How to Easily Implement Google Plus Authorship


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This is just a brief slide deck on how to easily put Google plus authorship onto your blog or website. Helping to show the rel=author tag and what needs to be done with your profile.

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How to Easily Implement Google Plus Authorship

  1. 1. How to Easily Implement G+ Authorship Getting the most out of a G+ ProfileFrank ScharnellSEO Strategist, Ethical SEO Consulting @Fscharnell
  2. 2. DOWNLOAD THIS DECK: @Fscharnell
  3. 3. A Brief Overview of Authorship• In short Google + authorship is linking your profile to the content you write.• If you are a blogger this is a must!• Good for increasing CTR• Attractive in the search results• Will have long term affects towardsrankings. @Fscharnell
  4. 4. Short Term Effects of Google + Authorship• Authorship Rich Snippets (increases click through rate)• Growing G+ Profile (linked content will increase followership) @Fscharnell
  5. 5. Long Term Effects of Google + Authorship• Author Rank is the biggest long term factor for authorship, directly affecting search engine results.• Author Rank(AR) will help Google determine higher quality content for the user and rank it higher.• Using both AR and page rank to help better create more accurate rankings for Google’s users.• Filtering the quality content that is useful and the content that might rank well but isn’t as useful will give a better user experience.• Having an active G+ profile and authorship implemented will lead to more success as author rank becomes a factor for ranking.• For More specific information see AJ Kohn’s Author Rank post @Fscharnell
  6. 6. What do I Need to have Authorship? There are 2 things you will need to implement Authorship • A Google Plus profile • Access to your content * Having access to previously posted content can help to increase author rank by claiming previously posted content.@Fscharnell
  7. 7. Authorship: Google + ProfileIf you don’t have a Google Plus profile yet sign up at:• Don’t need a Gmail to sign up• Fill out the profile completely• Your profile pic needs to be at least (250px X 250px) • This will be the picture displayed in search results • Can instantly Change • Must be a picture of your face(no logos) @Fscharnell
  8. 8. 1) Add Contributor Links Creating authorship has two major components to the traditional method. The first component is making sure the blogs you contribute to are listed in the contributor section of your Google +. Located at the bottom it looks like this > Just edit your profile and add you website you contribute to, this will be the homepage that is listed.@fscharnell
  9. 9. 2) rel=author tagOnce you have added your contributor to your Profile you can claimall of your content on the website that you are the author of.The tag on your profile link will look like this:Adding the tag of ?rel=author to the end of your profile about URL willconfirm authorship for any content that you have that link on.In HTML terms it should look like this**You will need to have the link followed so the authorship can beimplemented. @Fscharnell
  10. 10. Completed Authorship Yay! Once you have finish both creating you contributor links and adding rel=author tags to your G+ links on you posts you will start seeing your content have the author snippets. It normally takes a week or so to start seeing the changes in the search results with author pictures.@Fscharnell
  11. 11. Google + AuthorshipIf you have any questions about this process please feel free tocontact us. Or connect with me on Google +For any SEO updates and internet marketing tips checkout ourblog at @Fscharnell