SSE MGM Program Live Case Overview Nov 2013


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Overview of the Live Case for this week at the Stockholm School of Economics Master in General Management Program. The students are working with the top management team of Eniro on three strategic challenges.

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  • *       10:00 to 11:00 Presentation by ENIRO CEO: Company background, challenges, cases (including Q&A for 10-15 minutes at the end)
    *       11:00 to 11:15 15 min break
    *       11:15 to 11:45 Discussion with remaining Eniro employees
    *       11:45 to 12:45 Lunch
    *       12:45 to 13:15 Group Q&A with Eniro employees prior to starting case work
  • The bus will pick you up at 11:30 outside SSE and drive you back again from Eniro at 17:15.
    It’s Interbus and I’ve given them your number. I will not be there, unfortunately.
    Hope you have a great visit!
  • SSE MGM Program Live Case Overview Nov 2013

    1. 1. Live Case – Module 1 Master of General Management Stockholm School of Economics November 11-15, 2013
    2. 2. Aims and Objectives       To develop student abilities to integrate theory with practice To integrate and apply knowledge from accounting, marketing, managerial/organizational, and microeconomic perspectives to a real business life situation To explore the application of these theories to practice and the limitations of doing so To develop student leadership skills and attitudes To develop an understanding of a real business organization and some of the challenges faced by its management -­ in collaboration with that management To develop presentation skills through presenting analysis and conclusions in a real business context -­ to managers 2
    3. 3. Live Case Schedule: Nov 11-15 Monday Tuesday Morning •Introduction to •Student work Live Case time •Presentation by Execs of Company and Challenges (9:15-11:45) Lunch •Lunch Buffet (11:45-12:45) •Questions & Answers to Execs (12:45-13:15) Afternoon • Wednesday Thursday •Student work time •Submit questions to Execs by 12:00 noon •Student work time •Free •Free •Free •Student work time •Student work time •Student work time Friday •Presentations to SSE Faculty (8:30 to 11:30) •Bus to Company (11:30) •Lunch at Company (12:00-13:00) •Company Tour (13:00-14:00) •Presentations and Discussion with Execs (14:00-17:00) •Bus to SSE (17:15) All activities to take place at SSE, except Friday afternoon when at Company
    4. 4. Group Assignment        Your group will be assigned one Live Case Challenge presented on Monday. Conduct analyses for your Live Case Challenge using accounting, marketing, microeconomics, and organization theory perspectives = four separate analyses for your Challenge. Integrate the “discipline specific” analyses into one meta-analysis, with clear conclusions supported by analysis for your Challenge .. if possible. Present analyses of your Challenge and the more theoretical/analytical parts for Discipline Teachers (max 15 min) on Friday morning. Be prepared to explain and defend your analyses. Present (analysis and) conclusions for your Challenge (max 10 minutes) for Live Case Company Managers on Friday afternoon. Be prepared to elaborate, explain, and clarify. Submit on Courseweb a 1200-2000 word memo with main arguments and conclusions of your analysis, ensuring relevance for Live Case Company Management by Friday, Nov 15, 8:30 am. Submit on Courseweb your Challenge Presentation for Eniro by Friday, Nov4
    5. 5. What We Expect From You         Listen carefully to the presentation of the Live Case Company and its Challenges on Monday morning. Take notes and think about questions to pose to Managers after lunch. Do any kind of data collection you need. Use publicly available sources and social media. You are allowed to send one email/group with all questions to the Live Case Contacts before 12:00 pm on Wednesday at the latest. Do not “hunt down” Live Case Managers or other Live Case employees. Develop and present theory-driven analyses with consistent conclusions. Prepare an understandable, relevant - ‘professional’ - presentation and written memo for Live Case Managers based on your theory driven analysis. The more theoretical part need not be presented for the Live Case Company. You are responsible for running this project, not your teachers. You are expected to work full time - but not 24h/day! All students need to be in class for all Live Case sessions. 5
    6. 6. Monday Schedule at SSE (Prelim)  09:15-11:45    Introduction by SSE Faculty Live Case Presentation by Live Case Company Managers 11:45-12:45   Lunch buffet 12:45-13:15  Time for students to ask Live Case Managers questions 6
    7. 7. Friday Morning Schedule (Prelim)  8:30 – 11:30 Group presentations to SSE Faculty (15+5 min)           08:30-08:40 Intro 08:40-09:00 Group 2 09:00-09:20 Group 3 09:20-09:40 Group 5 09:40-10:00 Break 10:00-10:20 Group 1 10:20-10:40 Group 4 10:40-11:00 Group 6 11:00-11:30 Preparation for Afternoon 11:30 – Transport to Live Case Company 7
    8. 8. Friday Afternoon Schedule (Prelim)      12:00 to 13:00 Lunch with Live Case Company 13:00 to 14:00 Tour at Live Case Company 14:00 to 17:00 Presentations (10+10min)  14:00-14:20 Group 5  14:20-14:40 Group 4  14:40-15:00 Group 1  15:00-15:20 Break  15:20-15:40 Group 2  15:40-16:00 Group 3  16:00-16:20 Group 6 16:20-17:00 Wrap-up by SSE Faculty/Live Case Managers 17:15 Bus back to SSE 8
    9. 9. Grading and Feedback      “The Eniro Strategy Award” for best presentation on Friday to be awarded by Eniro Your group will be assigned one grade for the Live Case for all courses Equal to 5% for each of all four courses Grade is based on 70% content and 30% presentation skills Instant qualitative feedback from teachers 9
    10. 10. Assessment Criteria  Professional Presentation  SSE logo, title page, student names, introduction, layout, figures, tables, sources       Well written and logical storyline Any props/other media appropriate and integrated in presentations Well-delivered presentation and strict adherence to time requirements All sources documented in proper manner - see for more information on how to cite and document sources Analysis and Understanding of Theoretical Concepts and Frameworks       Memo: min 12 pt Times New Roman or equivalent, Presentation: Min 18 pt Times New Roman or equivalent on ppt slides and min 12 pt Times New Roman (or equivalent) in notes Understanding of relevant concepts from readings and class discussions, providing definitions when applicable Ability to incorporate various concepts from four courses in an integrated, comprehensive approach Analysis clearly related to assignment Ability to critically conduct consistent and logical analysis - supporting assumptions with sound argumentation/rationalization Specific facts from case, external sources, readings, and/or from personal experience analyzed and used to support your assertions and statements Conclusions and Recommendations      Sound and feasible conclusions and recommendations that flow from analysis Assumptions used to reach conclusions and recommendations presented Limitations that could impact conclusions and recommendations incorporated in presentation Ability to answer relevant questions during oral presentations (again using all data you have presented from case study and other sources) Originality in your analysis, bringing fresh perspectives 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. SSE MGM Live Case Contacts Ciara Sutton MGM Program Manager Frida Pemer Live Case Coach – Organization Anja Hjelström Live Case Coach – Accounting Viktoria Ginolin MGM Administrative Manager Anna Dreber Almenberg Live Case Coach – Microeconomics Robin Teigland Live Case Coach - Marketing Stockholm School of Economics 08-736 9000