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Design portfolio featuring professional work, Thesis work and graduate level design projects

Design portfolio featuring professional work, Thesis work and graduate level design projects



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    Design Portfolio Design Portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • Thesis Design Studio Thesis Statement: Achieving wholeness through the integration of optimal healing environment principles, creating a synchronization of experience and environment.A Focus on WholenessProject Description: Parti Statement: Wholeness is strengthened by the intertwining ofThe Graduate Thesis project is an environment, expertise and experiences infused withindependent project consisting of three natural elements.semesters of classes - research,design and documentation. The designphase consists of schematic design, Monasteriesdesign development and the final Vidar Clinicdesign presentation and defense.Mediums Used: Corridors as streetsAutoCAD 2010Revit Architecture 2012Photoshop CS5Illustrator CS5Indesign CS5Sketchup 8 Pro3ds Max Vehicle: A long-term care healing center for heart disease patients that specializes in complete wholeness of mind, body and spirit. Vals Spa Sensory Experience Site: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital The Charlestown Navy Yard image provided by Perkins+Will Nature
    • A Focus on Wholeness Site AnalysisSpaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Charlestown Navy Yard Parcel 6 16th Street Charlestown, MA 02129 Exterior renderings images provided by Perkins+WillTransportation The Building: 8 floors, approx. 240,000 sf Underground parking garages 3 rooftop gardens Access to outdoor space Harbor Walk Project Scope: Nature 3rd floor - 23,995 sf Rooftop Gardens - 4,475 sf image provided by Perkins+Will
    • A Focus on WholenessProgramming and Process Schematic parti representation in planParti in plan iterations Circulation sketches Programming Overlaps
    • A Focus on WholenessFloorplan and Section
    • A Focus on WholenessReflected Ceiling Plan
    • A Focus on WholenessPerspectives Classroom Hallway Dining Room
    • A Focus on WholenessPerspectives Staff LoungeStaff Conference Room Faith Lounge
    • A Focus on WholenessNurses Station and Counseling Pod Perspective
    • A Focus on WholenessReception and Wholeness Wall Perspective
    • Advanced Lighting StudioAbsolut Flagship Store DesignProject Description:This project focused on the lightingdesign of a retail flagship store. Theprogram includes a retail store, bar andgallery space/dance floor.Mediums Used:Revit Architecture 2012Sketchup Pro 8Photoshop CS5Illustrator CS5Colored Pencil
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignFloor Plan
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignReflected Ceiling Plan 0 - 9" 2 - 9" 1 - 9" 1 - 11" 1 - 8" 1 - 8" TYP. 1 - 4" 1 - 5" LW1 1-0" AFF 0 - 6" TYP. 5 - 0" C L HT1 2 - 8" 1 - 4" T2 TYP. TYP. 0 - 10 1/2" T1 TYP. 3 - 10" 0 - 4" 0 - 10 1/2" 0 - 10 1/2" C C L L 1 DR1 CH 10 - 0" A109 5 0 - 10 1/2" A109 1 - 4" LR1 LR1 " 1/2 LR1 LR1 10 LS1 . LR1 LR1 TYP C 5 - 0" L 1 - TYP. TYP. 2 - 6" 1" TYP. DR1 6 - . TYP LT 1 LR1 LR1 LR1 1 - 9" TYP. HS1 HS1 0 - 8" 3 - 0" DT 1 LR1 LR1 TYP. DS1 TYP. 5 - 0" HS1 LR1 4 - 0" TYP. LR1 FO1 LR1 CH 8 - 0" HS1 2 1 - 6" A108 TYP. DS1 EQ DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 3 HS1 A108 EQ LR1 LR1 LC2 AT SHELF LEVEL HS1 DS1 LR1 4 - 4" 7 - 0" HS1 3 - 10" TYP. TYP. 4 - 8" TYP. DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 TYP. HS1 HS1 DS1 LC1 CH 13 - 4" TYP. 0 - 10" 7 - 0" TYP. TYP. DR2 DR2 DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 DR1 1 - 0" TYP. 3 - 6" TYP. 0 - 6"
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignDetails Circuit 1 Circuit 2 0 - 9" 0 - 9" Lift System 1 - 5" Adjustable track head 4 - 0" with framing projector Steel cable and pulley 4 - 6" 0 - 2 3/4" 4 - 6" 6 - 8" 2 - 9" Retractable steel support Art Display Detail - Lowered Art Display Detail - Raised Back Bar Shelf Lighting Detail Faux pulley system 1" steel support Support at ceiling Brushed aluminum counter Mounting track for fiber 3" hollow steel tubing Structural column Steel tray Reflective 1/4" translucent acrylic surface Hinge Second translucent acrylic panel for light diffusion Dragon strip LED every Translucent 6" OC acrylic panel 4" air space Translucent acrylic Brushed aluminum 3 - 0" counter Stamped glass counter Clasp Niche for light fixtures Fiber optic Concrete 1" aluminum back bar sheathing 1 - 0" 3 - 3" Fiber optic 3 - 3" 3 - 0" 3 - 0" illuminator Support at floor Mounting bracket Provide blocking as needed 0 - 6" 0 - 4" 1 - 1" Back Bar Detail Bar Counter Lighting Detail Cashwrap Detail
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignBar & Gallery Bar/Gallery Elevation - Day Bar/Gallery Elevation - Night
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignBar & Gallery Bar/Gallery Perspective - Day Bar/Gallery Perspective - Night Bar/Gallery Perspective - Night
    • Absolut Flagship Store DesignRetail SpaceIcecooler Perspective Icecooler and Cashwrap PerspectiveRetail Elevation
    • Contract II StudioOutpost HotelProject Description:Our design team was given thechallenge to design a boutique hotelin the Downtown Crossing area. Theprocess began by creating a target guestprofile based on research of Boston areatravelers and Downtown Crossing. Wethen designed the major programmaticareas of the hotel. These included theguest room level, lobby/reception,business center, restaurant and a cafe.Mediums Used:AutoCAD 2010Photoshop CS5Illustrator CS5Indesign CS5SketchupColored Pencil Concept: An urban oasis where the synergy be- tween living and working environments creates a unique experience for the busi- ness traveler. Just as the nomad travels to the place with the best life and work re- sources, the business traveler seeks a hotel with cutting edge business resources paired with the comforts of home.
