gyro Academy 2013 : Spreading UNO Culture via Social Media


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gyro Academy is at the core of gyro's culture. We celebrate creative eclecticism, diversity of ideas, and embrace the potential of every employee to be an agent for change within our global ideas shop.

gyro Academy has the challenge of making all employees feel like the thoughts and strategic direction embodied by the Academy are working throughout the company.

This presentation proposes framework for improving visibility into the 2013 Academy through the use of social media, user generated content, and company-wide collaboration. Through documenting the experience on Twitter and Instagram, displaying them on RebelMouse, and allowing employees across the globe to interact and vote for individual posts, gyro Academy 2013 has the opportunity to make the Academy experience touch every employee around the globe.

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  • gyro Academy 2013 : Spreading UNO Culture via Social Media

    1. 1. Academy 2013 Spreading UNO Culture
    2. 2. Overview • The challenge for gyro Academy in 2013 • The opportunity • The strategy – Visibility – Communication – Participation – Quantification • Next steps
    3. 3. The Challenge • Visibility – As a gyro employee, I have a hard time conceptualizing what the Academy is • There are no published resources describing the Academy experience, and demonstrating why it’s an important part of gyro’s culture • Communication – Employees who are not a part of the Academy only hear from Academy participants after completion – Employees lack line-of-sight into gyro Academy while it happens • Participation – As someone who did not attend the Academy in 2012, the Academy felt like a very distant exercise that did not have much bearing on my day-to-day life
    4. 4. The Opportunity • Raise visibility – Create a set of resources that clearly explains, but also demonstrates, how the Academy is an important part of gyro culture • Improve communication – Use social media to allow Academy participants to create user- generated content about their experience – Allow this user-generated content to act as a window into the experience for non-participant employees • Increase participation – Send out daily summary emails to all gyro employees of the top 3 social media posts from that day at the Academy – Ask employees to vote on their favorites, and share with their networks
    5. 5. The Strategy : Visibility • Create a more in-depth set of resources on talking about the Academy – This content works as a recruiting and thought leadership tool – This content also creates additional resources for prospective Academy attendees to generate excitement and drive application • If we don’t own this SERP real estate, someone else will – E.g. the blog post you’re reading right now ranks #1 for “gyro academy 2013”
    6. 6. The Strategy : Communication • Encourage all employees to become content generators – Employees should be encouraged to Tweet, Instagram, Vine, etc from their personal accounts • Share content across platforms of choice using common hashtags (e.g. #gyroacademy) • Aggregate all shared content into a page in real time:
    7. 7. The Strategy : Participation • Make the Academy experience more inclusive by soliciting feedback from gyro employees across the world – Send a daily company-wide email of the “Today’s Top 3 Moments from gyro Academy” • Embed a SurveyMonkey poll so people can vote on their favorite submission that day • Give a $50 gift card to the best “Caption This” entry for a daily photo from the Academy • Etc. – brainstorm more ideas for inclusion – Encourage people to visit the RebelMouse page for a complete view of all that day’s social media activity – Encourage people to share those social media posts with their own networks
    8. 8. The Strategy : Quantification • Content creation – Create resource center on about the Academy • Analytics – Track RebelMouse page activity during the Academy (Google Analytics) – Track which posts are most popular via social media analytics (SurveyMonkey, TweetReach, etc) – Use top-voted social media content as content generation ideas for the Academy 2014 • Applications – Track the number of applications to the Academy year-over-year as a KPI for these efforts around increasing Academy visibility
    9. 9. Next Steps 1. Select Ethan Hays for the gyro Academy 2013 2. Finish building out the RebelMouse page for the Academy 3. Decide on #hashtag strategy for content aggregation and searchability 4. Work with other Academy attendees to brainstorm ideas for participation and inclusion
    10. 10. THANK YOU!