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Open Solaris Introduction: How to make it feel like home
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Open Solaris Introduction: How to make it feel like home


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. OpenSolaris Introduction Making It Feel Like Home Ahm ed Saeed Sun Campus Ambassador ● Ahmed.Saeed@Sun.Com
  • 2. Agenda •Sol i and  penSol i Hi or ars  O ars  st y •W hy  penSol i O ars? •Di rbuton nt oducton st i i I r i •How   o nst l t I al •I age  m Packagi Syst   I ng  em (PS) •M aki I  ng t Your Ever   yday  S O •Next St   eps 2
  • 3. Solaris and OpenSolaris History 3
  • 4. Solaris and OpenSolaris History •Solaris is a proprietary UNIX system by Sun Microsystems •Solaris is widely regarded for it's stability •Open Sourced in June 2005 under the CDDL license as OpenSolaris •Community at “opensolaris.orgquot; •Extreme innovation •SXDE first released on February 2007 •Project Indiana – OpenSolaris2008.05, OpenSolaris2008.11 •The next will be OpenSolaris 2009.06 4
  • 5. Solaris and OpenSolaris History Sol s  ari and  N U / nux G Li Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird,, ... GNOME X Window System UNIX utilities GNU utilities System POSIX+ extensions POSIX libraries Linux kernel Solaris kernel Hardware 5
  • 6. Solaris and OpenSolaris History Sol s  ari and  penSol s O ari •Ent prse  ass er i cl •W eb  econom y •Unm atched evelof •Lat   ars  l    est Sol i support innovatons i •Long  el r ease  e  •Shor   el cycl t r ease  e  cycl ( 5  3­ year s) (ever 6  ont y  m hs) 6
  • 7. Solaris and OpenSolaris History W hat s  penSol s? iO ari ZFS DTrace CIFS Clearview IPS FMA Com m uniy  tci i +   ars nnovaton t Par i paton  Sol i I i 7
  • 8. Why OpenSolaris? 8
  • 9. Why OpenSolaris? •I' t ts  echnol es! ogi •ZFS •Dt ace r •Zones •Bi y  nar com patbiiy  i lt guar ee ant •and  l   or com i a ot m e  ng 9
  • 10. Why OpenSolaris? W hat Can    o  O penSol s? I D on  ari 10
  • 11. Why OpenSolaris? Com pi I z  ntegration •Com pi i a  z s  com posii w i tng  ndow   m anager t     hat uses  gr 3D  aphi cs  accel aton  a  penGL  er i vi O •Com pi pr des  i z  ovi varous  new   graphi   f s  calef ect and eat es  any  f ur on  deskt envionm ent  ncl ng  op  r ,i udi Gnom e  and  KDE  11
  • 12. Distribution Introduction 12
  • 13. Distribution Introduction •Sun  sponsored >Sol i 10 ars  >Sol i Expr ars  ess  Com m uniy  ton  SXCE) –new   t ever t o  t Edii (    bis  y  w w eeks •Com m uniy t >Bel X  Li eni ( veCD  x86) >Nexent ( a  GNU/ pensol i O ars) >M ar ux t   SPARC  veCD) ( Li >Schilx li •Pr ect I ana! oj  ndi >O penSol i ars2008. 11 13
  • 14. Distribution Introduction Project  ndi I ana •The  oj   pr ect behi t fr   penSol i nd  he ist O ars  di rbuton st i i •Lead  I M ur by an  dock:The I  n    'an'i Debi an •W hats  Li ' a  nux  guy  ng n  penSol i doi i O ars? •Gr   eat new  eat es  f ur you  w ays  ant i al w ed n  Sol i ars •Pr r eased n  ct   e­ el i O .2007,fr   el  ist r ease n  i 2008.   05,second  el r ease n  i 2008.11 14
  • 15. Distribution Introduction November, 2008 NEW 15
  • 16. Distribution Introduction O penSol s  ari 2008.11 •Fist r ease    he  penSol i O S r   el oft O ars  •Redi rbut e  veCD m age st i abl Li i •Graphi  nst l cali aler •GNO M E/Com pi deskt z  op •GNU  ool   P/ ARS  t s;AM M depl oym ent sof w ar  t e •ZFS  def t r  ie  as  aul  oot fl system •New   w or package  eposiores  I net k  r t i (PS) •St lt ( abiiy  ZFS  Snapshot and  l   Rolback) •RBAC  Rol Based  ( e­ Access  Cont ol r) 16
  • 17. Distribution Introduction 2008. I 11  nstalati Requi l on  rem ents •M i m um ni >3  Har Di GB  d  sk >512  B  M RAM •Recom m end >10  Har Di GB  d  sk >M or t e  han  512  B  M RAM •ZFS  suppor   y t onl •M uliboot t­ 17
