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  • 1. annah 7-Mar-2012 12:36:44 PM UTCwalks into a pub with his guide dog, he picks up his dog and starts swinging him over his head the barwas doing he replied and said im just looking aroundanonymous): 7-Mar-2012 01:40:16 AM UTC noisy pepper do? Get Jalipenio bissness. d the kidRayzor: 7-Mar-2012 01:12:20 AM UTC s one day an my teacher pointed a ruler at me and said: There is an idoit an the end of this ruler on when I asked which end.anonymous): 6-Mar-2012 16:35:28 PM UTC then no one can!
  • 2. anonymous): 6-Mar-2012 14:08:53 PM UTCat do you call a gay boy?at never lies: Elro?he goon: 6-Mar-2012 13:04:37 PM UTCmanMukta karmarkar: 6-Mar-2012 10:49:07 AM UTCan comes to Indiaan to teach Indian languagene ke ya , mane ke yaembered oranjan ke liyeembered calo what is left i will teach you later]olony there accident occured so police asks him dkhin kisne kiyane kiya mane kiya ye kiya anoranjan ke liya keyame chalohalo,chalo
  • 3. manisgrandma: 6-Mar-2012 09:19:30 AM UTCdoes a cow make with no lips?..... ooooooo! slowtalian boy: 6-Mar-2012 09:00:59 AM UTCborn to early but my father was too slow."crying"keElisio: 5-Mar-2012 22:44:14 PM UTCf bee gives milk?ent is auto-flagged due to some words in it~Elaina~: 5-Mar-2012 19:45:25 PM UTC
  • 4. exicans favorite thing to steal from Walmart?e patch doll... Because it comes with a birth certificate and I.d...ke~Elaina~: 5-Mar-2012 19:42:58 PM UTCall someone who stepped in poop?...an joke!~Elaina~: 5-Mar-2012 19:40:48 PM UTCall a bunch of high Mexicans?...s.ent is auto-flagged due to some words in it kBob: 5-Mar-2012 15:17:54 PM UTC.
  • 5. not to talk to strangers.Rain man: 5-Mar-2012 14:46:16 PM UTCgirls in heavenw did you die l i froze everything waz really cold but then it got warm how did u die ll i was sure my husband was cheetin on me so i came home early from work one day and he was sitt in t.v. but i was so sure i ran around the house and checked inb closets and underbeds. then i had a hell if you would have looked in the freezer we both would have been alive!!!!n heavend By: Rai$e your gla$$Posted: 5-Mar-2012 14:48:01 PM UTCne of the girlz a blonde????ent is auto-flagged due to some words in itd BoatsThat George Kid
  • 6. : 5-Mar-2012 14:34:56 PM UTCr about the two boats that crashed, one was carrying Red Paint, the other Brown. The whole crew got Get it?