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Proyecto Biblioteca Comunitaria Oxford
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Proyecto Biblioteca Comunitaria Oxford


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Community Library
  • 2. Reading in México
    • Dailyreadingisbeingreplacedbytelevision and video games
    • 3. On average, Mexicans read half a book  each year
    • 4. 15% of the population are potential readers
    • 5. Only 2% read by habit
    • 6. TheMexicanpopulationrankssecondtolastin readingskillsoutof the 30 nations comprising of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). (Source: Secretaria de Educación Publica)
  • Reading in Reynosa
    • Reynosa, Mexicocurrently has around 1 millionpeople.
    • In its 3 publiclibrariesthere are around 30,000 books and onlyabout 8 workingcomputerswhichweredonated in 2002 bythe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundationavailablewith free internet access.
    • 7. Thisamountsto 0.03 booksavailable per personand 0.000008 computersavailable per person.
    • 8. To compare, San Jose, California currently has a population of 945,000 people.
    • 9. It has 21 publiclibrarieswithitslargesthavingover 1.6 million.
    • 10. Items and free internet access and computers in all of them.
  • Advantages of Reading
    • Reading introduces childrentolearning and education.
    • 11. Family reading creates a special bond between parents and children and encourages youngsters to be interested in reading. Reading to them everyday creates a healthy habit.
    • 12. Happyendings in storiesteachchildrenproblemsolving and conflictresolution.
    • 13. Reading inspires confidence and createsself-learners.
  • Reading and Technology
    • Through technology, our community can have access to new information and even more books.
    • 14. Free access to computers and the internet breaks barriers and creates bridges to learning communities.
    • 15. Students are able to interact with technology and be equipped with the tools to meet the demands of an increasingly globalized world.
  • Oxford Community Library
    To be a catalyst for change by providing free library and computer services to children and young people from low-socio economic backgrounds.
    • Encourage and promotethehabit of reading.
    • 16. Equipchildrenwiththenecessaryskillstomeetthechallenges of an
    • Provide new growth opportunities to those who are less privileged.
    • 17. Supportthecommunitybyprovidingopportunitiesfor social development.
    • 18. Implementourprogram in more places.
  • Oxford Community Library
    Buildingprojectfor a librarythatwillprovide:
    • BooksforKids, teenagers, and adults.
    • 19. Computer and Internet Labs.
    • 20. Workareas, art room, puppettheater.
    Promotinghabits and values
    • Encouragereading as well as strengthening moral values of ourstudents and
    thosewhoparticipate in theprogram.
    • Ourstudents share their time helpingothers, starting a generation of
    responsiblealtruisticadults and peacemakers.
  • 21. Oxford Community Library
    Oxford Project
  • 22. Transportation
    • School Bus will pick up communitymembersfromvarious
    points in thecity.
    • Creating a safe and cost free way of gettingto and fromthelibrary.
  • Personnel and Volunteers
    • As part of ourwork-studyprogram, students and volunteer parents donate a day of the month reading stories, organizing games, helping sort out books, participating
    in puppet shows and community projects.
    • Librarian and twoassistantswithvolunteeringstudents.
    • 23. CommunityVolunteers.
  • Why Oxford?
    • Highlyqualifiedteachingstaff and continuouslytrainedboth in Mexico
    and USA.
    • The Oxford Library Programwascreated in 2003 withclassroomlibraries
    whichthenbecame a stand alonelibraryforstudents and thecommunityto
    • Currentlywehave more than 2,000 selections and 250 books per week are
    Wonderful things are happening at…
  • 24. Why Oxford?
    • Oxford is known in our community for their kind spirit, bearing an annual program to support community service to :
    ¤ Casas Hogar ¤ Abrigatón
    ¤ Juguetón ¤ Hambretón
    • Wealsoprovide a number of scholarshipssuch as sport, academic, and cultural , grantingaround 5 millon of pesos thispastschoolyear 2010 - 2011.
  • Oxford Reading Achievements
    • Oxford recievedtheSekula Memorial Library recognition in
    EdinburgTx.Forits International Reading Program.
    • FESTIBA (Festival OF International Books & Arts )
    • 25. South Texas LiteracyCoalition.
    • 26. SEP Recognition.
  • Bydedicatingourselvestoimprovingeducationalachievementthroughreading and accesstotechnology, we can safeguard and nourishthepeace and prosperity ofourcommunity and nation….
    M. F. Ayala