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Multi Channel Selling, you can sell your products on every online marketplace simultaneously while managing listings, inventory, and orders from a one location.

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Etail Markets Commerce Brochure

  1. 1. Reach  a  much  wider  audience,  beyond  just  your  store  or  website,  through  global   online  marketplaces  like,  eBay,,  and  more  to   come.  eTail  Markets  puts  all  the  pieces  together    making  it  simple  to  protect  your   brand  and  control  the  marketing  and  pricing  strategy.   1  
  2. 2. To leverage the power of the global internet to sell products and services we have created Etail Markets, the first fully integrated application enabling companies to sell their products through multiple online marketplaces worldwide. The Etail Markets solution is proven to increase sales and profit while enabling companies to stay on top of the details of running their business. Streamlined Access to Global Marketplaces Etail Markets provides you with the ability to quickly load your inventory, set your pricing rules, and begin selling your products on global marketplaces like,,, EBay and more. Centrally Manage All Products and Orders Etail Markets is a full end-to-end solution enabling you to manage your orders from all marketplaces, allocate inventory, automatically generate purchase orders, as well as generate through our real-time shipping interface to all the major carriers. Dynamic Repricing to Beat Competition Etail Markets increases your sales by giving you powerful, business-rule driven repricing capabilities. The Etail Markets platform has the ability to scan your competition and reprice your inventory dynamically within the guidelines you set. This well as increases profit as these same rules prevent you from cutting your prices more than are necessary to obtain the sale. Increased Brand Recognition By placing your products on these well known global marketplaces, you increase your brand exposure, natural search placements and brand credibility in the market. Being seen in not just one, but all of the major marketplaces expands your reach. Real Time Data retailers  to  sell  their  products   Business intelligence dashboards and a flexible reporting engine allow you to analyze your sales real-time and see the impact of your online  through  all  major   decisions, allowing you to make informed decisions as you adjust course. marketplaces  while  protecting   their  brand  and  controlling  the   Modular Architecture marketing  and  pricing  strategy,   In addition to the sales order, purchasing and inventory management modules, Etail Markets allows you to pick and choose the modules you want. Available modules include CRM, Accounts Payable, Accounts resulting  in  increase  sales  and   Receivable, Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, Shipping, real-time , multi-store ecommerce and more. expanded  m     Implement Rapidly and Start Selling Etail Markets provides easy-to-use import wizards and configuration tools to allow you to quickly load your products for sale worldwide. 2  
  3. 3. Grow Your Customer Base By Thousands Multiply  Sales  through     Global  Online  Marketplace   Distribution   Imagine millions of people seeing your product every day people who are actually shopping for what you are selling. Making that a reality is easier than you think. eTail Markets makes it simple to leverage the power of the global Internet and sell your products through multiple online marketplaces around the world. eTail Markets is a fully integrated Global Multi-Channel Marketplace Manager System. Through multi-channel, you can sell your products direct to consumers on every online global marketplace simultaneously while managing all the details, like listings, inventory and orders, from a single plaform. Your products and brand reach millions of potential buyers everyday without a huge advertising or pay-per-click budget. The marketplaces will advertise the products for you, and your products will rank at the top of organic search engine results. When selling direct to the consumer and eliminating the physical retailer or distributor, your profit margins will be higher. reimburse you for all your sales directly as you fulfill your orders. Leading World Online Marketplaces Where people can find virtually anything they want to buy online. Projecting over $30 billion in revenue for 2009 with over 50-million page views per day. The world's largest online marketplace with over 88-million active users globally, allows practically anyone to buy and sell practically anything. The total worth of goods sold on eBay in 2008 was $60 billion $2,000 every second, with a revenue of $8.5 billion. The site has 44-million page views per day. Lets customers conveniently shop for bargains, while offering manufacturers, distributors and large retailers an alternative sales channel for liquidating their inventory. They had over $800 million in revenue in 2008 and report 1.9-million page views per day. The company, a private, wholly owned subsidiary of SB Acquisitions, Inc., offers more than 2 million products to more than 12 million customers. reports that had 3,614,039 unique visitors in November of 2009 alone. Global Reach operates websites in U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and China. operates websites in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam. operates websites in the United States only. operates in U.S., UK, Germany, Canada and France. 3  
  4. 4. Increase Brand Recognition What would it do for your brand if the 76 million-plus unique visitors to in November of 2009 were seeing your products? Placing your products on a well-known global marketplace like will increase your brand exposure, skyrocket your natural search placements and build brand credibility in the industry. Being seen in not just one, but all of the major marketplaces can expand your reach exponentially. Today when customers are searching for your product online, the results may be lackluster. But once your products are available on the global marketplaces, your brand will show up in multiple searches. This not only increases your chance of getting seen, it increases the likelihood of a purchase. Your brand credibility is enhanced because now it looks like your product is everywhere. This kind of exposure would normally require a million-dollar advertising budget that included pay-per-click placements, but with eTail Markets, you can leverage the power of the global marketplace leaders to take your brand to new heights. Take  advantage  of  the  power     and  influence  that  leading  world   marketplaces  can  extend  to  your   brand.   4  
