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World wartwo
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  • 1. World War TwoSo much for ‘The War to End All Wars’..Friday, 3 May 13
  • 2. History of Hitler.....Friday, 3 May 13
  • 3. Leader of theNAZI party- Wrote Mein Kampf in1925/26Friday, 3 May 13
  • 4. National Socialist German Workers’ Party (1920 - 45)German Workers Party (1919 - 1920)Shortened to NAZI party from the German wordNationalsozialistFar right RacismAnti-communistHitler elected chancellor in 1933 by presidentPaulVon HindenburgFriday, 3 May 13
  • 5. What does this mean?When Hitler was appointed Chancellor, Hindenburg signedthe ‘enabling act’ whichbasically allowed Hitler to have dictorial power withoutlegal objectionAt this point, Hitler started the process of re-grouping andre-building his nation by breaking rules of the treaty ofVersaillesSuch as....Friday, 3 May 13
  • 6. Germany’s new ‘Fuehrer’ - Leaderbroke the rules of the treaty ofVersailles by:*Creating an Airforce*Reintroducing conscription*Sending troops into the Rhineland, Austria and theSudetenland (Czechoslovakia)*Making a pact with Italy to create the Berlin-RomeAxis (the new power in Europe)Why didn’t the other nations intervene duringthese years (1933 - 39)?Friday, 3 May 13
  • 7. *Because many thought the terms of thetreaty were unreasonableand*Because the other nations were feeling threatenedby Communism (Russian Communism) andthought that the support of Germany to fight Communismcould be needed.Friday, 3 May 13
  • 8. The Start of the War.....World War two started when....Germany invaded.......on the 1st of September 1939Friday, 3 May 13
  • 9. 3rd September 1939.....Neville Chamberlain announced that...due to hitler refusing to withdraw hisforces from Poland........was now at war with Germany.Friday, 3 May 13
  • 10. After this...also declared war...Friday, 3 May 13
  • 11. &Declared Neutrality....But we know it doesn’t stay this way....Friday, 3 May 13