A Quick Introduction to Diigo

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Assembled and presented by Mina Nicolle Benjamin

Assembled and presented by Mina Nicolle Benjamin

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  • 1. Informationand Demo
  • 2. What Diigo is About
  • 3. Video  Diigo Intro video
  • 4. 3 Main Areas of Site Key Values of Diigo1. My Library 1. Research2. My Network 2. Share3. My Groups 3. Collaborate
  • 5. Research – Annotate, Archive, Organize Annotate: Sticky notes, highlighting Archive: Save cached copy (or snapshot) of pages. Can save photos, pdfs, etc. Organize: Tags, lists, access from anywhere
  • 6. Share – Build a Personal Learning Network Share your annotated pages with your followers on Diigo or elsewhere.  Private/ public, RSS feed, Tweet, FB, email, Wigits Follow or be followed … In My Network. Interact with others on content of interest. Can share annotated page with those not on Diigo with “Get Annotated Link” feature
  • 7. Collaborate – Create a Group KnowledgeRepository Create a private or public group for your company, class, and team  If have any need for team-based research, Diigo groups are ideal.  A Diigo group can be public, private or semi-private.  All group memberrs may add resources.  When new things added, members receive an alert  Members can comment on or off the page  Can have threaded discussions in the group.
  • 8. Join Diigo  Sign up  Decide which plan you want (http://www.diigo.com/premium/pricing_table_details)
  • 9. Diigo Bookmarklet Install bookmarklet toolbar (full or Diigolet = mini/ only bookmark)  Can be weird after you install the bookmarklet …  Highlights pics and other things that you may want to save/ bookmark  Random sticky notes that others placed on pages appear (can turn off)
  • 10. Diigo Tools
  • 11. Random Sticky Notes
  • 12. Diigo Groups
  • 13. Demonstration My Library Bookmark  Bookmarking with Bookmarklet  Can add when do not have Bookmarklet downloaded  Tags  Cached copy  Read later  Etc. Images How to find what you have put in Diigo  Search  Tags list  Read Later list My Network My Groups
  • 14. More Videos Research - Annotate, Archive, Organize Share - Building Personal Learning Network Collaborate: Create a Group Knowledge Repository