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Chandler The Robot
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Chandler The Robot


Meg Frampton is a multi-talented rockstar/jeweler/artist/creator. She has created a very unique jewelery line, Chandler the Robot, which she markets online. Her backround in music and art boosted the …

Meg Frampton is a multi-talented rockstar/jeweler/artist/creator. She has created a very unique jewelery line, Chandler the Robot, which she markets online. Her backround in music and art boosted the sales of Chandler for a while. When she realized the potential of significant growth, she asked for my help to make irt happen for good. This is a simplified branding summary I created for her, which highlights the main areas to work on, giving her some simple tools to use and think along.

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  • 1. Hello.I‘m Chandler.Chandler the Robot. Branding Summary for Meg. by Eszter Sütő
  • 2. Guiding you through...1. How do you see me? - Brand Perception summary a.) Web presence B.) Moodboard c.) Chandler‘s world2. Who is this little Dude? - Chandler and the jewelry line as aproduct and brand3. How is it lookin‘? - SWOT Analysis for a better understanding4. Next steps summary5. Brand Architecture6. Finding Objectives 1.
  • 3. Typeface Artsy, minimalistic, stylish, clear, fun with a slightly vintage feeling Reflects purity and has a gender neutral apply. It might be considered as slightly female touch, but not to a big extent. The typeface fits Chandler and the jewelry line, but with that it can have its limitations in case of new products or differentiation as a brand family. Layout Structured, easy to navigate The message/entry on the side needs more space. No full screen option.Writing styleFrendly, sympathic, caring, honest and authenticAlso on the „Girl on the Road„ blog, the style is really smooth, fluent,with good description of the details. The personal touch helps the vi-sitors/customers feeling closer, having a warm, authentic relationshipwith the brand.Showing reaction, being genuine about it is great. Like `Guys, I knowyou‘re out there and I‘m doing my best.` We are family. We are friends. 2.
  • 4. 3.
  • 5. Chandler‘s (and Meg‘s)world Photography Very good quality pictures, each one has its feeling and theme (adventure, being cute, product presentation, etc.). Mostly vintage, artsy look. Although the pictures have high quality and nice atmosphere, they don‘t represent a strong, unified style, which would make the brand immediately recognizable and associated with it. (eg. vintage, retro look, cute and pure, etc.) Chandler is... curious ∙ small ∙ copper ∙ light ∙ cute ∙ music ∙ little ∙ ro- bot ∙ jewelry ∙ art ∙ Meg ∙ Dia ∙ nature ∙ original ∙ vintage ∙ style ∙ solid ∙ fun ∙ character ∙ unique ∙ cool ∙ authen- tic ∙ design ∙ detailed ∙ story ∙ original ∙ sweet ∙ friendly ∙ young ∙ retro ∙ companion ∙ conversation piece ∙ enga- ging ∙ adventurous ∙ classic ∙ simple ∙ big heart ∙ warm ∙ inviting ∙ fashionable ∙ likable ∙ for everybody ∙ timeless ∙ fasion ∙ universal ∙ matching ∙ portable ∙ comforting ∙ My and Matt‘s point of view (for a complete and weighted list a bigger wants to be hugged ∙ child-like ∙ mischievous ∙ eye-ope- sample is needed) ning ∙ little clumsy ∙ hip These lists are based on the pictures, website, Facebook and personal experi- ence of the product. Downsides of mass production Chandler Chandler‘s friends (rest of the jewelry line) are... disproportioned ∙ clumsy ∙ forced ∙ imitation ∙ little cold ∙ disconnected ∙ contrived ∙ heavy ∙ big complimentary ∙ circus ∙ fun ∙ artsy ∙ comrades ∙ loyal ∙ individuals ∙ misfits ∙ family ∙ related ∙ characters ∙ feelings ∙ 4. give you strength ∙ confidence
  • 6. „What does the customer get from the product?„ a product and brand Benefit: Chandler is a unique piece of jewelry, which cannot be found in big retail stores. Therefore it makes me look cool, artsy and hip, a person who knows hidden little fashion gems. I have and wear the work of my favourite artist, which gets me connected to her. „Why does the consumer buy the product?„ Reason why: Chandler and the connected sets are a limited edition jewelry series, which has only one source. From the creation process to the wrapping and shipping it is done and controlled by Meg. Tonality: Hip, artsy, unique, authentic, cute „Style and atmosphere of the product (and its communication.)„ Brand essence: An original piece of jewelry created by a talented young artist on the rise, with a unique design, which gives Chandler his authentic character. „The brand essence characterizes what a brand stands for in the minds of customers and stakeholders. It embodies the brand‘s core competenci- 5. es, advantages, culture and values.„
  • 7. The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis helps understanding whereChandler is situated from a marketing/branding standpoint. s n ght s kn esse S tre Wea - Loyal fan base - Limited resources for reproduc- - Creative and unique design tion - Authenticity (time, finances, etc.) - Brand personality - limited branding possibilities - High demand (chandler) - for future line/pro- duct extensions ni ties eats u Thr ortBlogs, Internet, Social Media pp - - Meg and Dia fan base getting O (raising brand awareness without smaller? a big budget) - Flooded market of freelance de- - Meg - great personality, good signers sense and taste for arts (design, music, etc.) - Dia‘s popularity (high reach of new audiences, potential custo- mers) 6.
  • 8. So what‘s next? #1Brand architecture Depending on the objectives, how should Meg, the products, and the jewelry line be structured and presented as a brand. It is a fine tuning for broader opportunities in the future. #2 Finding objectives Setting smart, achievable goals for the brand #3 Creating strategy Once the goal and the branding foundation is set, the strategy describes the path, how to achieve these goals. 7.
