iPad Web Development – Some Essential Applications


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iPad web development has become one of the most prominent and popular segment of global eCommerce ecosystem. It has increased the demand of expert iPad web developers, as well. In this piece of write up, we have discussed on some of the necessary applications that can simplify the challenging task of developing iPad website for the programmers.

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iPad Web Development – Some Essential Applications

  1. 1. Page No:- 1 iPad Web Development – Some Essential ApplicationsiPad web development is challenging, but accessibility of certain useful tools and apps bring somerelief and make the task of the iPad developers easier. Some of the useful and essential apps,widely used and acclaimed by the worldwide iPad programmers, are discussed here.MindNodeThis is a powerful mind mapping tool with clutter-freeinterface, allowing you to focus on collecting andimplementing the ideas.It automatically arranges the complicated mind maps andmakes it simpler for understanding and reading.You can generate a new node (connection point, idea) bydragging one idea to the other, thus drawing a line betweenindividual steps and ideas for forming a logical and realisticflowchart of the entire process of development.Its an ideal tool for brainstorming and managing your ideas.You can create multiple nodes in single canvas. It gives anoverall view of your project by showcasing the layout andnotes virtually created by you.The strongest and feature rich version of this tool is iCloud sharing helping your task ofdevelopment easier. iPad Web Development – Some Essential Applications Ethan Samuel
  2. 2. Page No:- 2iMockups for iPad By leveraging this tool, you can delineate the site map/wireframe for the websites or apps youre working. Conceptualized specifically for iPad, it is equipped with an enticing and intuitive interface that can leverage the technology of most advanced touchscreen device. It saves time, keeps you organized by offering various features like tab panels, pickers, navbar, and markup components, complete content generation and editing tools like redo, copy, pages undo, zoom etc. Thelatest version is equipped with bug fixing and increased canvas size.iDrawIt is a powerful and feature richvector editing and drawing toolcreated for iPad.It allows you to bring yourdrawing concepts and work ofart on to the canvas easily andin a highly illustrative manner.The most advanced feature thatmakes it one of the mostillustrative apps, include styleslibrary, SVG imports and exports, color picker, masking, Bezier pen tool, customizable canvastemplates, shadow, pencil and brush tools and many more.The latest version 1.5 is packed with iCoud Syncing, export files to other iPads, PDF imports, SVGimports, Twitter and Facebook sharing with iOS 6 etc.Ego This tool allows you to check and monitor web statistics, important to you. You would be eager to monitor the stats e.g. how many people is following you on twitter and the flow of traffic to your websites. It offers the stats like number of visitors to your website, segregated in monthly, daily, weekly or hourly basis. It frees you from using any other tool and website to track your web performance and other prominent statistics.It offers you a sneak peek of your website with latest updates and stats. It supports Twitter,Google Analytics, Mint and Vimeo. Ego brings all these four tools along with other features. iPad Web Development – Some Essential Applications Ethan Samuel
  3. 3. Page No:- 3SynopsisThese are some of the popular and essential apps, offering ease and flexibility to the iPaddesigners and developers to accomplish the most crucial and complicated iPad application or webdevelopment projects.If you have plans to develop a great iPad website or apps, hire iPad Developers and ensure thatthey are well proficient in using these apps to build a robust and flexible web applications. iPad Web Development – Some Essential Applications Ethan Samuel