  5. 5. Put The World At Your Fingertips Streamline  access  to  global  marketplaces   with  an  integrated  solution.   Marketplaces like and eBay have a And even though everything is done from one place, you can still presence in countries around the world, including the customize your listings per marketplace channel. By implementing United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, business rules (including pricing) per channel, you can optimize your the United States and many more. Selling your profit per channel and even per country. Plus, we can help improve products on these global marketplaces creates major, conversions and sales by scrubbing and normalizing your data so worldwide exposure and recognition for your brand that your products display correctly on each channel. We can also and gives you access to a much wider customer help facilitate your ability to fulfill orders, pulling products from audience then a website alone. But each marketplace channels when predetermined stock levels are met. channel is different, and the key issue is controlling all of those sales in each of the different channels. Order fulfillments can be from one or multiple warehouses and/or fulfillment locations worldwide, with the capability to use the closest eTail Markets is fully integrated with every world warehouse location to your customer, saving you money on shipping marketplace, allowing you to easily manage all of your costs. Integration to Dropshippers and automated purchase orders products and orders from one central system which will also save operational costs and make your business more includes support for multi-currency in multi-languages. efficient and more profitable. And one system handles it all! With our platform, you can quickly load your inventory, eTail Markets Simplifies Global Marketing with: set your pricing rules, and begin selling your products on global marketplaces like, Total product information management,, eBay and more. Now Multi-channel product information synchronization easy to promote products on each channel and The ability to integrate with existing systems process all sales with a single integrated platform. Reporting capabilities and automated event notification Business process automation 5  
  6. 6. Do It All With One Solution Why  Centralized  Management   is  Better   Manage your own website (or sites) as well as all your global marketplace orders, allocate inventory, automatically generate purchase orders, plus generate tracking numbers, shipping -time shipping interface all from a single end-to-end solution. eTail Markets redefines integration by bringing together entirely different and usually separated business solutions to work seamlessly together, helping improve efficiency. 6  
  7. 7. No Re-Keying of Data As you add items, payment terms and shipping methods with eTail Markets, it will instantly display on your site as well as synchronize with your chosen global marketplace sites with one click of the mouse. Likewise, as your customers create user accounts at the various marketplace registration pages, it creates customer records in your Customer Module when the orders are downloaded. All of the information orders, preferred shipping methods, payment terms, use of discount coupons, etc. will flow into your order processing records and backend systems. This completely eliminates the redundancy of reentering, importing and exporting data back and forth between applications. With one point of access for data and business rules, information entered into the system is accessible throughout your entire organization. Being able to manage your entire Internet business from a single platform with business intelligence eliminates the need for, and high cost of, employees to run the operation. The system manages most of the business processes using your business rules rules that you only need to set up once. In this way, eTail Markets empowers you to protect your brand and control your marketing and pricing strategy, which can result in increased sales and expanded margins. If you were to sell your products on each of the global online marketplaces individually, without using a centralized management system, it would be extremely difficult, and perhaps cost prohibitive, to efficiently track or organize your business workflow. How would you keep track of inventory levels and orders placed by customers from each individual marketplace? You would literally need an entire team of employees, each with multiple computer screens, performing various and separate unorganized tasks, which would be complicated to manage. It would require an enormous amount of manual labor to post each listing onto each individual marketplace, manually search for competitors' pricing and then manually adjust your prices on each marketplace. Adjusting inventory levels would be extremely exhausting and time consuming as well. Plus, order fulfillment from each marketplace requires shipping information to be input and would require additional resources and manual labor. Having a central marketplace management system solves all of these problems by automating the entire process, allowing your business to run smoothly and more efficiently, therefore saving you time, effort and money and bringing you more business. 7  
  8. 8. Optimize Sales With Dynamic Repricing Basic Repricing Features Powerful,  business-­‐rule  driven  repricing   Reprice by percent (%) or dollar ($) amount icing  and   Reprice by ASIN or UPC code Filter sellers with bad ratings better  manage  aging  inventory.   Choose your competition Pro Merchants or Markeplace Sellers Filter by item condition, i.e. new, used, refurbished, etc. Now you can automatically scan your competition and reprice your inventory dynamically, up or down, using Compare full price including shipping guidelines you set without hiring a team of people to Choose from a list of competing merchants spend hours doing it. Or, if you sell a product that goes Reprice upward down in value over time, you can manage the pricing appropriately to get rid of the excess or closeout inventory Enterprise Repricing Features as fast as possible before the value reaches rock bottom. You sell it all directly to the consumer, get paid directly and Configure automated repricing according to inventory still keep your margins for yourself all while maintaining aging your brand integrity by avoiding low-end/off-price retail Perform complex product searches and apply repricing stores. rules to a search result or selection of products and optionally save it as repricing process Using eTail Markets repricing tool, you can adjust by a flat Create repricing process by product