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Doctor patient nurse jokes
Doctor patient nurse jokes
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Doctor patient nurse jokes


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  • 1. Doctor Patient Nurse JokesOf all the types of jokes, the doctor, patient and nurse jokes are the funniestand most hilarious because everyone can identify with them, though most ofthem are cliches.Patient and Nurse JokeNurse: You can book an appointment with the doctor only next week bypaying 200$. He is in high demand now.Patient: But I might be dead by then.Nurse: Oh, dont worry. We will refund 50 percent of the advance if youcancel the appointment.AmusingDentist: Stop screaming, I havent even started pulling out your teeth.Patient: Yes, but can you please get off my foot.The stupid docDoctor: From the look of your eyes, it appears as if you are suffering fromcataract and also jaundice.Patient: You are looking at my glass eye. Please look in to the other one.The Clever PatientDoctor: You would have almost been dead if not for your regular workoutswhich helped you keep fit.Patient: Okay doctor, but please remember this when making the bill.The PsychiatristPatient to psychiatrist: I am having lots of hallucinations.Psychiatrist: Dont worry, you are just imagining it.Hilarious Dentist JokeSalesman enters the dentists office and said: I want to rent advertisingspace on your ceiling.Husband, Wife and the DoctorWife: Doctor, my husband thinks that he is a dog.Doctor: Thats no problem. Ask him to come over here and sit on the couch.Husband: But I am not allowed to.Innocent KidKid: Doctor, when I get well will I be able to play the guitar?
  • 2. Doctor: Yes, of course.Kid: Thats cool. I have never played the guitar before.Silly PatientDoctor to his overweight patient: "What is the least you have everweighed?"Patient: 7 pounds and 2 ounces, when I was born.The grateful patientA patient parked his new luxury car outside the clinic and entered thedoctors office. He said, "Thanks doctor for the treatment"Doctor: But you are not my patient".Patient: "Yes, but my late grandfather was".Silly DocPatient: I am very nervous, this is my first operation.Doctor: Same pinch!The cure for amnesiaThe doctor finally found a cure for short term amnesia but forgot what itwas.The doctors billDoctor: Tell me your medical history completely to me. To begin with, youcan start by telling me if you pay your medical bills promptly.