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Best tips for writing college essay
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Best tips for writing college essay


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Essay Writing Lessons
  • 2. Essay Writing Lessons Essay Structure Essay Outline Moving from Topic to Essay Organizing the Essay Body Essay Format Hints & Tips
  • 3. Essay Structure The framework of your writing
  • 4. EssayStructure
  • 5. Structure Introductory Paragraph - introduce & ease reader into topic - move from general sentences to specific ones - end with your thesis statementEg: life – literature – book – topic – thesis life – history – people – topic – book - thesis
  • 6. Structure Thesis - An arguable statement, making clear the position the author takes on a topic - Depends upon your purpose & audience(Topic = what the text is “about;” the subject addressed by a text Eg: greed, love, hope, jealousy, etc.)
  • 7. Structure Body Paragraphs - where you prove your thesis Body Paragraph Structure: 1. Point (topic sentence: proves thesis) 2. Proofs (as many as are practical) 3. Comment (relates proofs to thesis)
  • 8. Structure Concluding Paragraph - re-state your thesis - move from specific sentences to general ones - ease reader away from essay, and back to real life again (theme statement)
  • 9. Structure The Rebuttal Paragraph- Acknowledge points of opposing argument- Minimize the validity of these points* Insert after your introductory paragraph!
  • 10. Essay Outline -What’s required -Marks for summative
  • 11. Essay Outline Thesis (2) List of rebuttal points (3) For each body paragraph: (3X4) - Full topic sentence - Proofs in point form - Full comment sentence Thesis restatement in different words (1) Theme statement (2)
  • 12. Moving from Topic to Essay …in 8 easy steps!
  • 13. Moving from Topic to Essay1. Read & understand topic2. Dissect & brainstorm topic3. Pick argument & brainstorm thesis4. Form & test thesis5. Brainstorm & organize support6. List rebuttals7. Write, Revise, Edit8. Proofread & print good copy
  • 14. Organizing the Essay Body Principles & Development Methods
  • 15. Organizing the Essay Body Organizing principle? - chronology - cause & effect - process - logic Development method? - define - classify - analyze - describe - compare - exemplify
  • 16. Essay Format MLA Style Presentation
  • 17. Hints & Tips Advice for top marks
  • 18. Hints & Tips Do not write in 1st person (avoid “I”) Do not start a body / concluding paragraph with a quotation Move from your weakest point to your strongest Do not use contractions Do not use colloquial language Use the present tense Refer to author by last name Develop a creative title that relates to thesis
  • 19. EssayWritingAsk questions at any time!