Ether solutions implements WebCenter with e-business


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Ether Solutions implements Oracle WebCenter with Oracle e-Business for customers to provide an integrated solution to handling attachments and approval workflows within e-Business, plus the capability to integrate e-Business functionality with WebCenter Portal pages hence delivering in-context processing.

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Ether solutions implements WebCenter with e-business

  1. 1. Implementing WebCenter with e-Business Ether Solutions are an Oracle Gold Partner WebCenter Specialists Skilled at implementing of WebCenter with e-Business Delivering functionality to create efficient activity for all users Before implementing, Ether Solutions examines the business requirements for integrating WebCenter with e-Business and attempts to discover any additional opportunities where WebCenter Suite could deliver benefits. This presentation covers the functionality and features of the WebCenter with e-Business integration so that suitability can be determined All trademarks acknowledged 1 0845 643 4410
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions? The Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Content Management and Document Scanning Specialists for the UK 2 0845 643 4410
  3. 3. What is WebCenter? Enterprise class suite of products which deliver:  Portal  Document Management  Document Imaging 3 0845 643 4410
  4. 4. WebCenter integration with Oracle e-Business e-Business pages delivering access to documents as attachments e-Business pages linking to invoices or other scanned material with image processing Portal pages presenting e-Business functionality This functionality is sometimes referred to as “ECM for e-Business” The combination is part of the Oracle “Red Stack” The integration is available for multiple versions of e-Business and is standard for the Oracle Fusion version Page: 4 0845 643 4410
  5. 5. Integration delivers : The Right documents to the Right people WebCenter Content delivers enterprise scale document handling Page: 5 0845 643 4410
  6. 6. Integration provides: Iframe Process -Attach document -View document -Remove document -Update document e-business User OHS e-Business App Server e-Business Database Page: 6 OHS WebLogic WebCenter Content WCC Database 0845 643 4410
  7. 7. Oracle integration provides flexibility Within Attachments there are several features: New button – enables a document to be checked in and linked Scan button – invokes the scanning process to link to an image Detach button – removes a link to a document Advanced Search – provides a form to enter search criteria Configure – allows the fields displayed to be selected Page: 7 0845 643 4410
  8. 8. Add documents as e-Business attachments 1. Managed Attachments – New Document 2. Check in document to WebCenter Content 3. Document shown in list of attachments Page: 8 0845 643 4410
  9. 9. Scan documents – WebCenter Capture 1. 2. Check in document to WebCenter Content 3. Page: 9 Direct scanner operation or import scanned image Document shown in list of attachments 0845 643 4410
  10. 10. WebCenter imaging with e-Business Task List and Viewer launched from e-Business to process invoices or other scanned material 10 0845 643 4410
  11. 11. WebCenter imaging with e-Business Image Viewer provides: Annotate documents Mark-ups individually secured No changes to original documents Viewer supports for 400+ file formats 11 0845 643 4410
  12. 12. WebCenter imaging provides workflow Imaging provides: Augmentation of native e-business workflows with exception handling abilities Routed by task assignment to any user inside or outside of e-Business users Automatic rules based reassignment, delegatio n and escalation capability 12 0845 643 4410
  13. 13. WebCenter imaging provides monitoring Imaging provides: Real-time metrics Visibility of in-flight processes at both the individual transaction level and at aggregate level User created dashboards 13 0845 643 4410
  14. 14. WebCenter Portal integrates e-Business WebCenter Portal can integrate: e-Business Web Services –provides a Portal data control integration e-Business Portlets – provides a WSRP integration Delivering e-Business functionality Right where it is needed Page: 14 0845 643 4410
  15. 15. e-Business provides Web Services WebCenter Portal can use “Taskflows” that use Web Services which are generated for e-Business functions Page: 15 0845 643 4410
  16. 16. e-Business generates Portlets WebCenter Portal can use “Pagelet Producer” to create registrations to work with portlets generated by the e-Business Portlet Generator Page: 16 0845 643 4410
  17. 17. WebCenter integration with e-Business Benefits Single source of documents across the enterprise Easily mix scanned images and other documents in e-Business Imaging workflow enables distributed approval processes Expose e-Business functions in-context with Portal presentation 17 0845 643 4410
  18. 18. To discuss an implementation of WebCenter with e-Business Ether Solutions implements WebCenter with e-Business Contact details:   Telephone: 0845 643 4410  18 Email: International +44(0) 208 901 4030 0845 643 4410