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Trends anatomy 2010

  1. 1. Trend report 2010 - Small Business Edition • Which trends will dominate in 2010? • What are proven techniques to monitor online activities? • How to discover who are your customers and what tools to use? • What are emerging trends in online marketing and communication?
  2. 2. 10 key skills small businesses should master to sell more and communicate better in 2010 1. Learn how to shoot video and promote it online "Video is the meme of choice online. It seems that everyone has and uses a video camera to upload all kinds of content online. In 2010, if you can't be found on YouTube and its competitors, you will be invisible. Look for considerable competition among sites vying to rank second. Watch vertical video sites attempt to increase their visibility, if not their utility or viewership. Video will move between and among channels. A YouTube video can easily appear on TMZ or Access Hollywood, and vice versa. News organizations and reality shows will mine online video routinely." Resources: How to make your own podcast Your video go viral 2. Learn how to monitor online conversations PR 2.0 are now called „hybrids“. Those are people who mastered both internet marketing and communications. They are able to create positive image, to listen carefully, and to engage in conversation without fear. Learn how to build your social capital on web and how to achieve influence. Learn about basic rules of viral campaigns and how to read data and analyze. Many free tools are at your disposal now. Don’t be a passive online lurker – creating and maintaing customer relationships on web is a must do. Resources: White paper & webinar: PR planning in 2010 Emerging trend in 2010: integrated marketing communications Trend report 2010 1
  3. 3. 3. Learn what marketing communication really consists of - 4P /product, price, place, promotion Despite its limitations and perhaps because of its simplicity many books were written about this concept. Even in intangible economy 4Ps exist as a strong framework for marketing managers. Do not hesitate to make the decisions about product (brand name, functionality, styling, quality, safety, packaging, support, warranty), pricing (volume discounts and wholesale pricing, cash and early payment discounts, seasonal pricing…), placement (distribution channels, inventory management, distribution centers, order processing, transportation) and promotion (promotional strategy, advertising, sales promotions, public relations & publicity, marketing communications budget). Optimizing product to your audience and quality control can do no harm, even if theory of 4p goes back to 1964. 2010? New Year is ongoing Resources: and more and more companies have the Marketing & 4P following dilemma: what to do to gain success in the 2010. What is the type of marketing we should 4. Learn to synergize communication channels invest, what is effective and what The manner in which brand associations are formed does not matter. should we expect of Therefore marketers need to evaluate all the options, different it? How to create and promote content we communication options have different strengths and can accomplish made about our a variety of objectives. Mix & Match the options. Choose your options, products? experiment, evaluate, Dont be afraid to paint a picture with different In ETARGET we tools and to orchestrate your brand messages. made for you the finest selection of the Resources: trends that will have inevitable impact on internet marketing in PR Breakfast club: storytelling as effective PR 2010. Enjoy reading. Kevin Lane Keller (to search in print) Trend report 2010 2
  4. 4. 5. Learn how to analyze your data What makes some campaigns successful while other fail? It's the people -- the people behind the campaigns and their ability tio understand what works. There is very little stuff on web and in marketing that can be claimed as „unproven“ . Track your results, on web site and in lead generation. Try to merge the data with your CRM and to report to sales, dont provide raw data. Why not knowing who O Etargetu your best customers are and what content and information they Etarget is ad network, before the purchase? which seeks potential customers for you and Resources: brings them to your web site. Web activity tracking - 5 ways (Sales Fusion PDF) ETARGET is Central White paper on how managing leads pays off (Silverpop) European company established the company in April 2002 and now operates in eight rapidly expanding Central and Eastern European markets: the Czech 6. Learn how to write REALLY good copy text Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Lets admit it: you owe it to your customers. Besides, good copy makes Bulgaria, Croatia, sales, good copy also drives traffic to your website and en-captures Serbia and Poland. Our attention. Web copy must pull in and lock visitors. Web copy must clients are small and entertain. Web copy must inform. Web copy must educate. Web copy medium enterprises, must offer solutions. Web copy must convince visitors to buy from international you. Discover the power of great titles. Learn how to optimize your companies, agencies content to your prospects and partners. Experiment, test, track. and web shops, and Because most web viewers scan web pages rather than read them partners whose sites word for word. Your goal is to make them read carefully and to turn Etarget ads are being back seeking for more. displayed are the most visited portals in Resources: region. How to write in Etarget Trend report 2010 3
