Revitalizing CS Component Studio


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ESUG 2011, Edinburgh

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Revitalizing CS Component Studio

  1. 1. Revitalizing CS Component Studioa typical Smalltalk ERP system Georg Heeg AG Seite 1 © Georg Heeg AG
  2. 2. Once apon a time l  There was a company called Slide 2 © Georg Heeg AG
  3. 3. Computeranwendungen für die Industrie Systemhaus GmbH CAI Slide 3 © Georg Heeg AG
  4. 4. They had l  An ERP System written in Cobol l  With a Character UI in green on black l  They had heard about Slide 4 © Georg Heeg AG
  5. 5. Slide 5© Georg Heeg AG
  6. 6. They chose l  ObjectWorks Slide 6 © Georg Heeg AG
  7. 7. And l  ObjectForms l  To get a modern UI Front-End Slide 7 © Georg Heeg AG
  8. 8. They were so impressed by Smalltalk l  That they created a brand-new ERP-System in Smalltalk l  They called it Component Studio Slide 8 © Georg Heeg AG
  9. 9. Slide 9© Georg Heeg AG
  10. 10. Slide 10© Georg Heeg AG
  11. 11. July 1st, 1999 – Dot COM Slide 11 © Georg Heeg AG
  12. 12. October 28th, 2002 – Dot Gone Slide 12 © Georg Heeg AG
  13. 13. November 26th, 2002The newly founded company CS Component Studio GmbH offers highly flexibleERP-solutions based on component technologyAmsterdam/Wuerzburg, 26.11.2002. CS Component Studio GmbH has been formedthrough a joint a joint investment by the Dutch software house Soops b.v, based inAmsterdam, and the former management team of the old baeurer componentwareGmbH.Soops BV (Science Object Oriented Products and Systems) is a dynamic softwarehouse that was founded by IJsbrand and Albert Kerssies in 1992. It was the firstcompany in Holland to fully dedicate itself to object-technology. This strategic choicewas made in the conviction that this technology offers the best tools for translating thecomplexities and dynamics of organizations and society into IT-systems.The knowledge gathered in this field has been converted into a successful portfolio ofprojects and applications in the last couple of years.Soops BV is active in all steps of the automation process. Mentoring, education andconsulting are amongst the services Soops offers. Soops BV specializes inconstructing tailor made applications for larger companies. More recently Soops hasmarketed a number of (semi-) shrink-wrapped applications aimed at the financialservices industry under the name MarketPlaces. Slide 13 © Georg Heeg AG
  14. 14. January 2nd, 2008PRESSEMITTEILUNGactive mining AG wird zur active mining GruppeAusweitung des Kerngeschäftes und Bündelung von KompetenzenAugsburg, 21. Januar 2008 – active mining AG erweitert ihr Lösungsportfolioüber Business Intelligence-Lösungen hinaus zu einem Angebot fürganzheitliche Unternehmenslösungen für den Mittelstand. Hierzu wurde die CSComponent Studio GmbH, ein Anbieter für modulare ERP- und CRM-Systememit Sitz in Rimpar bei Würzburg unter das gemeinsame Dach der active miningGruppe integriert.Mit dem Zusammenschluss der active mining AG und der CS Component Studio GmbHunter ein gemeinsames Dach wurde so der Grundstein gelegt, den wachsendenAnforderungen des Marktes im Bereich der Unternehmenslösungen gerecht zu werden.Die Integration von operativen Systemen wie ERP und CRM mit analytischen Systemen Slide 14 © Georg Heeg AG
  15. 15. January 3rd, 2011 – But Again Slide 15 © Georg Heeg AG
  16. 16. June 16th, 2011 Slide 16 © Georg Heeg AG
  17. 17. Georg Heeg eK – Georg Heeg AGl Founded 7/7/1987 in Dortmund l  Original Mission l  Spread Smalltalk in Central Europel 1996 l  Georg Heeg AG Zurichl 1999 l  Subsidiary in Köthen (Anhalt) © Georg Heeg AG
  18. 18. Main Activitiesl 100% Smalltalk l Training l Consulting l Product development as service l Own projects l Own products l Project support © Georg Heeg AG
  19. 19. CS Component Studio – The ConceptLimits of Standard-Software Financial Accounting Percentage Individual Software Percentage Standard Software Payroll Accounting Procurement Sales & Distribution Material Scheduling Manufacturing Control Process and Machine Control Seite 19 © Georg Heeg AG
  20. 20. CS Component Studio – The ConceptCustomer demands Logistics a nd Cu Standard Software meets 40 - 70 % ... Sales & Distribution Procurement CS ...and enforces to support and manage not Prod. Planning required functions Seite 20 © Georg Heeg AG
  21. 21. CS Component Studio – The ConceptSolutions for individual business process + + advantages l  Standard Software l  Individual Software well tried solution realization of the company available + reliable know-how concentration on Lean IT essentail activities high acceptance distribution of development costs a solution that doesn‘t fit Fixing chaotical processes a lack of functions Increased ‚time to market‘ a high rollout effort low reliability unsatisfactory acceptance - - risks Seite 21 © Georg Heeg AG
