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Objects History



Objects History, Pluquet Frédéric. ESUG 2006, Prague

Objects History, Pluquet Frédéric. ESUG 2006, Prague



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Objects History Objects History Presentation Transcript

  • bjects History Pluquet Frédéric Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels) fpluquet@ulb.ac.be For ESUG’06 - At Prague 1
  • What is Objects History ? Object-Oriented Model to save history (each state) of live objects efficiently Pluquet Frédéric 2 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 2
  • Example :Without Objects History ::Point ::Point x ← 10 x: 10 x: 0 y: 0 y: 0 Old values of attributes are lost ! Pluquet Frédéric 3 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 3
  • Example : With Objects History ::Point ::Point ::Point x ← 10 x ← 20 x: 0 x: 0,10 x: 0,10,20 y: 0 y: 0 y: 0 Pluquet Frédéric 4 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 4
  • Possible questions to the system What are all states of this object ? What are all values of x ? What are the values of x when y equals 10 ? What is the state of this object at time t ? (t can be any time) Pluquet Frédéric 5 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 5
  • Applications (1/3) Classical applications CVS, SVN, ... Add history to existing applications Undo/Redo in T Editor ext SmallWiki ... Pluquet Frédéric 6 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 6
  • Applications (2/3) Adding states to execution traces T be able to inspect state of objects o at any given point in past “Timeless breakpoints” Pluquet Frédéric 7 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 7
  • Applications (3/3) Use Objects History to allow backtrack with side-effects in Soul class(?c), [?c compile: ?code], classNameMatching(?c, ‘A*’) Pluquet Frédéric 8 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 8
  • State of research Prototype for VisualWorks 7.4 and Squeak 3.9 Prototype of a trace recorder using Objects History (VW 7.4) Made text editors of VW 7.4 persistent using Objects History to undo / redo Pluquet Frédéric 9 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 9
  • Future Work Optimization of Objects History Incorporate Objects History into existing applications Collaboration with Marcus Denker ByteSurgeon + Objects History = an efficient Trace Recorder ? Pluquet Frédéric 10 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 10
  • Questions ? ::Point x: 0,10,30 ::Rect y: 0,5,10 origin: corner: ::Point x: 0,60 y: 0,15 Pluquet Frédéric 11 fpluquet@ulb.ac.be 11