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Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
Global warming
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Global warming


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  • 1. Unit 19 Global Warming Heating up the Earth = GLOBAL WARNING?
  • 2. GH effect A natural phenomenon where gases in Earth’s atmosphere trap heat from the sun to warm the surface and lower atmosphere Enhanced GH effect Accelerated GH effect due to rapid increase in GH gases in the atmosphere, trapping more heat from the sun
  • 3. . The atmosphere is the layer of air around the earth to keep it warm . Allows the right amount of sun’s heat in, and doesn’t allow too much to escape. The clothes are the layer around our body to keep us warm Allows the body to maintain a certain temperature. Relationship of Body & Clothes Relationship of Earth & Atmosphere
  • 4. Earth is warmed by : 1. Itself – gives out heat 2. Heat from sun 3. Trapped heat from Greenhouse effect A natural Greenhouse effect allows the sun’s rays to enter earth and keep the heat inside Necessary to keep Earth warm and livable. Warming of the Body Warming of the Earth We are warmed by 1. Body gives out heat 2. Heat from the sun 3.Trapped heat from the clothes
  • 5. When there’s MORE greenhouse gases in atmosphere unnecessarily Due to industrialization More heat being trapped Result = Global Warming (hotter earth) Extra Warming of the Body ENHANCED Greenhouse effect
    • When you put on a jacket unnecessarily
    • More heat being trapped
    • Result = Warmer body
  • 6. Heat that reaches earth Heat that are reflected back by earth & atmosphere Heat is trapped by GH gases Heat given out from the earth Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere Solar radiation from the Sun to Earth
  • 7. Greenhouse (Cold countries)
    • Glass panels lets in light but keeps heat from escaping.
    • So plants can grow with the trapped heat from the sun.
  • 8.
    • Greenhouse gases in atmosphere = Glass panel
    • Traps heat naturally to keep Earth warm and livable
  • 9. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Yellow layer = Extra Greenhouse Gases / Air pollutants
  • 10. Causes of Greenhouse effect 72% (Highest percentage of greenhouse gas)
    • Respiration
    • Burning of fossil fuels & forests
    Source What is the % in the atmosphere? Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gases
  • 11. Causes of Greenhouse effect 13%
    • Aerosol spray cans
    • Coolant in refrigerators and air-conditioners
    Source What is the % in the atmosphere? Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) Greenhouse Gases
  • 12. Causes of Greenhouse effect 10%
    • Decomposition of waste
    • Livestock eg cattles/goats belch
    • Mud, volcanoes
    Source What is the % in the atmosphere? Methane Greenhouse Gases
  • 13. Causes of Greenhouse effect Nitrous Oxide Greenhouse Gases
    • Burning of fuel
    • Chemical fertilisers (Which topic did we learn about this?)
    Source 5% Proportion in atmosphere
  • 14. 1. Get into groups of 4 2. Create a drawing with the following items in it a. Weather b. Plants c. People d. Animals e. Sea WRITE DOWN THE IMPACTS OF GLOBAL WARMING ON EACH OF THEM Consequences of Global warming
  • 15.
    • Impact on people
    • - Diseases
    • - Dehydration & heat stroke
    Consequences of Global Warming Rising sea levels - Sea water expand - Ice caps melt - Flooding of cities and islands Changes in weather conditions - Increased temperature -Global climate change e.g. more droughts & floods Impact on plants Amount of rainfall affects food supply Impact on animals Need to migrate to cooler areas for survival
  • 16. Worksheet page 1
  • 17.
    • Fill in the causes of pollution in for (a) to (d)
    Refer to text page 136 and 137 to find out more (a)Agriculture (b)Fire (c)Industry (d)Transport
  • 18.
    • Ground water – contamination of water supply, affects people, animals and plants
    • Human health – Respiratory problems, breathing difficulty eg Asthma, bronchitis
    • Cultural resources – Corrosion of surface
  • 19.
    • Aquatic ecosystem – Poisoning of animals, lack of oxygen due to algae boom
    • Drinking water – Poisoning of people and animals
    • Forest productivity – Withered trees, dying plants
    • Visibility – How clear/far we can see, affects traffic conditions
  • 20. Pollution news articles
    • Which do you think is the most effective method suggested by the Indonesia Government to reduce forest fires?
    • Example
    • Ban open burning + Reasons
    • = The burning can be easily detected by the authorities , and this is especially so in fire prone areas.
    • = Hence police can enforce this new law and capture the fire setters
    • = The offenders will also be aware of this new law and think twice before their set fires.
  • 21. Name the causes of Acid Rain 1. Burning of coal 2. Industrial pollutants 3. Lightning 4. Aerosols
    • What can YOU do to reduce acid rain?
    • - Not to use aerosol products
    • - Educate others about the causes of acid rain
  • 22. What is the purpose of the Semakau landfill?
    • It is an offshore landfill and also Singapore’s only landfill
    • It is part of Singapore’s sustainable solid waste management system
    • It also has a wealth of natural habitats
  • 23. It’s Simpsons’ Time
    • Important points
    • Ice cream melting due to temperature increase
    • Earth is full of sun beams, heating up our atmosphere
    • How to rid Greenhouse gases?
    • By dropping a giant ice cube into the ocean
    • Since greenhouse gases are building up, it takes more and more ice to lower the temperature. Learning Video . From “An Inconvenient Truth” – Global Warming cartoon
  • 24. Solutions to Global warming (Individual level)
    • Help reduce emission of GHG
    • public transport / cycle / walk
    • Car-pooling
    • Energy saving light bulb
    • Buy CFC free products
  • 25. Use alternate sources of energy promote vehicles that run on alternative fuel e.g. Hybrid cars in Germany powered by petrol and electric batteries = consume less fuel / release less pollutants Enforcing laws & regulations - strict laws on amount of pollutants emitted by vehicles, industries, power stations Solutions to Global warming (National level)
  • 26.
    • Montreal Protocol
    • Treaty to limit the production and use of CFCs (signed in 1987)
    • Signs of ozone depletion slowing down since then
    • Kyoto Protocol
    • Treaty for developed countries to reduce emission of GHG
    • Note that many countries did not accede due to profits from industries and jobs for people
    Solutions to Global warming (International level)
  • 27. Together, we can reduce demand for meat products and REDUCE METHANE! So eat LESS MEAT! More Veggies… It’s getting hot in Kranji Pig Farm ! Global Warning Do you know that Methane is found in food supply and livestock? It contributes to Greenhouse effect which causes GLOBAL WARMING! Advertisement for Kranji pig farm