2013 education sector budget


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2013 education sector budget

  1. 1. 2013 Education Sector Budget Analysis By Esther Agbon ActionAid
  2. 2. Education Funding in Nigeria• All three tiers of the state (federal, State and local government) play a role in the provision of education.• National Commission for Mass Literacy and Commission for Nomadic Education takes responsibility for Adult, Non formal and Nomadic education respectively• Their budget lies with the Federal Government
  3. 3. Funding Trend in Education Sector• The sector budget has been increasing nominally since 2009• N426.53 billion for the Education sector in the 2013 budget is commendable Trend in budget allocation to Education 10.00% 8.00% 6.00% 4.00% Education 2.00% 0.00% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  4. 4. Recurrent Vs CapitalHowever only a paltry 14% will be spent onCapital 2013 Education budget %Capital 14% % of Recurrent 86%
  5. 5. Findings: HQ vs DAs that affect inclusivity and equalityMDA Recurrent Capital TotalNomadic 411527749 448591039 860118788CommissionEducation R &D 1401817763 475000000 1876817763Mass Literacy 98178620 100000000 944950207Computer Reg 214860159 0 214860159Council***Main Ministry 4,441,353,467 7,227,055,000 11,668,408,467 DAs responsible for socially disadvantaged group get tiny portion allocated to them, budget is not people centre
  6. 6. Computer Reg. Council - Zero Capital Budget• For important functions such as standardising computerization of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions COMPUTER PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION COUNCIL OF NIGERIA• The council gets Zero 250,000,000 200,000,000 capital 150,000,000• After paying salaries 100,000,000 they will go to sleep! 50,000,000 0 TOTAL TOTAL CAPITAL RECURRENT
  7. 7. Main Ministry15% of capital budget spent on Celebrations Celebrations Capital Anniversaries and Celebrations 7,227,055,000 1,103,870,000 MAIN MINI OF EDUC
  8. 8. Main min - Celebrations/anniversaries• N 1,103,870,000 (1.1 billion naira) of its capital budget allocated to anniversaries and celebrations.• This sum will build about 276 six block class rooms including toilet facilities and staff room at N4, 000,000 (four million naira )each!
  9. 9. Nomadic Education Commission Celebrations 7,000,000 100,000,000Proposes to spend N3.5m on women empowerment andnomadic girl child education and N7m on Celebrations
  10. 10. Bloated Unclear Allocation• Virtually all the MDAs in the Education sector allocate huge sums for Refreshments, welfare packages, Honorarium/Sitting allowances• Annual refreshment of over N10,000,000, the Main ministry will spend N29,000 daily on refreshment for 365 days of the year!• This daily amount will kit 5 primary school children with sandals and uniforms.
  11. 11. Unclear/Misleading AllocationPURCHASE OF 20 N/C AMAC 130,000,000 How many stateVEHICLES FOR STATE offices?OFFICES (WAIVER TheFROM THE classificationPRESIDENCY)@ limits thisN6,500,000.00 X 20 expenditure to AMACADVOCACY TO 2,650,000 For whatTRADITIONAL RULERS, purpose?COMMUNITY ANDPOLITICAL LEADERSIN SIX GEO-POLITICALZONES.Advocacy/sensitizati Nationwide 13,000,000 Do we needon Advertorials on radio andNTA @N500,00/slot TV adverts tofor 12 months actualise the transformation agenda?`
  12. 12. Funding of New Universities Allocations to New Federal Universities2,500,000,0002,000,000,0001,500,000,0001,000,000,000 500,000,000 0 OYE EKITI OTUOKE DUTSE NDUFU ALIKE LAFIA DUTSIN - MA KASHERE LOKOJA WUKARI Total Recurrent Total Capital
  13. 13. Poor funding for Universities• With the terrible state of infrastructure on our campuses, no university in the federation received a capital vote of up to N500million Naira,• the highest capital votes in the sector are allocated to the National Library and the Federal Ministry of Education (Main) with N6billion and N7.2billion respectively.
  14. 14. Uniben Vs Main Ministry16,000,000,00014,000,000,00012,000,000,00010,000,000,000 8,000,000,000 UNIVERSITY OF BENIN MAIN EDUC MIN 6,000,000,000 4,000,000,000 2,000,000,000 0 Total Recurrent Total Capital
  15. 15. Funding of Universities• With a population of about 40,000 or more full time students per university, the Education sector budget needs to free up funds from welfare packages, sitting allowances and International travels across the MDAs to fund universities properly.• Revenues of Universities do not form part of the budget
  16. 16. Recommendations• Allocations for celebrations are enormous and repeated throughout most MDAs, budget cuts could be made there to fund other Institutions ie Computer Professional Council with zero capital budget allocation.•• Agencies should understand the import of meeting the needs of the disadvantaged such as the Mass Literacy Commission and Nomadic Education and vote less on celebrations.•
  17. 17. Recommendations• The Government should focus on getting all schools and teachers IT compliant; this will help in transparency, record keeping and job creation.• Welfare packages, honorarium/sitting allowances and refreshments are areas that can absorb budget cuts to free up money for capital projects• MDAs including Universities should be made to account for their internally generated funds, such funds should then be properly budgeted for to ensure transparency and accountability in the system