RCMSL Phenomenal July 9, 2009


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RCMSL Phenomenal July 9, 2009

  1. 1. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL THEME IN 2009-2010 OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ROWENA “Jing” SARAO Four- The Four-Way I would like to thank everyone for having launched my term carried by the spirit of this year’s motto of “The Test of future of Rotary being in your hands”. Inspiring were the ROTARY words of wisdom from PDG Jimmy Cura who left a lasting impression using the acronym SFIDL, which stands for Service, Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity and Leadership. 1) Is it the TRUTH? Memorable was our gathering when we prayed over Adolf Palacio during the mass in Ateneo chapel in Rockwell, 2) Is it FAIR to all with his brother Victor. We know in faith that Adolf will concerned? be healed. And so are Philip Ocampo, the husband of our Charter member Grace Ocampo, and Ricky Lao, husband of PP Beth, who are recuperating and healing by the power 3) Will it build of the Holy Spirit. GOODWILL and BETTER RCMSL co-hosted the District Vocational Road show held FRIENDSHIPS? in Great Eastern Hotel, formerly Aberdeen Court in Makati. I had the privilege of conducting the invocation. 4) Will it be District officer Doods Policarpio delivered an inspiring Dale Carnegie values on strengthening relationships, time BENEFICIAL to all management, leadership exercises, and people concerned? management. In the end, we all felt more competent as Rotary Presidents. INVOCATION JULY Heavenly Father we praise and thank you for 06 Philip Chien the blessings of our careers in Rotary and the 14 Rennie Andrews vocation you have uniquely bestowed upon 31 Marietha Holmgren each of us. That we may be able to gain, not the wisdom of the world, but Your kind of Wisdom dear Lord, that those who have less in life be filled with your blessings. All these we say in Jesus name. Amen
  2. 2. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO Thursday, July 09, 2009 1ST REGULAR MEETING Thursday, July 02, 2009, Manila Polo Club, Makati City 1st Call to Order of 1st Guest Speaker Pres. Jing Sarao PDG Jimmy Cura As we launched the new Rotary year, the first meeting was well attended with PDG Jimmy Cura having served as our fountain of wisdom. The food was excellent, the venue at the McKinley Room of the Polo Club was most appropriate for the occasion, but most importantly was the spirit of support I felt as I started my term. Dir. Odette Ong arranged the venue and the excellent menu, together with PP Marilou Romero who made an inspiring introduction of our guest speaker. PP Cynthia Reyes moderated competently and the invocation by PP Maridel Villavicencio touched us all. All these members truly made my first meet a memorable one.
  3. 3. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO Thursday, July 09, 2009 FELLOWSHIP, Mass for Healing Monday, July 06, 2009, Rockwell We all prayed for the healing grace of the Lord to shower upon those in need especially Adolf Palacio, Philip Ocampo, husband of Charter Member Grace Ocampo; and Ricky Lao, husband of PP Beth Lao. The brother of Adolf, Victor flew in from the USA to be with us as well. Lunch was held in Via Mare, Oyster Bar after the mass. Indeed, I felt our spirit of love, friendship and unity that bound us together after all these years. VOCATIONAL ROAD SHOW Tuesday, July 07, 2009, Great Eastern Hotel, Makati City The Vocational Road show was co-hosted by RCMSL with other key Makati and Paranaque Rotary clubs and was well attended with Doods Policarpio as the guest speaker. There will be subsequent road shows over the succeeding months. The emphasis of the Road Show is to enhance the leadership competencies of Rotary Presidents and other officers.
  4. 4. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO Thursday, July 09, 2009 Reminder for all to commence support of the financial needs of the club through Annual Dues and Advertisements in support of the Induction Night. Practice and rehearsals on July 17, 23, 30 and August 6. Venue will be at the San Lorenzo Village Barangay Hall at 6:00 pm. Fund raising for Literacy Program through Philippine Ballet theater held at the CCP, July 10, 2009. BULLETIN BOARD July 2009 My fellow Rotarians: It is traditional in Rotary that each Rotary International president is given the opportunity every month to write a message to all Rotarians in the pages of this magazine. I am grateful for this tradition, which gives me the opportunity to communicate with every one of you directly, for it is my firm belief that The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands. It is a great honor to have been chosen as the first RI president from Scotland in the 104 years of this organization, and to have the privilege of serving the Rotarians of the world. Because there is no RI – no Board of Directors or president, no world headquarters or Rotary convention – without the ordinary weekly meeting of Rotarians in our own home clubs. In Rotary, everything we are, and everything we aspire to become, lies in the hands of Rotarians in their clubs. If our clubs are congenial and our meetings well run, if our service is carefully planned and competently carried out, if our members are qualified, honest, and respected in their vocations and communities, then all of Rotary will thrive. This is why I say The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands. Water, health and hunger, and literacy will be our emphases in the year ahead. In this Rotary year, I ask Rotarians everywhere to continue to learn from our experiences and to build upon our successes. I ask you all to continue to work for the health and well-being of not only children but their families and people everywhere. I ask you particularly to focus on water and sanitation, as the scarcity of clean water is an increasingly serious issue in many parts of the world. In Scotland, we have a saying that I’m fond of quoting: “We must look beyond our own parish pump.” It means that we must look beyond our own home and our own community. We must be aware that ours is only one community, of one country, of the many communities and countries in this world. In every one of those communities, there is work to be done. As Rotarians, we will not stand idly by. As Rotarians, we will accept our responsibility. We can, and we must. For we know that Rotary is only as great as its clubs – and our clubs are only as great as the members within them. The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands. John Kenny President, Rotary International