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Squeak DBX
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Squeak DBX


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Squeak DBX

Squeak DBX

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Smalltalk Programmer Ing. Mariano Martínez Peck
  • 2. SqueakDBX The complete and G IN to E T open-source solution Kdatabase A R relational M access
  • 3. SqueakDBX team Mariano Germán Hernán Cassinelli M. Peck Esteban Lorenzano Palacios
  • 4. F.A.Q Who are we? How did it begin? What is actually SqueakDBX?
  • 5. RDBMS VS. OODB Please, don't fight ;)
  • 6. Anyway, we rather program in objects and use RDBMS than using Java with RDBMS ;)
  • 7. Survey 1/2 How many times were you forced to use a particular database?
  • 8. Survey 2/2 Which databases?
  • 9. Squeak's current situation Only MySQL and PostgreSQL native drivers. Limited ODBC driver Glorp in Squeak only works with PostgreSQL
  • 10. We are in trouble... Direct SQL queries: 20% Using GLORP: 8.52%
  • 11. Our goal Direct SQL queries: 100% Using GLORP: 100%
  • 12. Our purpose
  • 13. OpenDBX architecture Oracle uses oci.h and and libmysqlclient_r. MySQL uses mysql.h libclntsh. It has N functions. M functions. Common API for all backends!!! Examples: OCIHandleAlloc(), OCIServerAttach(), mysql_real_connect(), mysql_server_end(), OCISessionEnd(), etc. mysql_real_query(), etc. Oracle MySQL PosgreSQL Sqlite SQLServer client client client client client library library library library library
  • 14. Why OpenDBX? It is fast Simple to use Flexible Cross platform Asynchronous queries Specific RDBMS features Good documentation
  • 15. Deployment and infrastructure PC1 PC2 Squeak image Database OpenDBX Database Client Library
  • 16. Smalltalk and C Squeak image | OpenDBX #include <stdio.h> #include <stdio.h> static int mysql_odbx_get_option( odbx_t*) static int mysql_odbx_get_option( odbx_t*) switch( option ) switch( option ) ..... .....
  • 17. Smalltalk-C Connector FFI (Foreign Function Interface) Main problem: Locks the entire VM
  • 18. Squeak ODBC driver queries VM locked time
  • 19. OpenDBX Connector FFI (Foreign Function Interface) Main problem: Locks the entire VM Our solution: ✔ Asynchronous queries ✔ “Mini” VM locks ✔ Retry schema ✔ DBXQuerySettings>>timeout:
  • 20. SqueakDBX queries VM locked time
  • 21. Database access in Smalltalk SqueakDBX Smalltalk driver ✔ One for all databases ✗ One for each database ✔ Less time and effort ✗ More time and effort ✔ Good performace ✗ Performance issues? ✔ OSS and proprietary ✗ Only OSS ✗ Difficult to debug ✔ Easier to debug ✗ Platform dependent ✔ Platform independent ✗ FFI locks the VM ✔ Non-locking
  • 22. SqueakDBX design SqueakDBX Structure (API) SqueakDBX Structure (API) SqueakDBX Platform SqueakDBX Platform OpenDBX Connector OpenDBX Connector { { DBXConnection DBXConnectionSettings DBXResultSet DBXPlatform DBXResult DBXSpecialOptions DBXRow DBXErrorSeverity ... DBXTimeSpec ... FFI FFI SqueakDBXPlugin SqueakDBXPlugin OpenDBX
  • 23. Showtime
  • 24. Who can use SqueakDBX? An application Glorp Magritte-RDB SqueakSave Moe
  • 25. Current backends and OS
  • 26. Benchmark for PostgreSQL 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 ms 800 SqueakDBX Native 600 400 200 0 Converted Insert Select1000 Insert Select100 tests
  • 27. Benchmark for MySQL 700 600 500 400 ms 300 SqueakDBX Native 200 100 0 Converted Insert Select1000 Insert Select100 tests
  • 28. Features Mini VM locks SqueakDBXPlugin Automatic fields conversion Configurable logging/trace Special RDBMS features Multistatements Automatic release of resources
  • 29. What do we have? Enough unit tests Acceptable test coverage SmallLint runs Good enough design GLORP integration
  • 30. Documentation Website Documented code Mailing list Benchmarks
  • 31. What will come Complete Glorp refactor and integration More backends in more OS Large objects support Better SPs and functions support Continue with SqueakDBXPlugin Try Alien FFI Port to Smalltalk/X ?
  • 32. Glorp progress Port from Squeak to Pharo First refactor to SqueakDatabaseAccesor Driver for native driver Driver for SqueakDBX (PostgreSQL)
  • 33. Glorp before SqueakDBX
  • 34. Glorp after SqueakDBX
  • 35. Special thanks to... Norbert Sendetzky GLORP Alan Knight Stéphane Ducasse
  • 36. aConnection execute: 'select * from questions where has_answer = true' Ing. Mariano Martínez Peck
  • 37. Thank you very much