    • Outpost HotelGround Level Lobby Finishes Lobby & Business Center Elevation Business Center/Concierge Finishes Business Center Finishes & Furniture Lobby Finishes & Furniture Check-in Perspective Business Center Perspective Lobby Seating Perspective Ground Level Plan
    • Outpost HotelGround Level Oasis Lounge FinishesRestaurant Finishes & Furniture Cafe Finishes & Furniture Restaurant Perspective Restaurant Elevation Cafe PerspectiveGround Level RCP Cafe Patio Perspective
    • Outpost HotelGuest Level Furniture Guest Room Living Area Elevation Guest Room Bedroom PerspectiveGuest Level Floor Plan Guest Room Vestibule Elevation
    • Outpost HotelGuest LevelFinishes Guest Suite Elevation Guest Suite PerspectiveGuest Level RCP Guest Suite Bathroom Elevation
    • Advanced Materials & MethodsConcrete Stair DesignProject Description:The project parameters were to designa stair using unique and inspiringmaterials. This stair was inspired by Inspiration Imagesraw building materials - concrete, steeland rebar. The specific material usedin the design was Ferro cement.Mediums Used:AutoCAD 2010 Words InspirationSketchup Pro 8 ascent gesture industrial expression sculptural connection Inspiration Stairs
    • Concrete Stair DesignTechnical Drawings and PerspectivesLower Level PerspectiveUpper Level Perspective
    • Universal Design &Human Factors StudioWest End MuseumSatellite Location DesignProject Description:The West End Museum challenged usto design a satellite location using arefurbished UPS truck. The design wasto include space for staff, storage, alarge West End map, ADA restroom anddigital archives.Mediums Used:AutoCAD 2010Colored PencilInDesignIllustrator
    • The West End Museum Satellite Location
    • Daimler Trucks NA OfficesProject Description:White Office was responsible for alloffice reconfigurations, finish updatesand emergency plans for DaimlerTrucks NA. We worked with theproperty manager to maintain thebuilding and update according to clientneeds.Mediums Used:AutoCAD 2007PhotoshopIllustrator
    • Daimler Trucks NA OfficesFirst Floor Occupany Plan and Furniture Plan
    • Daimler Trucks NA OfficesSecond Floor
    • Daimler Trucks NA OfficesThird Floor
    • Florence Baptist ChurchProject Description:Neal Prince and Partners wasresponsible for an addition for FlorenceBaptist Church. I worked with theinteriors department choosing finishesand creating the presentation drawings.Mediums Used:AutoCAD 2007Photoshop
    • Florence Baptist ChurchSchematic Finish Boards
    • Form Study & Model MakingDescription:The goal of this class was to exploreabstract, conceptual ideas in physicalmodel. The focus was on theexpression of the concept as well asperfecting the model making process inmultiple mediums.Mediums Used:PaperChip BoardFoam BoardPine Paper Model - Interpretation of the concept of layers Chip Board Model - Further study of layers Chip Board Model - Further study of layers Constructed from six 7x7 inch squares Constructed from six 7x7 inch squares Top view Side view
    • Form Study & Model Making Foam Board Model - Previous models translated into occupiable space Detail in Wood - Joint in wood model translated into actual size Constructed from triangles created by cutting the 7x7 squares in half Constructed with clear pine and wooden dowels Left side view Side view Foam Board Model - Previous models translated into occupiable space Detail in Wood - Joint in wood model translated into actual size Constructed from triangles created by cutting the 7x7 squares in half Constructed with clear pine and wooden dowels Right side view Front view
    • Furniture & Detailing StudioDescription:This class explored furniture designusing multiple techniques andmaterials. My final project was acustom combination table, bookshelfand chair.Mediums Used:SketchupAutoCADBass WoodColored Pencil