New Media & Social Technologies - 3 The Long Tail


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A presentation on the most useful theory of how the Internet changes \"everything,\" The Long Tail.

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New Media & Social Technologies - 3 The Long Tail

  1. The Long Tail IST 400 | New Media & Social Technologies iSchool Syracuse University Eric Hansen |
  2. Outline Forces Behind the Long Tail Lessons by Chapter Two Imperatives Nine Rules
  3. Exercise Think of the mainstream things you like Think of the niche, trendy, obscure things
  4. .com
  5. Forces Behind the LT
  6. Forces Behind the LT Democratize the means of production Camcorders, Laptops, Camera Phones Democratize distribution FedEx, eBay,YouTube Connect supply and demand Google, eBay,, Netflix
  7. Lessons by Chapter
  8. Lessons by Chapter 1. Moving from scarcity to abundance 2. Less hits/ blockbusters and more niches 3. Tracing the LT from catalogs >> online 4. Make it. Release it. Help me find it. 5. Wisdom of crowds/ one size doesn’t fit all
  9. Lessons by Chapter 6. Aggregators rule in a LT economy. 7. P2P influence, pre/ post filters, context lists 8. Economy of abundance 9. “Digital natives” will not kill “the hit.” 10. Infinite choice is good.
  10. Lessons by Chapter 11. Culture = hits + niches; parallel culture 12. Television has the most LT promise 13. Non-media case studies 14. Two imperatives + nine rules
  11. Two Imperatives
  12. Two Imperatives 1. Make everything available. 2. Help me find it.
  13. Nine Rules
  14. Nine Rules Communication strategy version Take advantage of a local and virtual communications workforce. Let internal/ external audiences build creative assets and resources. Distribute your brand/ message in as many ways as possible.
  15. destroyed by allegations of pedophilia. 2 2; Internet Movie Database; Netflix; Wired research Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who's something of a documentary bu!, took this new- found clout to PBS, which had produced Daughter From Danang, a documentary about 4 the children of US soldiers and Vietnamese women. In 2002, the film was nominated Just as lower prices can entice for an Oscar and was named best documentary at Sundance, but PBS had no plans to consumers down the Long Tail, release it on DVD. Hastings o!ered to handle the manufacturing and distribution if recommendation engines drive PBSthem to obscureit available as a Netflix exclusive. Now Daughter From Danang con- would make content they sistently not findin the top 15 on Netflix documentary charts. That amounts to a market might ranks otherwise. of tens of thousands of documentary renters that did not otherwise exist. 4 There are any number of equally attractive genres and subgenres neglected by the
  16. Nine Rules Communication strategy version Make your services/ brand/ message available at an atomic, customizable level. Vary your price/ incentive with each configuration. Share your raw data/ analyses to achieve a competitive advantage.
  17. 1 — product not available in o!ine retail stores (% total sales) 6,100 2,000 1,000 39,000 100,000 200,000 500,000 +
  18. Nine Rules Communication strategy version Use the Internet & technology to reduce the trade-offs you might consider. Release your creative output/ message and then respond to what the market tells you, then adjust. Give something away for free to aggregate a large number of people in a single place.
  19. Thank You
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