  • 18. How to Install 18
  • 19. How to Install G RU B 19
  • 20. How to Install Choose Keyboard 20
  • 21. How to Install Choose Language 21
  • 22. How to Install D esktop and  cense Li 22
  • 23. How to Install D evi D ri ce  ver  tii U lty 23
  • 24. How to Install Instaler  el l W com e 24
  • 25. How to Install Choose Parti on ti 25
  • 26. How to Install Choose  m e  Ti Zone 26
  • 27. How to Install Choose Locale 27
  • 28. How to Install Enter  sers U 28
  • 29. How to Install Conf rm i 29
  • 30. How to Install Instali . lng. . 30
  • 31. Image Packaging System 31
  • 32. Image Packaging System •Net or packagi syst w k  ng  em •Easy  o  t adm i st ni er •Devel oper can  s  easiy  eat packages l cr e  •Det m i er nes,cont ol and  esol   r s  r ves  dependenci es •Rapi delver offxes d  i y   i 32
  • 33. Image Packaging System I Reposi PS  tory •ht p:/ t /pkg. opensol i or ars. g >Set as  aul PS  hort   def t I aut iy >4460~   packages •ht p:/ ast ave. w or or 10000 t /bl w net k. g: >1700~   packages •ht p:/ t /pkg. sunf eew ar com : r e. 9000 >290~   packages •SVR4  packages  e  ilsuppor ed ar stl  t 33
  • 34. Image Packaging System U si I by  U I ng  PS  G 34
  • 35. Image Packaging System U si I by  ng  PS  Com m and  ne Li •Check authority repository $ pkg authority AUTHORITY URL (preferred) •Add a new repository # pkg set-authority -O sunfreeware •Set timeout environment variable $ export PKG_CLIENT_TIMEOUT=90 •Update catelogs $ pfexec pkg refresh •Install package $ pfexec pkg install sunstudioexpress 35
  • 36. IPS Demo 36
  • 37. Making it feel like home 37
  • 38. Making it feel like home M ake your user  sudoer a  •Who is a Sudoer? •To set your self a sudoer $ su $ vim /etc/sudoers Add ur_username ALL=(ALL) ALL After the line root ALL=(ALL)ALL 38
  • 39. Making it feel like home Sof are  tw That You Can  et  G From   PS I •GNU Build tools •Open Office •JDK •NetBeans 39
  • 40. Making it feel like home M aki i pl M p3 ng t  ay  •Got to > •Download the file •Extact it •Copy it to the gstreamer file $ cp file /usr/lib/gstreamer 40
  • 41. Demo 41
  • 42. Next Steps 42
  • 43. Next Steps Get Involved •Join the Student Community! >Li t Ni publc  t nk  o  ng  i sie Join the forum ● > ●Download OpenSolaris2008.05 > ●Learn how to use > ●Watch Indiana Project > iana/ ●Subscribe mail list > 43
  • 44. Next Steps O penSol rs. ai com I al t nst lI Experence t i I Get I  t •Easy •Avaiabl •Li CD l e  ve  •G raphi   cal everyw here •See the best  •Supported  on  •Sm aler  aster  lf i O penSol s, n  ari   ~ 1000 system s dow nload ri f sk  ree •Runs n  i popul ar  virtualzati i on  44 envi ronm ents
  • 45. Next Steps O penSol s. ari com •Learn >Expl e  he ear ng  or t l ni oppor unii t tes >Get t gui   he  des  and  deos vi •Colabor e l at >J n  he  oi t com m unii tes >M ake  your m ar   p    k;hel shape t next gener i oft Sol i O S he    aton    he  ars  >Connect w ih    t Sun  stngui di i shed  engi neers and  her l ot  eadi lght oft O penSol i com m uniy ng i s    he  ars  t 45
  • 46. Next Steps Fast Track Your Career  i Sun! w th  •Get FREE Web-based training on JavaTM, SolarisTM & more! >Visit: >Course registration code for ABC University is XYZ •Increase earnings potential with a Sun Certification! >Sun Certified Associate/Programmer for the Java 2 Platform SE >Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java EE >Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for Java ME >Sun Certified System/Network Admin for Solaris Operating System •Free practice exams •Discounted exams fees for academic developers – only US$60 (US$40 in APAC and Latin America) 46
  • 47. OpenSolaris Introduction THANK YOU! Ahmed Saeed ● Sun Campus Ambassador ●