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It Came From Your Inbox: How Social Media has Reinvented Email
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It Came From Your Inbox: How Social Media has Reinvented Email


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Email's been around for a long time, but that doesn't make it obsolete. Even though Social Media has become the darling of online marketing, good old Email has had it's own "Version 2.0", influenced …

Email's been around for a long time, but that doesn't make it obsolete. Even though Social Media has become the darling of online marketing, good old Email has had it's own "Version 2.0", influenced by the same forces that make Social Media work.

Published in: Business
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  • Email’s moved to the back burner, partly because Social Media has taken center stageAnd let’s face it – it’s EMAIL. We’ve been using this since the 90’s! Haven’t we figured out all there is to know by now?
  • Before email took off as a medium, every message you got was from a person you knew or a name you trustedThere wasn’t a need for filtering, because your eye could handle the choices fast enoughEmail hadn’t become malicious yet.Spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day. In other words, spam makes up 45% of all emails. Some research companies estimate that spam email makes up an even greater portion of global emails, some 73% in fact. The United States is the number one generator of spam email, with Korea clocking in as the second largest contributor of unwanted email.
  • So we had to invent the referee. We had to create ways to filter out the bad and keep the good inAutomated processes, algorithms, tools to replace our own eyes
  • Transcript

    • 1. INSPIRE U: It Came From Your Inbox SEPT. 9, 2009
    • 3. Social Media, Smarter Media Based on anthropological  functions like: • Reputation • Conversations and Dialogue • Immediacy • Access anywhere, unlimited by  where I am (access on my  mobile phone)
    • 4. Ye Olde Email To a lot of marketers, it’s a  numbers game • The more email addresses I  can collect,  • the more I can send, meaning • the more I can get to open and  respond
    • 5. Brand New Ferret Bag Email has fundamentally changed as a medium • Reputation matters. • Dialogue matters. • And email is becoming  increasingly mobile and  immediate. No, I don’t know why he has a ferret.
    • 6. Email Still Matters. • More than 90% of internet users 18‐72 send and receive  email • Nearly one‐quarter of Internet users surveyed said they  were most likely to check their email upon waking. AOL/Beta Research Corporation (June 2008) • 2/3's of US Internet users surveyed said email was their  preferred channel for written communications between  friends.  ExactTarget, "2008 Channel Preference Survey" (2008) • 67% of respondents prefer email as a communications  channel over other online vehicles and 65 percent believe  this will continue to be the case in five years.  Habeas (2008)
    • 7. Email Has Evolved.
    • 8. It All Started So Well…
    • 9. Why Email Had To Change
    • 10. We Had to Build Referees
    • 11. Fighting Spam Like Credit Card Fraud Behavioral “Signatures”
    • 12. CAN-SPAM
    • 13. The Biggest Revolution in Email Users defining how servers “trust.”
    • 14. The Three Email Airlocks EVERY email has to pass  through three checkpoints: 1. At the ISP – Do I trust this IP address? 2. At the Mail Server – Do  I trust this sender  domain? 3. At the User Client – Do I  trust this sender  address?
    • 15. We’re Back to Mayberry RFD… Marketing based on a relationship of trust.
    • 16. I sincerely apologize to all vegetarians in the audience.
    • 17. #8 in TIME Magazine’s top 10 buzzwords of 2007 “Similar to Internet spam, this term covers news  alerts and other email that individuals signed up to  receive but may never get around to actually  reading. Much like the pork product it is named  after, bacn is something we desire even though it  clogs our (electronic) arteries.”
    • 18. What this means is… Your email can get OLD.
    • 19. If you don’t… We end up here. Again.
    • 20. Emails must be hyper-relevant.
    • 21. And personalized.
    • 22. And timely.
    • 23. And stand out from the crowd. Craig Daitch now owes me $5 for using this photo in a deck.
    • 24. And carry on a dialogue with the subscriber.
    • 25. Email marketing is basically a LOYALTY PROGRAM.
    • 26. Great email marketing makes connections: 1. Between customers and messages. 2. Between the email we’re sending,  and the email we sent last week. 3. Between the email we’re sending,  and the one coming up in the future.
    • 27. Designing Around This Button
    • 28. QUESTIONS?