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Tie300 Lesson Plan

  1. 1. Lesson Plan TIE 300 Name of Candidate_Elizabeth Stasiowski____________________ Subject being taught __Social Studies_ Grade Level _________2___ Date of Lesson _____11/12/09_____Time frame of lesson_Varies
  2. 2. Connecting to State, District Benchmark/Learning Standard (as Standards applicable): National Standards What specific goals are you connecting to? Illinois Standards B. Understand the roles and interactions of individuals and groups in society. 18.B.1a Compare the roles of individuals in group situations (e.g., student, committee member, employee/employer 18.B.1b Identify major social institutions in the community Learning Outcomes/ Instructional The student will create a slide show about their Objectives What community. is your intended learning outcome? As a result of this lesson students will (be able to)… Assessment What evidence I will use a checklist to determine if the student will you collect performed the task. related to learning a) Did the student create the slideshow? outcomes to b) Does the slide show have at least 3 slides? document student c) Are the pictures in the slide show approiate learning? (i.e. to the subject matter? checklist, observational notes, rubric to be used, student work, writing prompt, journals, other). How will you use this evidence? Materials/Technology What Computer with Power Point materials/technol Pictures of the community the child has brought ogy do you need into class. for teaching this lesson?
  3. 3. References What resources did you use to plan http://www.slideshare.net/estasiowski2009/my- this lesson? (e.g. community curriculum guides, My example presentation for the class. bibliographic http://www.tlt.ab.ca/projects/projects.html materials, artifacts, web A website that has technology related lesson sites, texts etc.) plans. Differentiation, Accommodation& Learning Styles How will you We will mostly work on this in class, so I will be differentiate in able to assist any students that need help. order to accommodate various learning styles or diverse needs? Core Instruction Opening During the past few weeks I have asked (methodology) open I will introduce PowerPoint to the community.will students to take pictures of their students. I I How will you show thethe student presentation Itheir pictures will have students a who brought made about the lesson? some Might include my community. It is a really simple three slide in talk about the pictures. I will then tell students (e.g.activate prior or all: presentation. The children are in second grade. that there is another way to show pictures to knowledge, How andto prior I just wanted to introduce them to Power Point. connect when will people. you explain, model I will show the students how to start their learning, set and demonstrate presentation. We will use the computer lab to purpose or build the content? start our titles and any text the children would interest in this like to add to their presentation. I will then take topic, introduce Guided Practice: each student individually and show them how to “essential How and when will scan the photos and insert then into their questions” or you scaffold presentation. This lesson will probably span vocabulary as student learning throughout a few days. We will not discuss appropriate? toward small animations or any advanced Power Point group and techniques. I am just concerned that they have independent a basic idea of the function. practice? What is your strategy for
  4. 4. monitoring and supporting students during guided practice? Closing How will you close After we have completed all the presentations, the lesson? (e.g. we will have a class viewing party. Each student summarize, will be able to discuss their creation. connect with prior or future learning, examine context, discuss purpose. Enrichment/Extension How will students reinforce or extend what they learned? (e.g. homework, If a student would like to extend on this lesson, I independent would offer extra credit to any student who practice, other creates another presentation for the class. enrichment)