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Physical and human environment st blog

  3. 3. What are some differences you can see?Physical environment Human environment (people adapt to it) (people modify it)
  4. 4. DEFINITION OF PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTNatural surroundings which people, animals and plants live inComprise of Water natural vegetation, landforms and rocks, weather and climateExamples = Deserts, coastal areas, mountainous regions Text pg 13
  5. 5. DEFINITION OF HUMAN ENVIRONMENT A changed physical environment by people, through activities:- Farming Mining Factories Roads and railways Examples = Urban city (Singapore) Text pg 14
  6. 6. LETS THINK FURTHER…How did the physicalenvironment changed intothe human environment?Doyou support thechanges?
  7. 7. Inter-relationship between people and environment (2a People IM ) PO I VE PA S SIT CT ITIV PO S a) CT S E(1 A IMP (1bIMP ) NEG ATIVE AC AT EG ) N TS TS IVE (2b AC IMP Environment
  8. 8. Inter-relationship between people andenvironment 1a. How does human activities have positive impact on the environment?  “Cloud seeding” = use rockets/planes to disperse substance > brings rainfall into areas that are semi arid/ facing drought  Positive impacts = survival of vegetation, prevent drought  Sustainable development = meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  9. 9. (1b)How does human activities have negative impact on the environment? Humans may over cultivate the soil, which leads to soil erosion Soil erosion = detachment of soil particles, causes soil to loosen Deforestation = removal of top layer of soil (which contains the most nutrients and minerals). Hence during heavy rainfall, top soil will be washed off
  10. 10. 2a.How does the physical environmentaffect people positively It provides natural resources thatbenefits people eg Sunlight, minerals Note: Resources can be renewable(Able to replenish itself eg air, wind) ornon-renewable (Unable to replenishitself/takes a long time to replenish egcoal, petroleum)
  11. 11. 2b. How does the physical environment affect people negatively?Natural disasters that destroys human settlements eg Flood, tsunamiUnfavourable weather conditions will affect people’s activities eg rainy day
  12. 12. 3.Which has a greater influence? Justify your answers. (a) Environment has greater influence on people as extreme weather changes or natural disasters are beyond human control eg Tsunami, flooding (b) People has greater influence on environment as changes made to the environment causes irreversible damages. Humans also depletes natural resources that are limited in their supply.
  13. 13. OBJECTIVE1. Learn about the different living environment between a !Kung bushmen and a Singaporean2. Understand how a !Kung bushmen ADAPT to his environment and how a Singaporean CHANGED his environment
  14. 14. HOW (SAN)BUSHMEN ADAPT TO THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Click here to watch the video!Take note of the following in the video:Bushman’s clothes, language and tools
  15. 15. “Contrast”, “State the differences”Use the following words when comparing the differences: But, However, Although, even though, despite in spite of, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, While, Whereas, Unlike
  16. 16. CONTRASTING MR !KUNG AND MR SING !Kung Bushmen SingaporeansClimatic High temperature in Constant highconditions the day and low temperature temperature in the throughout the night year Very low rainfall High rainfall throughout the year throughout the Unpredictable rainfall year
  17. 17. !Kung Bushmen SingaporeansWater Water holes Tapssources Fruits and berries Reservoirs/Rain Imported water Bottled/canned drinksFood Hunting animals Buying cooked foodsources Gathering roots, or raw food from the berries, fruits and nuts super-markets, wet from the wild markets and food stalls
  18. 18. !Kung Bushmen SingaporeansMaterialfor Animal skins Cloth and woolclothing Leaves and Animal skins grasses (leather) Artificial material eg Plastics and polyester
  19. 19. !Kung Singaporeans BushmenTypes ofshelter Temporary Permanent shelters shelters Huts made of Houses made leaves, from concrete branches and and steel shrubs
  20. 20. !Kung Bushmen SingaporeansTypes of Handmade tools High-technologytools /technology Ostrich egg shells to tools store water Tools are made Spears made from in factories wood and animal Machines, bones computers Bows and arrows made from animal muscles, stems and grass
  21. 21. !Kung Singaporeans BushmenModes oftransport Walk most of Motorcars/MRT the time System of road No modern networks transport Airport enables No network of international travel roads
  22. 22. SUMMARY !Kung Bushmen Singaporean Live in a largely  Live in a largely physical human environment environment (Kalahari desert in  South Africa) Modified much of Adapted to their the environment to environment and meet their needs made few changes  Transformed an to it island (from forest The environment is to city) able to meet their needs