Tournament indicator a poker calculator for tournaments

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Get your copy of Tournament Indicator here! …

Get your copy of Tournament Indicator here!

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  • 1. Tournament Indicator The Poker Calculator for TournamentsTournament Indicator is the best calculator for big onlinepoker tournaments. Tournament Indicator has features thatno other calculator has, well from what I have seen anywayThe best feature about this calculator is that it figures outthe playing styles of all the other players at your table bythe way they play, it takes around 10-20 hands before it candetermine the playing style of each player.When the styles are determined you will see little icons nextto each players name for example if they are a solid playertheir will be a “Rock” icon, if they are super loose orgamblers you will see a “Dice”. The great thing about thisfeature is that you will know who and not who to playagainst at your table with this feature alone, and dontworry if a player switches gears you will know. The secondbest feature in my opinion are the Odds, you have a pot oddsand win odds percentages right in front of you as well, notto mention when your in a hand tournament indicator willshow different hands that other players could possibly have
  • 2. and what your odds are to win against them hands, and allthis is determined in live time.The 3rd best feature is the Mzone, the Mzone shows you howwell your doing by showing how deep in or how far you arefrom the money based on your chipstack and everyone else’s.This feature will pretty much tell you how you need to playto either get in the money or to stay in the money. The 4thbest feature is that you can see all the other players Mzonesat your table, this will allow you to take a good guess towhat the other players will play like at that current time,whether you think they will play tight, because they are deepin the money, or will try to double up ASAP to get in themoney.You also see how many chips your opponents have won orlost over a period of 10 hands, this can give you info if youthink a player who lost a massive amount of his chip stack ina short time will be on tilt, or if someone who accumulatedmassive ships will play rock solid. Tournament Indicatorgives you all this information, with tournament Indicatoryou are basically the Phil Ivy, Doyal Brunson DanielNegreanu at your table, and you will go much deeper andwin more tournaments which will be a lot of money.
  • 3. Tournament Indicator instantly calculates pot odds anddrawing odds. In doing so, it teaches you to get an accurateunderstanding of the math behind your hand. That issomething that is critical to winning players. While it isdoing that, tournament indicator also keeps track of everymove your opponent makes during the tournament so youcan understand what type of player you are really upagainst.Is that important?Absolutely...Even online poker players play a certain way and you need toplay a certain way against them to maximize your winnings.Thats not all, because tournament indicator also shows theMZone of every player at the table including yourself. Ifyour not familiar with Mzone its basically a comparison ofthe size of a players stack to the minimum pot made up ofblinds and antes in a tournament which as you know areincreasing in every stage. You can also describe this as thecost per full round of poker at your table. The higher ofcost thats compared to your stack the more desperate thesituation you are in.Either way, you need to recognize that different strategiesare required for lets say, a red Mstack compared to a biggreen Mstack. The knowledge of not only your M buteveryone elses M at the table can completely alter yourstrategy in any given hand. Without knowing M you mightas well be playing bingo.
  • 4. When you are able to use tournament data like this andcombine them into an overall profile tournament indicatorwill add an immediate and significant advantage for you.Now depending on your personal preferences, the amount oftournaments you play or even your monitor size anddimensions. You can change the way tournament indicatoris displayed to suit your needs. Instead of the standardhorizontal layout you can switch to the vertical layout,the mini view or even resize the horizontal layout. Inaddition tournament indicator can be switched to a "HUD"meaning head up display that overlays the same data but thistime right on your table. You can also customize whichindicators you want showing knowing that a simple scrollover that player will reveal his full profile informationwhenever you need it. Just switch back and fourth to anyview while you are playing without losing any past data.
  • 5. In fact, the information you collect on your opponentsstays on your computer so that the next time your in atournament against the same player his historic datadivided by which Mzone he was in will be available to yousimply by clicking on the "H" or history button. If youropponent chooses to muck his hand after he losestournament indicator will show you what hand he threwaway after you scooped the pot. That can save you a lot oftime going through your hand history or scouring new re-players. Tournament indicator can do all of this in real timeusing sophisticated programming that actually reads thechat box and other information right from your table. Youdont have to do anything except use the information itprovides. Free 48 Hour Unlimited TrialYou can also actually use tournament indicator for 48hours without limitations to see if its right for you. So thenext time you play a few tournaments just download it andgive it a try. This tool can help you become a winning pokertournament player. Click here to download your copy of Tournament Indicator.