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Pharo. ESUG 2010, Barcelona, Spain

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  1. 1. A clean, innovative, open-source Smalltalk
  2. 2. Pharo? We use our language every day
  3. 3. Pharo? We use our language every day arch hi ng ss se ac si ne Re Te Bu
  4. 4. Pharo? Why do we not continuously improve what we use ????
  5. 5. Pharo? Small simple fixes One step at a time Even do the imperfect next step
  6. 6. Compound Interest Every improvement has an effect Example: Refactoring Browser
  7. 7. Pharo! We will use this system in 10 years Let’s make it great!
  8. 8. Pharo A flexible environment to support the innovation in/of Smalltalk.
  9. 9. Pharo A robust environment to support doing business in Smalltalk.
  10. 10. Conflict? Robustness vs. Innovation
  11. 11. Conflict? Business vs. Research
  12. 12. Base Camp Research is like an expedition We need a stable base!
  13. 13. Research / Teaching Teaching Research -SCG, University of Bern - SLL, Vrije Universiteit Brussel - RMOD, INRIA - Ecole d'Ing. d. Mines de Douai - REVEAL, University of Lugano - PLEIAD/DCC, Univ. of Chile - University Louvain la Neuve - Universidad de Buenos Aires - LISyC - UMMISCO
  14. 14. Companies
  15. 15. Create an ecosystem where business can bloom
  16. 16. Showcase
  17. 17. Pier
  18. 18. Pier
  19. 19. Smalltalk with OO-Database Pharo is the IDE
  20. 20. Pinesoft MBagger
  21. 21. iPhone Mars + Deimos Esteban Lorenzano
  22. 22. The Past
  23. 23. 1.0 Started with Squeak 3.9 (2008) Major Cleanups (MVC, eToys) + New UI Look / TrueType + Tools + Block Closures (thanks Eliot) + Lots of bugfixes and small improvements + Preferences clean up + MIT license clean
  24. 24. Update ~1200 Bug-reports closed 470 Updates Release Candidate: October 2009 Release: April 2010
  25. 25. 1.1 - Performance - More cleanups and Simplifications - Small deployment image (6.2 MB) - Settings framework - New world menu - Native host menu support for Mac
  26. 26. Update 883 Bug-reports closed 410 Updates Released: July, 26, 2010
  27. 27. The Present
  28. 28. Update ~300 Bug-reports closed 141 Updates Release Candidate: October 2010
  29. 29. Future Future
  30. 30. The Future is what we do
  31. 31. Build Server
  32. 32. Opal Based on “new compiler” Uses RB AST Intermediate Representation of Byte-code Bytecode Transformations Plugin Architecture
  33. 33. Everybody can help Reporting bugs Confirming bugs Writing tests Writing examples Writing comments Simple contributing fixes Deep discussion...
  34. 34. Open Pharo Sprints May 2008 Bern July 2009 Bern October 2009 Lille November 2009 Buenos Ares March 2010 Bern May 2010 Buenos Ares June 2010 Bern June 2010 Bruxelles July 2010 London September 2010 Barcelona September 2010 Lille
  35. 35. Books Pharo by example vol. 1 is out Pharo by example vol. 2 is on preparation
  36. 36. Thanks Juan Pablo Cook Mariano Martinez Peck Gabriel Cotelli Philipp Marshall Giovanni Corriga Dave Mason Carlos Crosetti John McIntosh Chis Vasile Andrei Cyrille Delaunay Martin McClure Diego Geffner Sergio DelFranco? Johnaton Meichtry Gloria Bianchi Simon Denier Jannick Menanteau Gabriel Calero Marcus Denker Eliot Miranda Andres Valloud Ramiro Diaz Trepat Yann Monclair Jose Mettini Ken Dickey Hernan Morales Durand Pablo Gancharov Stephane Ducasse Diogenes Moreira Nick Ager Stephan Eggermont Mike Muller Bart Veenstra Luc Fabresse Oscar Nierstrasz Sean DeNigris? Matthew Fulmer David J Pennell Tim Mackinnon Hilaire Fernandes Joseph Pelrine Nial Ross Julian Fitzell Bernardt Pieber Boris Popov James Foster Alain Plantec Mariano Abel Coca Bart Gauquie Damien Pollet Jean-Baptiste Arnaud Tudor Girba Guillermo Polito Gabriela Arevalo Sean Glazier Lukas Renggli German Arduino Darin Greaham Jorge Ressia Hans Beck Carla Griggio Mike Roberts Alexandre Bergel Norbert Hartl Robert Rothwell Cedric Beler Dale Henrichs David Rotlisberger Patrick Barroca George Herolyants Michael Rueger Adrian Barreau Reinout Heeck Rabak Scarpini Torsten Bergmann Eric Hochmeister Alex Schenkman Matthias Berth Peter Hugosson-Miller Bill Schwab Andrew Black Henrik Sperre Johansen Niko Schwarz Ralph Boland Stefan Kapusnik Stan Sheperd Noury Bouraqadi Andy Kellens Igor Stasenko Tristan Bourgois Pavel Krivanek Francois Stephany Johan Brichau Adrian Kuhn Serge Stinckwich Brian Brown Denis Kudriashov Mathieu Suen Camillo Bruni Laurent Laffont Lawrence Trutter Sven vanCaekenberghe Justin Langhorst Andrew Tween Gwenael Casaccio Alexander Lazarevic Carlo Teixeira Damien Cassou Adrian Lienhard Veronica Uquillaz-Gomez Nicolas Cellier Andreas Leidig Toon Verwaest Gary Chambers German Leiva Martin von Loewis Danny Chan Michael Lucas-Smith Juan Vuletich Yanni Chiu Esteban Lorenzano Steven Wirts Miguel Coba Francisco Ortiz Peñaloza Hernan Wilkinson
  37. 37. Join us! Creating good energy, software quality, learning and having fun