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Trends in technology for reference and information literacy instruction (revised).

Trends in technology for reference and information literacy instruction (revised).

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  • Hello, everyone!I’m happy to be here to talk with you about Second Life or SL &… introduce you to a librarian who’ll be speaking about reference from within SLBefore I do that I want to talk a little bit about the context—trends in technology usage for reference & for information literacy instruction or ILIWhy am I mentioning instruction? For an increasing # of librarians in all types of libraries, every reference interaction is an opportunity to help someone learn how to learn on their own
  • This is a reflected in an increased amount of time spent on most reference interactions, even as the # of those interactions decreases, esp for in-person refIt is also reflected in an increase in the use of various technologies both for ref & instructionOk—tech trends…
  • 1st, a Question: WHAT KINDS OF TECH-RELATED TRENDS HAVE YOU NOTICED LATELY?Biggest trends I’ve been seeing relate to—Social NetworkingAll things mobileGeolocationGrowing impact of user clout—e.g., FB & privacyIncreased access to a flood of online tools & materials, coupled w/ a decline in travel budgetsAs a result, growing interest in virtual communication & interaction
  • Ok, this is the rather humble UCLA Library in SL…Though as you know, we have 13 libraries at UCLA, with >9 million volumes, spread out over a campus that serves 32,000 students, in SL we have a very small 2 story library, with one room on each floor…But, we have a SERVICE PLAN approved by our UL, & have accomplished quite a few key objectives with very little investment in time and moneyThe UCLA Library has spent a total of US$200 in SL, since 2006, and I’ve spent a total of US$20 of my own money in SL since 2006And I’ve been fortunate enough to have the help of 50 Winx in putting it together, Rhonda Super, a UCLA Library staff member
  • Our service plan goals, approved by our UL, Gary Strong, focus on 4 areas—building & enhancing:Library/faculty partnershipsResearch collectionsServices, especially ILPromoting our role as a vibrant academic research library
  • Here in the UCLA Library in SL, we’ve expanded access to our existing online website, research help & research tools.You click on the monitor on the table behind my avatar &…
  • And speaking of reference, this frog prince visited the UCLA Library when I was 1st setting it up in 2007…—the frog was asking about UCLA Library resources, so it was a real reference interactionOk, & now…
  • let me turn it over to Hypatia Dejavu who will talk in more detail about reference in the virtual world of Second Life…


  • 1. IS 250 Tech Trends in Reference & ILI
    Esther Grassian
    UCLA College Library
    8Jun 2010
  • 2.
  • 3. Tech Trends?
    Social Networking
    Increased Virtual Interaction
  • 4.
  • 5. Be a Trendspotter! Fashion Fever Modern Trends Uploaded on 23 January 2007, by Patrick Q
  • 6. Libraries and Librarians WarCraft Guild Group . Uploaded 27 July 2008, by libraryman
  • 7. “Second Life”& Reference?!! YES!!
  • 8. Alexandria Knight
  • 9. Agenda
    What is Second Life (SL)?
    Who’s Involved?
    HypatiaDejavu: Head of Reference, SL Community Virtual Library
  • 10. What is “Second Life” (SL)?
    Somewhat Like “WOW”
    Modifiable MMORPG
    769,000 Unique SL Users Logged In (Dec 2009)
  • 11.
  • 12. Virtual World?
    Community Standards
    Objects Designed by Residents
    Intellectual Property Rights Respected (Lawrence Lessig)
  • 13. More…
    L$260= US$1
    User-to-User=US$567 Million in 2009
    65% > 2008
  • 14. SL Demographics
    16 Million Registered Users - 150 Countries
    45% = 18-24
    34% = 25-34
    50% = U.S. Participants (6/09)
  • 15. Some considerations…
    Access Requirements
    Internet Connectivity
    Platform Development & Revision
    Open Source Alternatives
    Learning Curve & Time Commitment
    Sleaze Factor…
  • 16. Learning curve (hidden slide)
  • 17. UCLA Library
  • 18. UCLA Library in SL Service Plan
    Building & enhancing…
    library/faculty partnerships
    research collections
    Enhancing services & focusing on information literacy
    Promoting our role as a vibrant enterprise
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Reference Service
  • 22. HypatiaDejavu…