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Power of music
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Power of music



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  • 2. THE POWER OF MUSIC INDEX Introduction Human evolution Music and Brain Benefits of music Conclussions -Reason of the power that music has -Video tu sum up -Relax experience
  • 3. THE POWER OF MUSIC INTRODUCTION We have chosen to speak about this topic because we both love music. Everybody loves music... but why? And everybody listen to music everyday… but what can we use music for?
  • 4. THE POWER OF MUSIC INTRODUCTION So, we have also questioned… Why is Music so… Pleasurable and Useful … in our daily lives?
  • 5. THE POWER OF MUSIC WHATS MUSIC? Music is the art of combine in a sthetic way both sounds and silences. +
  • 6. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION Music has got biological roots =Music activates Pleasure and Reward-related Regions of the Brain.
  • 7. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION Humans find a lot of things pleasurable. This is necessary, because if you don’t find something pleasurable, you don’t Do it. That’s why you find pleasurable things like Eating and Sex: they’re necessary to survive. Foodand Sex are natural pleasures, because they’re primary necessities.
  • 8. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION What about Music? Because it’s not a neccesity, though it’s really pleasurable! Ourphysical responses to music are similar than our responses to other necessary things. Our brains have an Specialized and Ancient Reward Circuitry that allows us to enjoy Music.
  • 9. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION• Music must be linked to some sort of evolutionary adaptation that helped our ancestors (hunting, social bonding…)• First bone flute known dates back 40.000-80.000 years ago (Homo Neardenthalensis)• Experts assume that people were probably singing before they invented musical
  • 10. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION Whenyou need to feel pleasure in something you’re doing, enter your DOPAMINE SYSTEM.
  • 11. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION So Dopamine is important for natural rewards like food and sex…, for artificial substances like drugs, … and for Music! Scientific researches have shown that Music can produce a nice increase in Dopamine.
  • 12. THE POWER OF MUSIC HUMAN EVOLUTION Was intense pleasure when listening to music in the same category? Probably not. But Music can produce a significant increase in Dopamine which make us Feel Good. WHY have be evolved such that music effects us this way? +
  • 13. THE POWER OF MUSIC BENEFITS OF MUSIC Music help kids to remember basic facts. Ex: Sesame Street Not only kids, adults too Ex: Mallika Sarabhai: Dance to change the world
  • 14. THE POWER OF MUSIC BENEFITS OF MUSICo People are more likely to cooperate with each other in nonmusical tasks than if they’re not in synch. Ex: Ritual Music of Tibetan Buddhism (bond, emotions, message, atmosphere) Music can help people that have serious neurological diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia. Ex:
  • 15. THE POWER OF MUSIC BENEFITS OF MUSIC Music alters mood. Ex: Personal examples: Playing music is a way to convey feelings. Ex:
  • 16. THE POWER OF MUSIC CONCLUSSIONS HUMAN EVOLUTION  Why human beings are able to enjoy music?  Dopamine System is the culprit. BENEFITS  Why is music so useful?  Memories, learning, cooperation, neurological diseases, mood, feelings. Is there anything clearer after this presentation?  We hope so…
  • 17. THE POWER OF MUSIC TO SUM UP Video “The Scientific Power of Music”. The Scientific Power of Music.w mv
  • 18. THE POWER OF MUSIC TO MAKE YOU FEEL RELAXClose your eyes and enjoy it.Lets see if this piece of music make you feelbetter.