Under the Umbrella: Understanding Transgenderism


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Under the Umbrella: Understanding Transgenderism

  1. 1. Defining Terms• Gender Identity Male/ Masculine Female/ Feminine• Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Homosexual Bisexual Asexual
  2. 2. IntersectionsGender Identity and Sexual Orientationare different. One is about who we are.The other is about who we want to be inrelationship with.Transgender people can be heterosexual,homosexual, and asexual. Theproportions are about the same as in thecisgender population.
  3. 3. Defining Terms• Gender Non-Conformity• Gender Dysphoria
  4. 4. G ender Nonc onformity Is Not the S ame as G enderDys phoriaGe nd e r no nc o nf o r mit y r f r t t e ees o he t n t w ic ap r o ’sg n e id n it , r l , xe t o h h e s n edr ety oeo e p e s nd f r f o t ec l u a n r s r x r s io if e s r m h u t r l o mp e c ib df rp o l o ap r ic l rs x r s r e o e pe f a t u a e.Ge nd e r d y s p ho r ia r f r t d c m o t r e e s o is o f r od t e st a isc u e b ad c e a c b t e na is r s h t a s d y is r p n y e w ep r o ’sg n e id n it a dt a p r o ’ss x es n edr et y n ht es n ea s n da b t ( n t ea s c t dg n e r l s ig e t ir h a d h s o ia e e d r o ea d o p im r a ds c n a y e n / r r ay n e o d r sxc a a t r t s. h r c e is ic )On y o me g n e n n o f r in p o l ls e d r o c n o m g e pee p r n eg n e d s h r a s o me p in in x e ie c e d r y p o ia t o tte l e. h ir iv s WPATH SOC V7
  5. 5. Defining Terms Transgender• Often considered an umbrella term for gender variant people• Attributed to Charles Virginia Prince 1960s/70s
  6. 6. Defining Terms Transsexual • FtM • MtF • Pre-Op • Post-Op • Non-Op
  7. 7. Defining Terms Cross Dresser
  8. 8. Defining Terms Gender Queer
  9. 9. Defining Terms Intersex
  10. 10. Defining Terms Two Spirit
  11. 11. Defining Terms Trannie
  12. 12. Possible Causes?• Nature vs. Nurture• Pre-natal stress and medications• Genetic Traits• Mental Illness – The APA, Gender Identity Disorder and other conditions that can mimic it
  13. 13. Prevalence incidence—t en m e o n wc s sa is ginag e p r d( .g ay a ) h u b r f e a e r in iv n e io e ., er prevalence—t en m e o in iv u l h v gac n it n d id db t e h u b r f d id a s a in o d io , iv e y h n m e o p o l int eg n r l o u a io u b r f e pe h e e a p p lt n Data collected in ten recognized studies over 39 years suggests the following:• MtF – 1 1 0 t 1 5 0 :1 ,9 0 o :4 ,0 0• FtM – 1 0 0 t 1 0 ,0 0 :3 ,4 0 o :2 0 0 These figures primarily represent transsexuals, and so the prevalence of gender variant/ dysphoric people is believed to be much higher.
  14. 14. My Story
  15. 15. • When did you first know?• Acting Out/ Expression Through Art• Depression and Anxiety• Self-Acceptance• Choosing A Name• Coming Out to Family and Friends• Seeking Help
  16. 16. The Process• Harry Benjamin –1885-1986EndocrinologistPublished The Transsexual Phenomenon in 1966• The WPATH –Established in 1979Formerly know as the Harry Benjamin International Gender DysphoriaAssociationT eW r dP o e s n l s o ia io f rT a s e d r h o l r f s io a A s c t n o r n g n eHe l hisa in e n t n l u t is ip in r , p o e s n l at n t r a io a ,m l id c l a y r f s io aa s c t nw o em s nist p o o ee id n e a e s o ia io h s is io o r m t v e c - sdbc r , e u a io , r s a c , a v c c , p b icp l y a d a e d c t n e e r h d o a y u l o ic , nr s e t o t a s e d rh a t . e p c f r r n g n e e lh
  17. 17. Harry Benjamin
  18. 18. The Standards of Care• First version published in 1979• Latest version published in 2011• T eo e a l o l ft eSOC ist p o id c in a h vr l g a o h o r v e l ic lg id n ef rh a t p o e s n l t a s t u a c o e l h r f s io a s o s ist a s e u l t a s e d r a dg n e r n sxa, r n g n e , n e d rn n o f r in p o l w hs f a de f c iv o c n o m g e p e it a e n f e t ep t w y t a h v gl s in p r o a c m o t it a h a s o c ie in a t g e s n l o f r w ht e g n e e s l e , ino d rt m x iz t e h ir e d r d e v s r e o a im e h iro e a l e l h p y h l g a w l - e g a ds l - v r l h a t , s c o o ic l e l in , n e f bf l il m n . T isa s t n em y c u ep im r c r , u f l e t h s is a c a in l d r a y a eg n c l g a du o o icc r , r p o u t e y e o o ic n r l g a e e r d c ivo t n , v ic a dc m u ic t nt e a y m n a p io s o e n o m n a io h r p , e t lh a t s r ic s( .g a s s m n , c u s l g e l h e v e e ., s e s e t o n e in ,p y h t e a y, a dh r o a a ds r ic l sc o h r p) n o m n l n u g atet e t. r a mn s
  19. 19. • Finding a therapist• Establishing a diagnosis• Finding a doctor• Starting Hormone Replacement Therapy
  20. 20. HRT• Treatment depends on birth sex, age, body mass, starting hormone levels, and health• FtM – Testosterone• MtF – Anti-Androgens and Estrogen• Delivery• Goals• Risks
  21. 21. Relearning to Live • Clothes • Make-Up • Hair • Mannerisms • Walking • Voice
  22. 22. Toward A Final Goal • Different for Everyone •The Real Life Experience • Coming Out EVERYWHERE • Legal Name and Gender Change • Obtaining Letters • Researching Doctors for SRS
  23. 23. Benefits• An End to Shame, Depression, Anxiety• New Self-Confidence• Healthier Self-Image• New Relationships• Meeting Other Transgender People• Reconnecting to My Faith
  24. 24. Consequences and Social Issues• Discrimination in the work place• Bathroom Laws• Marriage Issues• Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell• Hate Crimes, Violence, and the Day of Remembrance November 20th In Remembrance of Rita Hester who was murdered in Allston, Massachussetts on November 28th, 1998.
