ESWC SS 2013 - Tuesday Projects Fabian Flöck: Introduction to Mini Projects
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ESWC SS 2013 - Tuesday Projects Fabian Flöck: Introduction to Mini Projects






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ESWC SS 2013 - Tuesday Projects Fabian Flöck: Introduction to Mini Projects ESWC SS 2013 - Tuesday Projects Fabian Flöck: Introduction to Mini Projects Presentation Transcript

  • ESWC SS ‘13 Student mini-projects
  • The outcome •  (Presentation about a) Demo software, applying Semantic Web technology to solve a concrete problem •  Software implementation is desired •  Linked Data and other topics presented •  Recommendation: Reuse tools, techniques and datasets, integrate them
  • The goals •  Collaborate in a team with previously unknown researchers, making the most of each others (complementary) skills •  Find common ground, articulate an idea •  Design tangible software, using Linked Data •  Write a paper ?
  • The best practices •  Manage your time wisely •  Assign roles after the brainstorming stage – Esp. Friday, dedicate 2 persons to slides •  It’s also about marketing
  • The groups •  Find your own group of 4 people (10 Groups total) •  Adjustments possible •  Rule: No people from the same institution / former collaborators •  Best: As diverse as possible •  Try to assemble by common interest / idea
  • The timeline // Tue Wed •  Find your group until the end of the poster session tonight à Tell Fabian •  Give Fabian your topic (one-paragraph outline) before lunch on Wednesday and get assigned two tutors in the afternoon (
  • The timeline // Thu •  On Thursday morning, get the final approval for your topic from your primary Tutor •  On Thursday, tutors will be available the whole day at the pool •  WORK
  • The timeline // Fri •  For help, schedule meetings with Tutors •  Rehearse your presentation! •  Deadline for your presentation is on Friday, 17:30 sharp (i.e., USB stick ready) •  Friday 17:31 – 19:59 à relax! •  Friday 20:00 à Dinner •  Friday ca. 22:30 – ?? à disco disco
  • The presentation •  Saturday, 9 p.m. sharp: Presentations start •  Order of presentations undisclosed •  At least one presenter, whole group attends •  10 min (=10 min) à Focus on core ideas – NO laptop swapping •  Project is judged on: Presentation, innovativeness/creativity, real-world- applicability
  • The real-world impact •  Cregan, A., Mochol, M., Vrandecic, D. and Bechhofer, S. (2005) Pushing the limits of OWL, Rules and Protege - A simple example. In Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Bijan Parsia, Peter Patel- Schneider, OWL: Experiences and Directions, Co-located with ISWC 2005, Galway, Ireland, November, 2005 •  Mochol, M., Cregan, A., Vrandecic, D. and Bechhofer, S. (2008) Exploring OWL and rules: a simple teaching case International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies (IJTCS), 1, (4), Seiten 299 - 318, November, 2008 •  Tanasescu, V. and Streibel, O. (2007) Extreme Tagging: Emergent Semantics through the Tagging of Tags. Workshop: International Workshop on Emergent Semantics and Ontology Evolution (ESOE 2007), in conjunction with the ISWC 2007 Conference, Busan, Korea. •  Thalhammer, A., Ermilov, T., Nyberg, K., Santoso, A. and Domingue, J. (2011) MovieGoer - Semantic Social Recommendations and Personalised Location-Based Offers, Poster at International Semantic Web Conference •  …
  • Good luck & have fun