Jeffrey Campos - Senior Marketing & Business Development Executive


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Jeffrey Campos is the Managing Partner at Elite Advantage Public Relations, which is a full-service PR consultancy firm based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. As the Managing Partner, he conceives and executes innovative and unique branding or marketing, PR, and business development campaigns for a huge clientele.

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Jeffrey Campos - Senior Marketing & Business Development Executive

  1. 1. Jeffrey Campos - SeniorMarketing & BusinessDevelopment Executive
  2. 2. Jeffrey Campos is the Managing Partner at EliteAdvantage Public Relations, which is a full-servicePR consultancy firm based in Greenwood Village,Colorado. As the Managing Partner, he conceivesand executes innovative and unique branding ormarketing, PR, and business developmentcampaigns for a huge clientele. He is alsoresponsible for creating RFPs and RFIs in order toreceive new engagements not only for EliteAdvantage, but also in support of their clientcompanies.
  3. 3. All the internal operations like contract budgeting,drafting, negotiations, performance analysis, andclient/vendor relationship management aresupervised by him. For reputed clients to gainsuccess in the government contracting process,he leverages an extensive network of state, local,and federal government contacts.Jeffrey Campos,who is a Senior Marketing & BusinessDevelopment Executive, has been in the industryfor more than 20 years.
  4. 4. Being a forward-thinker, pro-active Marketing andBusiness Development Director, he is good atdeveloping partnerships with industry, community,and government leaders who generate revenuewithin a strict market and budgetary constraints.Owing to his immense experience in government &political relations and achievements in seniorleadership positions at various insuranceagencies, PR consulting firms, and communitygroups, he has emerged as a recognized individualwho implements media and public relationsstrategies that play an important role in themarketing of new and established companies andproducts.
  5. 5. He has an expertise in communications strategy,market analysis & penetration, team leadership &development, public speaking & presentations,government & political relations, multi-culturaloutreach, media strategy, sales support, andlegislative advocacy. Even while maintaining anassortment of responsibilities for the companysinternal operations, he made regular efforts to leadthe design and roll-out of the major clientsprojects in areas such as public relations, eventmanagement, business development, andmarketing.
  6. 6. With the help of a single-client business model, hehas been able to develop a huge portfolio ofclients ranging from construction companies andgovernment agencies to nonprofit organizationsand staffing firms. Jeffrey Campos has alsoworked as an Executive Consultant for EliteAdvantage Public Relations, which is a leadingfirm that positions clients to capitalize on changesin business conditions, regulations, anddemographics.
  7. 7. Being an Executive Consultant, he successfullyplayed a prime role in the firms success duringtheir initial days. He served as a primary liaisonand consultant for dns solutions, EliteAdvantage’s first large-scale client. His dedicatedefforts and innovative approach improved dnssolutions annual revenues by 300% during thecourse of the consultancy.
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