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Trevor FinchArtefacts1751

  1. 1. Technological Artefacts<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  2. 2. Role of film making in the cross curricular section of PDHPE<br />The role of film making is PDHPE could really help students, not only use modern technology but help them comprehend the rules of a sport and weather they are playing the sport properly. This would not only keep the students entertained, but they would also be learning the content of the desired sport at the same time. <br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  3. 3. ICT in the PDHPE syllabus<br />The use of computers, and modern technology in the PDHPE syllabus, not only helps to keep the students entertained but they are learning via different media’s. You tube can be used via power points. The students can use computer not only to look up the information about sports but they can watch videos and more.<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  4. 4. What the films say?<br />Vision<br />Vision the film is trying to portray that students of todays society are more likely to learn if they are interested in the content, and if the teacher uses other forms of technology to teach e.g., you tube, power point etc.<br />Forbidden<br />The main point of forbidden the short film, <br />I fell it portrays a very modern day story, <br />single mum looking after her daughter and<br />her own mother, all with out a man in the <br />house. Three generations of women living<br />in a house all alone.<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  5. 5. How do the films portray their messages?<br />Vision<br />The introduction has a close up slide show of modern computers, component boards, mouse’s and iPod's these are just some of the new technology that is used by kids and students around the world!<br />The film gets the message its trying to portray across via close ups on the signs the students are holding, with the figures about modern day student and the amount of technology used in every day life.<br />Forbidden<br />Close up of the grandmother hoping out of the cop car in her dressing gown and in her slippers, this portrays the grandmother as a lost old woman.<br />Also they have a mid -shot of the daughter smacking her toy doll and mimicking her mother, this really portrays just how hard it is for a single mother to look after her mother and her daughter all alone.<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  6. 6. Good features of content and techniques used in films.<br />Vision<br />Large writing on the students signs, saying it’s the 21st Century<br />Every time the camera looks at a student hold a board the expression on the face demonstrates that they need to be stimulated by modern day technology<br />Forbidden<br />The emphasize on the items the granddaughter pulls out of her grandmothers had bag, really makes the <br /> audience think about what the grandmother <br /> is getting up to when she leaves the house.<br /> At the end of the short film again they <br /> emphasize the items, from the grandmothers <br /> handbag and the reason why she carry's them <br /> around with her.<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  7. 7. What they could improve on.<br />Vision<br />I think they could have had the students speaking, this could of had a greater affect on the viewer. The tone of their voice could of emphasised there feeling.<br />Also I think if the students were using modern technology e.g., an IPads this could also emphasize the effect of technology and how rapid its growing.<br />Forbidden<br />I feel in this short film, they could of go to the point a little faster that way the audience would of known the reasons for the grandmother acting the way she did.<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />
  8. 8. What I have learnt and will use in my own short film.<br />In both films they have used a number of techniques to convoy their messages.<br />Firstly, how they use close up shots to enhance the emotions, they are trying to portray. <br />Secondly, full shots, gives the viewer a chance to see the whole picture.<br />Also camera angles and the angles that can be used. So I could use a mirror image, or a back shot. This well help me a lot during our film making!<br />Trevor Finch<br />c3148485<br />