  22. 22. CS Component Studio – The Components l  Sales & Distribution l  Procurement l  Bidding system l  Requests of suppliers l  Order management l  Bids of suppliers system l  Orders l  Delivery note l  Quantity contracts l  Invoice and credit note l  Price contracts system l  Reminders of delivery l  Materials management l  Letters of warning for delivery l  Logistics l  Stock receipt l  Stock chains l  Distribution Seite 22 © Georg Heeg AG
  23. 23. CS Component Studio – The Components l  Production planning l  Materials Management and control l  Material scheduling l  Resource management l  Product Structure (includes l  Material requirements partslist & working plan) plannin l  Physical structure of stocks l  Simultaneous planning of all resources l  Calculation l  Control and completion l  Precalculation confirmation l  Comparison of obligation and exist l  Inventory l  Calculation of historical costs l  Target date or permanent counting of inventory Seite 23 © Georg Heeg AG
  24. 24. CS Component Studio – The SolutionSynergie of Advantages of the presented Concepts l  Transfer of the company know-how l  Lean IT accomplished by optimal reconciliation l  Increased acceptance l  Employment of approved components l  Rapidly available and high reliability l  Focus on mainstream activities l  Saves expenses by distributing development costs Seite 24 © Georg Heeg AG
  25. 25. CS Component Studio – Targets l  Customer-specific solutions con concentrated in ERP-Applications l  Production- and distribution-Companies with revenue > 5 Millionen l  Realize software-solutions for niche-markets l  Niche-markets with 2-20 prospective customers l  Realization-support for software developers l  Specialiced for complex object-oriented solutions l  Department of greater companies l  Non-standard-software areas Seite 25 © Georg Heeg AG
  26. 26. CS Component Studio – The SolutionRealized Projects Seite 26 © Georg Heeg AG
  27. 27. Reasons for a decision for Component Studio l  High Degree of Individualisation of the Software- Solution l  Efficient Implementation of such Requirements l  No „from the scratch“-Solution ð  Component Studio = Framework-Based8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  28. 28. Structure of the CS Framework l  Business Components l  Handling the Business Processes l  For example Sales&Distribution, Procurement, Production Planning and Control , Storage .... l  Technical Components l  Basis for the Applications l  For example User-Authentication, Menu Control, Informix-Socket-Access ....8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  29. 29. CS Technology Framework Concept" Visual WorksBase-Image Visual Works" GUI ... GUI ... ...Enhanced VW-Module" EXDI / Object LensVW Database-connection EXDI" Aragon Aragon Fundament of CSEnhanced GUI-elements BFT Object Lens" BFTReport tool of „BoysFromTampico“ 8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  30. 30. CS Technology Framework Concept" Visual Works" GUI ... Visual Works" EXDI / Object Lens GUI ... ..." Aragon" BFT EXDI" XTE XTE Aragon Fundament of CSIntelligent tree structure: EnhancedTree Editor BFT Object Lens" CS DMFCS DomainModelFramework- Based on the Object Lens- Enhanced domain models in the CSCS Framework Enhanced CS Domain- Automated recurring activities Report CS Application Model" CS Application Framework Framework CS Technical CS UserFramework Report FrameworkComponents for development ofbusiness applications" CS Enhanced Report- Enhanced tool for report generation- Extended by arrangements ingroups, summaries ..." CS User Report End user tool for modification ofreports 8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  31. 31. CS Technology Framework Concept" Visual Works Visual Works" GUI ... GUI ... ..." EXDI / Object Lens" Aragon" BFT EXDI" XTE XTE Aragon Fundament of CS BFT Object Lens" CS DMF" CS Application Framework CS" CS Enhanced Report Enhanced CS Domain" CS User Report Report CS Application Model" Business- Framework CS Technical CS User FrameworkComponent- Report FrameworkFrameworkInteracting components withcustomizable behaviour Business-Components-Frameworks" ProjectImplementation of behaviour PPC PROCUREM. S&D Logistics CS Business Framework Common Business Objects Project 8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  32. 32. CS Component Technology Print Interface Production Structure Filtering Messages (Status Line) Scheduled Stock 1:n-Associations Effective Stock ... Combo-Box-Handling Row-Handling ... Disposable Stock Row-Attachments Data-Set Storage Booking Notebook-Control Order Statistics Issuing an Invoice PPC Interface Order Receipt Statistics Delivery Plans Pricing Financial Accounting Interface Invoice Statistics Pricing Invoice Receipt Turnover Statistics ... Delivery Plans ...8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  33. 