beaudesert Economic Development Plan
      • - Other?
      • Where are our local leverage points?
    • 5. Globalisation and Localisation
      • Two potential pathways:
      • - Centralised globalised economy
      • - Localised, decentralised enterprise and community
      • The Greening of Globalisation
      • Benefits and pitfalls of globalisation and localisation for us and our region
    • 6. Relationships and Collaboration
      • Business networks, colleagues and peers – building a local business community (alliances vs competition)
      • Staff, customers, guests, local government and beyond
    • 7. Sufficiency – Living Within Our Means
      • The Earth’s carrying capacity – limited resources
      • Climate change and peak oil as drivers for change
      • The place of enterprise
      • Shifting economic pictures – from endless growth to stable state to
      • down powering
      • Quality of life and wellness are important measures too
    • 8. Reflection and Action
      • What did you do over the past four weeks?
      • What will you bring your attention to over the next four weeks?
    • 9.
      • “ When human behaviour and climate go haywire together, it is a most disturbing thing – it breaks your heart and mind together. A long drought with a long war, shortage of water and not enough mercy, mad winds and mass mindedness – these things in unison can tear the plot right out of your grasp. This is how you lose the plot: the living coherent story about sanity and nature – the reliable narrative by which we cobble together some sense of ourselves and all that whirls around us.
      • … Life is strange enough at the best of times, and making sense of it is not easy. Sometimes, however, life’s absurdity is simply a gift that we might gladly and humbly accept – a form of holy communion…” Michael Leunig, Sept 2006