  5. 5. 7. Learn how to manage your team so your work resonates with customers If your team members dont get along well, your clients will feel – miscommunication, email chains with lots of CC and BCC, accusations and fights can make your sales and marketing activities go down. People tend not to trust people who dont trust to other people they are working with, and all the PR efforts cant save you if Basic concepts of you take no action. 90 % of all the problems within the organization is online advertising: derived from lack of communication. Change the setting, think about Etarget contextual travelling with your coordinates and subordinates to some nice place. advertising operates Make a special event for their families. The time you devote to tasks with non-aggressive ad requires at least the same amount of attention to devote to develop format which appears in relationships. Align your goals, set the basic communication form of link and/or the guidelines. Break the walls and let them know how you really are. Its link with a picture. not all about business, OK? These ads are tightly linked to the context of Resources: the web content. By selecting the key words How to build and manage your team: Madison University library and creating PPC ad in Etarget, your message will reach the people 8. Dont create product and communication that who are already you yourself dont trust interested in your products and already As agency people, digital or otherwise, we can be a little cavalier about reading articles about our own media habits. We create television commercials and use topics you’ve chosen it DVRs to obliterate them from our sight. We create banners and represent your company. microsites that we never even visit. The days of people waiting to receive our messages are over. The only proof you need is in your own PPC stands for ‘pay-per- behavior. What was the last television commercial you watched or click ‘. It’s a model of banner you clicked on? We comfort ourselves with the soothing payment – advertisers pay only when someone refrain of "we are not the target" or "they're not like us." The good clicks trough and visits news is that they are more like "us" than ever before, and it would be their website, displaying richly rewarding to treat the people we are marketing to the same way ads which people see but we wish to be treated. do not click trough cost nothing. Registration is Resources: free and ad creation is easy and fast. Hubspot: How does Etarget 10 internet markeitng strategies works? Trend report 2010 4
  6. 6. 9. Get involved in PR 2.0 Now its time to repeat the Hubspot’s meme: get found, promote and analyze, engage in conversation. Besides the 4P figure out what works in online world: Company, Customers, Community, Industry. Set up alerts, track your social media mentions, use the twitter. Develop marketing messages for the sole purpose of getting the attention, gain trust and deliver value for money. Easy and fun! Except you might make some organizational changes for people who will keep your customers attention alive online. Social media is not going away, the faster companies adapt to it, the better results will follow. How about making a strategy now? Etarget is Resources: advertising network on internet Tips to using Social Media Our main product is The taks of PR manager in 2010 contextual advertising system for pay-per-click (PPC). The ads of our clients are displayed is in 10.Everybody like good guys articles on content portals. ETARGET Good cop – bad cop? Yep, it works in hard-selling conditions. Once analyses the content of you get online its important to be nice (though its nice to be individual articles and important). The desire for transparency, trust and peace-of-mind assigns the ads to them messages requires balanced people who know what they are doing that are most relevant to and where they are going to. Do the SWOT and follow your guts - the particular article. everybody will support the good guys and will think twice if When analyzing, the reputation and buzz is malicious. Do no harm and it will pay-off long system takes into account term. all forms of a word, and so it is capable of more Resources: precisely determining which ads should be Communication director: the dynamics of trust displayed with which article. Non-verbal communication guide Trend report 2010 5
  7. 7. Etarget’s tip: for Gods sake – have some fun! Etarget preporuka: zabavite se malo! Da li ovom pravilu stvarno treba dodati tonu-dve dokaza i !lanaka? Etarget"ta serule need zabavite se malo!tones of evidences? Here’s Does preporuka: kada se oslobodite i zaigrate: ma!i"e Evo this doga#a to besupported by whats happening when you play: use kittens cautiously. upotrebljavajte oprezno! Da li ovom pravilu stvarno treba dodati tonu-dve dokaza i !lanaka? Evo "ta se doga#a kada se oslobodite i zaigrate: ma!i"e upotrebljavajte oprezno! Collect useful information regarding internet marketing at Pokupite sve#e vesti i informacije u vezi sa internet Etarget’s page on facebook. temama na Etarget stranici na marketingom i srodnim Pokupite sve#e vesti i informacije u vezi sa internet Facebooku. marketingom i srodnim temama na Etarget stranici na Follow us on Twitter Facebooku. Pratite nas na Twitteru. Pratite nasof tips & tricks can be found on our official page Dozen na Twitteru. and on our blogs. Na$a web sajt je a na Na$a web sajt je a na prona"i "ete svake nedelje nedelje mno$tvo korisnih saveta. prona"i "ete svake mno$tvo korisnih saveta. Contact us Kontaktirajte nas Da$emowill provide advices on how to leverage Etarget ppc ads We vam savete kako da upostrebite Etarget reklamu u Kontaktirajte nas in 2010. 2010. godini. vam savete kako da upostrebite Etarget reklamu u Da$emo | 2010. godini. | | Rad sa strankama: +381 11 32 88 952 Rad sa strankama:za reprodukovanje i88 952 na osnovu Ovaj dokument je slobodan +381 11 32 umno!avanje licence Commons -Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Za vi"e informacija kliknite na link ili po"aljite pismo na Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, za reprodukovanje i umno!avanje na osnovu Ovaj dokument je slobodan San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. licence Commons -Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Za vi"e informacija kliknite na link ili po"aljite pismo na Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. Anatomija trendova u 2010 6 Trend report 2010 6 Anatomija trendova u 2010 6