33. CS Component Technology Print Interface Production Structure Filtering Filtern Messages (Status Line) dispositiver Bestand Scheduled Stock 1:n-Associations Effective Stock ... Combo-Box-Handling Combo-Box-Handling Row-Handling Row-Handling ... Disposable Stock Row-Attachments Row-Attachments Data-Set Storage Booking Notebook-Control Order Statistics Issuing an Invoice Order Receipt Statistics Auftragseingangsstatistik PPC Interface Delivery Plans Lieferpläne Pricing Financial Accounting Interface Invoice Statistics Pricing Invoice Receipt Turnover Statistics ... Delivery Plans ... CS Application Composer CS Components Combo-Box- Order Receipt ScheduledFiltering Row-Handling Row-Attachments Delivery Plans Handling Statistics Stock 8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  34. 34. CS Application CS Application Composer CS Komponenten Combo-Box- Order Receipt ScheduledFiltering Row-Handling Row-Attachments Delivery Plans Handling Statistics Stock CS Notebook-Page-Editor & VisualWorks GUI-Painter = CS Application 8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  35. 35. Developing CS WEB Applications Scope of Features of the Application is defined by composing a set of components8/26/11 © Georg Heeg AG
  36. 36. Trelleborg ETM GmbH is Part of the Trelleborg Group l  International Trade and Industry Group l  Subsidiaries in 35 Countries l  2.7 Milliards € turnover l  15000 Employees Seite 36 © Georg Heeg AG
  37. 37. Trelleborg ETM GmbH l  100 Employees l  30 Millions € turnover l  Production of rubber profile packings for windows and storefronts l  Inhouse developed manufacturing facilities, equipped with trendsetting high technology l  Actually delivered areas are Germany, Great Britain, France and eastern europe countries Seite 37 © Georg Heeg AG
  38. 38. Trelleborg ETM GmbH CS Implementations l  Sales & Distribution l  Procurement l  Materials Management l  Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling l  Logistics l  EDIFACT to Customer (Schüco) Seite 38 © Georg Heeg AG
  39. 39. Trelleborg ETM GmbH Highlights l  Rapid Order Entry l  Whole production order informationen on a single sheet (parts list, working plan, packaging, commission etc.) l  Multi shift operation l  Planning Table l  EDIFACT- Interface l  Shipping Program Seite 39 © Georg Heeg AG
  40. 40. Trelleborg ETM GmbHRapid Order Entry Seite 40 © Georg Heeg AG
  41. 41. Trelleborg ETM GmbHShipping Program Seite 41 © Georg Heeg AG
  42. 42. Trelleborg ETM GmbHItem PackagingRegulation Seite 42 © Georg Heeg AG
  43. 43. Trelleborg ETM GmbHProduction Order Seite 43 © Georg Heeg AG
  44. 44. Trelleborg ETM GmbHPlanning Table Seite 44 © Georg Heeg AG
  45. 45. Trelleborg ETM GmbHCollective Invoice Seite 45 © Georg Heeg AG
  46. 46. Memminger - IRO GmbH l  About 300 Employees l  Production of machine parts for textile industry l  Based in Dornstetten, Schwarzwald Seite 46 © Georg Heeg AG
  47. 47. Memminger - IRO GmbH CS Implementations l  Sales & Distribution l  Procurement l  Materials Management and Scheduling l  Inventory l  Calculation with Time Management Seite 47 © Georg Heeg AG
  48. 48. Memminger - IRO GmbH Highlights l  Enhanced Text Editing and Layout in Bidding System and Order Management System l  Enhanced Text Editing and Layout in Procurement l  Business processes implemented according to DIN ISO 9001 l  Calculation with Time Management l  External Workmanship Seite 48 © Georg Heeg AG
  49. 49. Memminger - IRO GmbHOrder Management Seite 49 © Georg Heeg AG
  50. 50. Memminger - IRO GmbHOrder Texts Seite 50 © Georg Heeg AG
  51. 51. Memminger - IRO GmbHAgent to CustomerOrder Assignment Seite 51 © Georg Heeg AG
  52. 52. Memminger - IRO GmbHItem Management Seite 52 © Georg Heeg AG
  53. 53. Memminger - IRO GmbHItem Languages Seite 53 © Georg Heeg AG
  54. 54. Memminger - IRO GmbHItem Stocks Seite 54 © Georg Heeg AG
  55. 55. Memminger - IRO GmbHItem Prices Seite 55 © Georg Heeg AG
  56. 56. Memminger - IRO GmbHCalculation Planning Seite 56 © Georg Heeg AG
  57. 57. Memminger - IRO GmbHCalculation and Evaluation Seite 57 © Georg Heeg AG
  58. 58. Memminger - IRO GmbHMain Menu Seite 58 © Georg Heeg AG
  59. 59. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbH l  Based in Heilbronn a. Neckar l  Foundation 1854 Hahn & Göbel Maschinenfabrik Heilbronn AG l  1857 Change of Corp. Form Maschinenbau Gesellschaft Heilbronn l  1982 Change of Corp. Form HEILBRONN Maschinenbau GmbH l  About 110 Employees l  30 % export rate in 1997, tends upwards l  Representations in Europe, Asia, China, India, South Korea Seite 59 © Georg Heeg AG
