Weeding and Growing the Garden of Your Library
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  • Welcome to my session on Weeding and Sowing the Garden of Your Library. Long title—not our most creative moment. but I hope you will take some useful ideas with you.
  • I am Mary Simmons, I have been in education 26 years, in the library for 23, first in Virginia, then in North Carolina (21 years), and I have been at all levels.
  • Your library is like a garden—so much is there for patrons to pick! But like a garden, it can become full of weeds that mask the flowers.
  • I have put links on our netvibes page to various sites that provide more detailed information on weeding. If it is smelly, moldy, outdated, ugly, and it doesn’t have a cover—then out it goes (except for the 800s).
  • We buy from Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and several preview companies. I have corporate accounts at each. I have written and won several LSTA grants—I write another as soon as I am eligible. We also get ADM dollars—but that will soon stop.


  • 1. Weeding and Sowing the Garden of Your Library
  • 2. From the Lucy of the Library—Mary Simmons
  • 3. Gardens and Libraries?
  • 4. Is your library a garden of tempting titles?
  • 5. Or a thrift store ?
  • 6. If your shelves are full of ancient books, the powers that be will never give you money to grow your garden!
  • 7. Weed with abandon!
  • 8. Lucy’s rule of weeding….
  • 9.
    • Is this book appealing to my patrons or will it provide them with accurate information?
  • 10. You are not running a museum but a library…
  • 11. Growing your garden
  • 12. My favorite recommendation sites are…
    • Professor Nana
    • Teenreads
    • NC Book Club Award
    • and of course we take orders from students…
  • 13. Digital Gardens, Anyone?
  • 14. Our Garden
  • 15. Non-fiction
  • 16. Non-fiction and Reference intertwined….
  • 17.  
  • 18. Fiction
  • 19. Manga, Graphic Novels, and New Book Display plus site of Round Table Café!
  • 20. Fiction seating area…
  • 21.  
  • 22. Sharing time... how do you weed and grow?