Phones 4u Facebook Advertising Case Study


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Phones 4u Facebook Advertising Case Study

  1. 1. Advertising Case StudyPhones 4u / Punktilio Facebook Executive Summary Client:Company BackgroundPhones 4u is one of the largest mobile retailers inthe United Kingdom, and the leading independent mobilephone retailer among the youth market, with over 450stores nationwide. Punktilio is the social media agency thathandles its online ad campaigns. Agency:ObjectiveFor three weeks in April 2010, Punktilio ran a FacebookAds campaign highlighting the launch of the HTC Legend Objective: Encourage people tohandset in Phones 4u stores nationwide. There were several connect to the cell phone handsetaims, including increasing brand exposure for HTC and retailer’s Facebook Page and increaseproviding a compelling advertising campaign with which engagement levels on the PageFacebook users could engage. The campaign also soughtto encourage more users to connect with the Phones Solution: Run Premium Poll Ads and4u Facebook Page – the free public profile that enables other ads to attract Phones 4u’s keycompanies to share their business and products with 16- to 24-year-old demographicFacebook users – and to increase levels of engagementon the Page. Once a user connects with a Page by clicking Key Lessons:on the ‘Like’ button, a company can send updates to the • ds that ask users a question Auser on an ongoing basis. or invite them to enter a competition can greatly increaseApproach user engagement and deepenFor the HTC campaign, Punktilio used Facebook’s Premium relationships with customersPoll Ad, an ad type that enables advertisers to engage usersby asking them a question about issues relevant to their • F acebook Ads targeting allowed the audience and offering them several response options. For company to reach its key 16 – tothese ads, Punktilio capitalised on the “legend” theme by 24-year-old customer demographicasking people to click to ‘Like’ the Phones 4u Page and thennominate their favourite musical legend. The agency also “Facebook is where people talk to each other, digest news and communicate with their favourite brands. What people choose to connect with on theirFacebook profile almost defines them. It’s really key.” Neil Higton, Phones 4u Project Manager, Punktilio
  2. 2. Advertising Case Studyaimed the ads at Phones 4u’s key 16- to 24-year-olddemographic using Facebook’s targeting feature.Facebook’s targeting allows companies to reach theirmost likely customers based on information listed inusers’ profiles, but does not reveal the personal dataof the people who fit into the targeting categories.After British rap star Dizzee Rascal was voted asusers’ favourite musical legend in Phones 4u’s pollads, Punktilio switched gears. The agency ran sixnew ads inviting users to click to ‘Like’ the Phones4u Page for a chance to win tickets to see the rapperperform at The Lovebox Festival 2010 in London.The goal was to encourage engagement with thePhones 4u Page and increase HTC’s exposure. “Thisreally drove click-through rates,” says Neil Higton,Phones 4u Project Manager at the agency. “Thestages of the campaign were really clear to usersand really appealed to them.”Results • At the start of the Facebook Ads campaign, 6,594 people had connected to the Phones 4u Page. By the end, three weeks later, it had 9,993 people – an increase of over 30 percent. Three months later, marketing is the future: “It offers engagement and nearly 24,000 people had connected. conversation within your marketing that normal ads • Over 5,000 people voted in the poll ads. can’t match.” Neil adds, “There are 500 million people • The ads generated a 7.76 percent on Facebook. Facebook is where people talk to each uplift in impressions, which totaled other, digest news and communicate with their 450,678 organic impressions. favourite brands. What people choose to connect with on their Facebook profile almost defines them.“The thing about the Facebook Ads platform is It’s really key.”that it operates like no other,” says Neil. “The waythat people interacted with the Phones 4u ads waslargely via friends recommendations. I’m far more The Futurelikely to click on a post that I see from my friend’s Punktilio has built a Phones 4u community on thenews feed, rather than the ad itself. The viral reach is company’s Facebook Page, thanks to campaignsvery powerful and there aren’t many platforms out like those for the HTC handset. The crucial thing,there that encourage this kind of earned media.” says Neil, is to maintain the engagement of that community through daily content and tailor anyNeil thinks that the effectiveness of a campaign like future Facebook Ad campaigns to the community.that of Phones 4u for HTC means that social media “Phones 4u want to be seen as best in class,” he says.