  60. 60. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbH CS Implementations & Highlights l  Production Planning l  Manufacturing Control l  Calculation l  Procurement l  Materials Management l  Interface to Third Party S&D Product (C1) l  Interface to Third Party CAD Product (BravoFrame) l  Interface to Third Party Financial Accounting Product l  Interface to Third Party Payroll Accounting Product (Wörner & Bludau) Seite 60 © Georg Heeg AG
  61. 61. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHItem Management Seite 61 © Georg Heeg AG
  62. 62. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHDisposition Account Seite 62 © Georg Heeg AG
  63. 63. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHItem Price Management Seite 63 © Georg Heeg AG
  64. 64. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHProduct Structure( current view: Bill of Material ) Seite 64 © Georg Heeg AG
  65. 65. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHParts List Seite 65 © Georg Heeg AG
  66. 66. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHWorking Plan Seite 66 © Georg Heeg AG
  67. 67. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHCalculation Seite 67 © Georg Heeg AG
  68. 68. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbH Detailed Scheduling and Logging Also possible to run under control of the Application Server Seite 68 © Georg Heeg AG
  69. 69. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbHMissing Parts List Seite 69 © Georg Heeg AG
  70. 70. Heilbronn Maschinenbau GmbH Completion Confirmation of Wage Slip and Material Seite 70 © Georg Heeg AG
  71. 71. TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH l  About 200 Employees l  Based in Saal / Saale, subsidiaries TEXPA America and TEXPA do Brasil l  Worldwide leading Manufacturer of special machinery for Sewing and Packaging of towels, bedclothes and blankets l  The strength of TEXPA are both Products exactly fitting the needs of their customers and a broad worldwide services, including assembly, customer service and spare part supply. l  Main delivery areas are europe, south america and the US Seite 71 © Georg Heeg AG
  72. 72. TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH CS Implementations & Highlights l  Sales & Distribution l  Procurement l  Materials Management and Detailed Scheduling l  Production Planning and Control l  Project Data Management l  Data gathering by Barcodeterminals l  Completion Confirmation of Production Data (Times) per project. Concurrent target/actual comparison and post calculation l  Material Booking per Project l  Material Stock Overview Seite 72 © Georg Heeg AG
  73. 73. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co l  About 140 Employess l  Based in Buchloe l  „Smallest Automaker of the world“ l  Production of about 700 vehicles per year l  30% export rate in 1997, tends upwards l  Exports to Japan, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy Seite 73 © Georg Heeg AG
  74. 74. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co CS Implementations l  Vehicle Department l  Wine-Trade Department l  Sales & Distribution l  Sales & Distribution l  Procurement Planning l  Procurement l  Production l  Warehousing according to l  Warehousing LIFO l  Inventory l  Parts Supply Department l  Sales & Distribution l  Warrantee l  Procurement l  Warehousing according to HIFO l  Inventory l  E–Commerce with BMW Seite 74 © Georg Heeg AG
  75. 75. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & Co Highlights l  Covers two totally different Business Units with a single ERP-Solution (Automaker and Wine-Trade) l  Evaluation according to HIFO (Highest In First Out) in Wine-Trade Department l  Evaluation according to LIFO (Last In First Out) in Vehicle Department l  Rule based Parts List Generation Seite 75 © Georg Heeg AG
  76. 76. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & CoVehicle Order Management Seite 76 © Georg Heeg AG
  77. 77. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & CoCar Equipment Overview Seite 77 © Georg Heeg AG
  78. 78. ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH & CoCar Padding Material Seite 78 © Georg Heeg AG
  79. 79. Status I l  June 16th, 2011 l  Purchase of Assets l  Boxes with files l  Official set of files l  Store Repositories l  Servers and workstations l  Some working others broken l  Since June l  Inventory l  August 11th, 2011 l  More Hard drives l  Tapes l  Could not be read yet Slide 79 © Georg Heeg AG
  80. 80. Status II l  August 20th, 2011 l  More customer files l  August 25th, 2011 l  First public presentation Slide 80 © Georg Heeg AG
  81. 81. Plans l  Full support for all existing users of Component Studio l  Relaunch for new Customers in the original market l  Mid size companies who want something special Slide 81 © Georg Heeg AG