category, product dollar amount or percentage and reprice your inventory attributes, supplier(s), warehouse location and more across every marketplace. In fact, you can adjust and Configure automated or manual scheduling of various modify just about anything in any way by style, by SKU, repricing processes (daily, hourly, weekly or workflow by color, by UPC code and you can do that at any triggered) schedule you determine, by warehouse location, and so on. Run hundreds of various repricing processes on a single product catalog on different schedules This increases your sales by inc Apply custom workflows bases on repricing results, i.e. placement. It also increases profit because these same report generation, notifications, put product(s) on hold rules prevent you from cutting your prices more than and more necessary to obtain the sale. Plus, you can save money on Automatically change your price on other channels like staffing by automating your competitive review and eBay,, etc. based on repricing results from repricing processes. 8  
  9. 9. Get Quick Access To Information Real-­‐time  data  enables  your  company  to  perform  at  peak  efficiency.   Access to the right information is critical when making to ensure that inventory levels meet potential demand. With eTail Payables, where cash flow can determine payment schedules ble that allow you to take better advantage of term discounts and reporting engine, you can analyze your sales in real time, other incentives, also requires access to accurate information. see the impact of your decisions, and make informed With eTail Markets your entire organization can perform at peak decisions to successfully adjust course. efficiency. By employing a single set of business logic, eTail Markets Another critical part of the information challenge is speed to the gives you one system to setup and maintain. All the data no matter where it is entered is instantly available eTail Markets technology helps speed up your access to throughout the entire platform. This eliminates the need to information through data compression. Our solution move data from system to system, makes data available automatically compresses the data for streaming over the real time and makes your business more efficient. Internet, reducing the file size and bandwidth usage to increase the speed of transfers. Once the data reaches the database or With your entire organization working together in real-time end user, it is decompressed to its original form and ready for harmony, your employees can work with the most precise operation. This not only significantly speeds up the transfer, but information possible. This is crucial for efficient operations in departments such as purchasing, where the latest data is better scalability for your system. It also saves you time and needed to identify sales trends and to project future needs money. 9  
  10. 10. Add Flexibility To Your Advantages Change is constant in every business environment. Your business systems should help you make changes, not hinder them. With challenges and opportunities presenting themselves each new day, you have to be able to es it easy for you to adapt to the ever-changing needs of businesses. eTail Markets in- cludes hundreds of features with a reserve of additional features you can acquire as you grow. If you have only one warehouse location today, but decide to add new warehouses in the future, we can handle it. eTail Markets is a fully customizable application. It can be made to work with your business rules and situation, not the other way around. In addition to sales order, purchasing and inventory management modules, eTail Markets allows you to pick and choose other modules you want. Available modules include CRM, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Bank Reconciliation, Shipping, real-time , multi-store ecommerce and more. As we improve your flexibility, we also increase your ability to succeed. A  Modular  Architecture  lets   your  eTail  Markets  solution   grow  along  with  your   business.   10  
  11. 11. Implement Rapidly And Start Selling Take  advantage  of  templates  and  automated  tasks  that  make  it  quick  and  easy  to   get  up  and  running  on  multiple  global  marketplaces.   Automation and templates make it easy to get started with import, bulk product updates, product matching and eTail Markets. Class Templates are used to easily setup enrichment and product workflows customers and inventory items. The templates include Inventory Management Inventory splitting, inventory default values for shipping methods, payment terms, tax velocity management, fulfillment latency management, and other details. A single-step inventory setup with easy- support for multiple inventory sources and inventory re- to-use import wizards and configuration tools lets you balancing after order imports quickly load your products for sale worldwide. When items Order Management Order statuses, order history, are setup, you can show them instantly on the web by tracking and cancellation, order splitting and routing, scheduled order processing and management of automate this process by having this option checked in the adjustments and returns inventory class template. Shipment Management Management of shipping rates, support for multiple dropshippers, shipping carriers and The eTail Markets fully integrated Global Multi-Channel shipping overrides Marketplace Manager System helps you easily avoid many integration pitfalls by automating channel management Merchandising Margin optimization, shipping tasks for your global marketplaces, including: optimization, repricing and catalog optimization Integration Management Self-service mapping, Analytics Settlement & profitability data, overall sell (TCV, CSV), web service integration (XML, EDI), data performance, Gross Margin Return on Investment transformation, format validation, data aggregation and (GMROI), annual inventory turnover, stock-to-sales ratio taxonomy management and many other reports Catalog Management Versioning, product attribute Channel Management Ready integration templates and management, product classification, different types of external checkout management for, prices and relationships and catalog aggregation,, and many others. Product Information Management (PIM) Support for Storefront Integration Templates Out-of-the-box multi-user product lifecycles, variations on export or shopping cart, catalog, buyer registration, order history, and other templates for integration with Volusion, Magento, Intershop and other online commerce solutions. 11  
  12. 12. CTA/CONTACT  INFO:   800-­‐470-­‐2044   516-­‐921-­‐2541  fax     DISCLAIMER:   ©2009  eTail,  LLC.  All  rights  reserved.     12