  • 9. Brand Architecture ProposalThe goal of the Brand Architecture is to......eliminate limitations...embrace Meg‘s artistic personality...create a structured and logical environment which is easy to and segment broader audiences...utilize all the internal and external potential (see SWOT analysis)...create a good and stable foundation for future opportunitiesThink about these while you keep reading. I‘ve based my idea on these criteria, so it is not self-serving, but for a more important purpose. 8.
  • 10. The main brand becomes you! creator MEG Be who you are! Embrace your personality. atrist Write! Design! marketing nerd Sing! designer Play! singer Have fun! musician MEG FRAMPTON traveller writer dreamer blogger veganFeel free to add or delete adjectives Embrace your, play around with it! Embrace who you are. And have fun! 9.
  • 11. product structure under your name MEG Chandler Circus Birds ... Chandler the Robot Hot Air Balloon Charlie the Owl ... ... Stupendous Chandler Lil Miss Piggy ... ... Tiny Dancer Bot ... Silver Chandler ... CHANDLER by Meg CIRCUS by Meg B�rd� by Meg ... 10.
  • 12. new website design & layout Design cute, natural, artsy Matches the character of Chandler The colors are earthy, natural, colors of fall. Newsletter & social media Awesome. Especially if they are connected to each other. Keepers.Artist bioGreat idea, fits into the brand architecture, Structurethat Meg is communitacted as the arist be-hind Chandler. Besides the design, keep in mind, how you want to build up the structure of yourKeep it short and simple, which makes the visi- brand and products.tors want to know more. Create map if necessary which separates the lines/sets and make it easy to follow and understand it online as well. 11.
  • 13. By going through the SWOT again, you can see, how I used it to develop the idea. Some of them will be used in the strategy part (how to promote the business), some of them remained unchanged. I highli- ted the ones which were relevant for the brand architecture. hts ne sses tr en-gLoyal fan base W eak- Limited resources for reproduc-S Get them involve, word of tion mouth, Call-to-action (time, finances, etc.) - Creative and unique design - limited branding possibilities Keep but segment it (chandler) - for future line/pro- duct extensions - Authenticity No limitations with the new - Brand personality architecture - High demand Chandler is center of atten- tion, hard to get, it can be the right time to get the business to the next level s un itie eats ortBlogs, Internet, Social Media ThrO pp - - Meg and Dia fan base getting (raising brand awareness without smaller? a big budget) - Flooded market of freelance de- signers - Meg - great personality, good sense and taste for arts (design, music, etc.) Making you the main brand - Dia‘s popularity (high reach of new audiences, potential custo- mers) 12.
  • 14. Finding Smart ObjectivesSince the Brand Architecture creates a good foundation for you, it is noweasier to outline these objectives. A stable starting point allows a peek intothe future, depending on the goal.These are fictive scenarios, giving you an idea, in which directionyoucould start developing to.Based on the mentioned structure, I‘ve outlined three possible objectivesfor you.All three inclue the 1, 3 and 5 year scenarios, where you can be within thatperiod of time with a good strategy. 13.
  • 15. #1 Going into retail and mass distribution • Making the jewelry line available for the public audience nationwide. • Working with big retailers, who distribute and sell the pieces in large quantities. • The price lowers, but the number of customers multiplies In 5-10 years: fast. Clothing line, cologne, and other lines are crea- ted by Meg, which became a well-known and widely popular brand in the US or even Worldwide. In 3 years: Chandler by Meg and the other lines are top sellers at several retailers. Meg starts to become a recognized and known designer/artist. In a year: The first retailer is chosen and the co- operation contract is in discussion, or signed already. 14.
  • 16. #2 Going International • Reaching out to the international audience, without going into retail. • This option would open up many creative opportunities. (japanese Chandler, Canadian dancing bot, African Cowboy, etc.) • Keeping it unique, limited edition, smaller quantities, still for a In 5-10 years higher price. Meg, the brand and her products are worldwide known and beloved. Brand value skyrokets. In 3 years: Taking over the Asian and European mar- kets. There are special lines and themed collections for these continents and countries. Meg becomes a recognized desi- gner. Brand value starts to rise. In a year: Meg and her line gets popular in Canada. 15.
  • 17. #3 Building your own Empire • By building a brand the opportunity arises to build a company. • A little store can be opened, followed by many more with smart strategy. • Basically it means to extend the online store with a real one, and with many more at several good locations. In 5-10 years: • The control would stay in your hands and there are no limitations on the Meg Frampton chain is present nationwide, the long run either. and ships worldwide. You can still design je- welry or extend the line In 3 years: with other products. the second and third stores are up and The brand value rises running, high. In a year: You open up the first store at a well cho- sen location adn start promoting it. 16.
  • 18. Marketing StrategyOnce the branding foundation and the goal and is set, thestrategy describes the path, how to achieve the objectives.That‘s going to be the next step. 17.
  • 19. Created by Eszter Sütő 443 220