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Baby head injury symptoms
Baby head injury symptoms
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Baby head injury symptoms


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The brief explanation on Baby Head Injury Symptoms - The Mild and the Serious Case

The brief explanation on Baby Head Injury Symptoms - The Mild and the Serious Case

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Baby Head Injury Symptoms: The Mild and the Serious Every woman wants to be the best mother for their lovely baby. Their baby sickness is also theirs. Yet, since a baby cannot complain that they feel sick in some part of their body, it is the duty of a mother who must feel and know about their angel’s sickness, for example about Baby Head Injury Symptoms. As we know head is the essential part of human. Moreover, the volume of the head is bigger than the other part of body. This is the thing that forces every mother to be very careful in lovely treating the baby especially for their head. Dealing with head injury, basically there are two kind of injury that is needed to know by the mother. First, it is the mild injury and the second is which has very big potency to be very serious injury. © – All About Babies Page 1
  • 2. Mild Baby Head Injury Symptoms might be detected from the crying of the baby. Crying is a kind of sign that there is something happen to the baby. Second, there is scalp that is swelling. This is for sure must take our attention. Thus, it is better for us to frequently check the head whenever we are holding up the baby against our chest. The next, you must be on very qui vive whenever our baby vomits for two until three times. Baby Head Injury Symptoms for the one which has very great potency to be very serious one is first crying. Crying in this sickness is a little bit different from the previous that the cry still being able to be stopped. This one is not. The second, there is transparent liquid or even blood in the scalp. The next is vomiting for several times and the baby is increasing in the total amount of sleeping time comparing to his or her common habit. © – All About Babies Page 2