Export University Digital Marketing 101


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This presentation was a brief introduction to digital marketing for small and medium businesses in NC considering exploring international exporting, hosted and sponsored by the US Commercial Service within the Department of Trade.

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  • http://royal.pingdom.com/2013/01/16/internet-2012-in-numbers/
  • Export University Digital Marketing 101

    1. 1. The Borderless Internet:Your Marketing Gateway toCustomers Home and AbroadK. Melissa KennedyInnovative Marketing PioneerEster Mae MarketingMay 16, 2013
    2. 2. In This PresentationWhy Digital Marketing Matters? Both Domestic andInternationalSpeed Digital Marketing WorkshopWebsiteSearchEmailVideoSocial MediaMobileSummary
    3. 3. Why Digital Marketing Matters?Both Domestic and International
    4. 4. PURCHASE DECISIONSSTART ONLINE“80% of buyersresearch onlineto informpurchase.”~PWC2012
    5. 5. The Borderless Internet: Your Marketing Gateway to Customers Home and Abroad
    6. 6. Billions of Customers Waiting2.4 BillionInternet UsersWorldwide =2.4 Billion Prospects
    7. 7. 2.2 BILLION email users; 144 BILLION email traffic per day634 MILLION Websites; 51 MILLION added in 2012 alone40 BILLION hours of video watched on YouTube per monthNow more than 1 BILLION users on Facebook – 2.7 Billion Likes a Day1.2 TRILLION Google Searches in 2012200 MILLION active users on Twitter1.1 BILLION smartphone usersGlobal Business Reality
    8. 8. Digital Marketing 101
    9. 9. Where to start?Well-definedBusiness Goals
    10. 10. WebsiteSearchEmailVideoSocialMobileDigital Marketing Components
    11. 11. Your website is the virtualfront doorTop 3 priorities for WebsiteCreate simple, easy navigationEducate thru contentCall to ActionOpen Source, Self PublishingTools & Inexpensive Hostingmake it possibleOnline Presence: Your Website
    12. 12. “Google” is now a verb inthe dictionary2 Types of SearchPaidOrganicTop 3 Priorities for SearchThink like a customer/userKeyword-rich contentExperimentOnline Presence: Search
    13. 13. Email is still best e-mediafor sales conversionTop 4 Priorities for EmailOpt In – Permission #1Subject line matters mostConsistency in frequencyPersonalizationOnline Presence: Email
    14. 14. Video offers a dynamicvirtual introductionTop 3 considerations forVideoShorter the better – 60seconds sweet spotMore engagingHigher responsesOnline Presence: Video
    15. 15. Social Media: Think onlinecocktail partyTop 4 Considerations forSocial MediaEngagement –ConversationTransparency andauthenticityConsider your audienceand prioritizeContent is kingOnline Presence: Social Media
    16. 16. Tablets and smartphonescrushing itTop 3 considerations forMobileScreen size is smallerDifferent options forinteractionWhat action do you wantyour prospect/customer totake?Online Presence: Mobile
    17. 17. Marathon MentalitySmallsteps tosuccess!!
    18. 18. Your customers are onlineDigital Marketing solves many geographic issuesStart with business goalsWebsite is your virtual hubDrive traffic thru other channelsSearch, Email, Video, Social, MobileDon’t forget it is a conversationSummary
    19. 19. K. Melissa KennedyResults-Oriented Marketing Pioneer@kmelissakennedyhttp://estermaemarketing.comkmk@estermaemarketing.comwww.linkedin.com/in/kmelissakennedy
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