  25. 25. Progress State  November 17th, 2010 longtime Houston activist Phyllis Randolph Frye became the first  transgender judge in Texas, when Mayor Annise Parker appointed her as an associate  municipal judge. (dallasvoice.com)    May of 2011, Hawaiis governor signed House Bill 546 into law, prohibiting discrimination on  the basis of gender identity or expression in employment.  Also in May, Nevada passed bills providing protections to transgender people in the  workplace, housing and public accommodations.  October of 2011, the New York City Fire Department hired their first transgender woman.  October of 2011, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights announced that Starting on January 1,  2012, transgender health care procedures will be included in all [healthcare benefit] plans.  October of 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown signed two transgender rights bills into  law, one making it easier to obtain a new birth certificate and the other providing greater  protections against discrimination in employment and housing.   October 19, 2011 Illinois passed a bill that makes it possible for transgender people to  recieve gender appropriate identification markers without undergoing genital surgery.   November 16th, 2011 Massachussetts passed a bill protecting against workplace  discrimination. 
  26. 26. Progress National Early last year President Obama appointed Amanda Simpson to the position of senior technical adviser at the commerce department in the bureau of industry and security. Last year, the State Department eased restrictions on gender markers in passports, now requiring only a letter of diagnosis from a healthcare provider rather than proof of reassignment surgery. Nov. 2, 2010, Victoria Kolakowski became the first transgender trial judge in the nation when she won a seat on the Alameda County (Calif.) Superior Court. (dallasvoice.com) September of 2011, the IRS stopped sending Gender No Match letters to employers of transgender individuals.  October of 2011, the U.S. Agency for International Development issued a policy encouraging all USAID contractors and recipients, including those performing solely overseas, to apply comprehensive nondiscrimination policies that include sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, political affiliation, and any other conduct that does not affect performance. The policy is not, however, mandantory.  November of 2011, the IRS agreed that medical expenses related to transgender care can be deducted on taxes.  The Federal Bureau of Prisons changed a long standing policy that prevented proper care of transsexual inmates from being provided. 
  27. 27. Progress Worldwide October of 2011, Australias highest court ruled that transgender people dont need surgery to change gender markers on official documents.  November of 2011, Poland elected a transgender woman to its parliament.  The European Parliamant adopted new asylum rules for the European Union that include gender identity as a ground of persecution. 
  28. 28. Progress General  In March of 2011, Parker United Church of Christ in Colorado called Malcolm Himschoot to be its pastor.  Walmart added gender identity and expression to its non-discrimination policy. Davie, Floridas McFatter Technical High School became the first public school in the US to have a transgender prom queen.  The first new WPATH standards of care document in ten years was published and among the many positive changes, gender dysphoria was delisted as a mental illness, repairative therapy was denounced, and the guidelines for transgender care were updated in many helpful ways. To view them, here is the link:  The Girl Scouts of America officially stated that transgender children are welcome to join and participate in all Girl Scout activities. 
  29. 29. The Face of Transgender
  30. 30. Lili Elbe
  31. 31. Billy Tipton
  32. 32. Wendy Carlos
  33. 33. Candy Darling
  34. 34. Caroline Cossey
  35. 35. Jennifer Boylan
  36. 36. Kaitlan Kiernan
  37. 37. Dana Claire Simpson
  38. 38. Millicent MuddAKA “Millie”
  39. 39. Thomas Beattie
  40. 40. Chaz Bono
  41. 41. Harmony Santana
  42. 42. Kye Allums First Transgender Basketball Player for NCAA Division 1
  43. 43. Amanda Simpson Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce
  44. 44. Tanyarat JirapatpakonWinner of Miss International Queen 2007, a Thai transgender beauty contest
  45. 45. Lana Wachowski
  46. 46. Jenna Talackova
  47. 47. David Weekley
  48. 48. Malcolm Himschoot
  49. 49. Marci Bowers
  50. 50. Dr. Christine Mcginn
  51. 51. Isobelle Autumn Fox
  52. 52. Resources Books• True Selves• Sexual Metamorphosis• Mom, I Need to be a Girl• The Danish Girl• She’s Not There• I’m Looking Through You• Almost Perfect
  53. 53. Resources Movies• Normal• Call Me Malcolm• Becoming Chaz• Two Spirits• Trinidad• Trans• My Life in Pink• Breakfast on Pluto• Boys Don’t Cry• Gun Hill Road• TransAmerica
  54. 54. Resources World Professional Association for Transgender Health Human Rights Campaign Transgender Education Network of Texas National Center for Transgender Equality TSRoadmap Transformations Psychotherapy Central Family Practice Phyllis Randolph Frye Lambda LegalThe Gathering San Angelo -United Church of Christ Open and Affirming Congregation Transfaith Network Genderfold Action Alliance